Around the Couch in 80 Seconds



Please tell me this—will I ever learn? Probably not, but there are times (like now) that I wish I would!

Sooo, for those of you who don’t know me, I have a big mouth.

-I don’t usually need to get the last word (because I get easily distracted and forget what was being said)

-I don’t have screaming fits (unless you touch my candeeee- then it’s war)

-I don’t need to talk over anyone (unless I’m standing on a ladder and trying to climb out a window because I’m being chased and I am crying for help).

No, it’s far worse than that. My big mouth is used for when I:

-Try to use his (John’s) words to work in my favor.

-Inform him that ambiguity in a statement favors the one not stating it; hence, he can’t spank me for that particular rule

-Think he’s not reading my smart a** blog posts and I say something stupid like “haha, I’m not a’scared of you.”

Truthfully, I’m NOT “a’scared” of John. John is a big, old pussy cat marshmallow man with a heart of gold. No, I’m not a’scared of John in the least. My bottom is.

Yeah, so he chased me down. I am beginning to think he does that on purpose to wear me out. He then had a good old time going caveman on my butt for those comments as well as the sweet endearments of ‘bite me’ to my sub sister. Personally, I don’t think that’s fair because:

  1. It was said lovingly
  2. I love being bitten
  3. After rubbing on some cotton candy flavored lotion, I taste really good and just wanted to share.

I mean, really?




4 thoughts on “Around the Couch in 80 Seconds

    • I’d say bite me, but he’s probably snooping again and I’m not in the mood to get in trouble. Should I let him know that you guys are trying to bribe me to hide Dana and the heart paddle before you get here? Betcha he won’t think that’s as funny as you do!

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