An Escape #WIPitUp


We’re finally back with WIP it up Wednesday and we have a brand new book to introduce. If you’ve been waiting for another Western, you’re in luck. We’ll be sure to share more but for now he’s a little teaser. Don’t forget to see what everyone else has been working on over at the Wip It Up Blog.

“Whatever are we gonna do with that child? Jude? Are you listening to me?”

“Yea, I’m listening,” the old man sighed, shaking his head.’

“Put down your carving and talk to me. She skipped out of church again and was seen throwing dice behind the parish with those boys! How are we ever going to get her married off when she behaves so?”

Jude Weston stared at the pile of shavings under his knife. “About that- I got a message from Old Judge Taylor the other day. He said his grandson was back from the city. He sold his law practice so that he could get hitched and move out to Wyoming to begin again. Apparently, he was asking about Wildemina.”

“No! I will not have our granddaughter be thrown to the wolves. Especially that kind of wolf. You can’t trust a lawyer.”

“What other choice do we have? I’m too old to take a switch to her backside, not that it ever did any good. She has the kind of spirit that would do good in the wild regions of the states. The man’s got money and an education, and he is willing to take a bride if she’s got some spunk. The boy remembered her from when they was kids. I’m a guessing her forgot about her looks.”

“If he is a hideous toad, then looks might not matter. I can’t agree to this.”

“She has chased off every suitor in the county with her attitude. If this man is willing to take her on, he might be her only chance of getting away from this place. She hates it here, just like her mama did.”


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