Alternative Punishments for Bad Subbies..


Hello lovelies, what? You did not know I had cages for when Bree and Nikki are really out of control?  lol I wonder how many of you bought that? Come on I am not that desade,  and anyway thats a bit big for my punishment room…

OK, so this post is about  other punishments for bad subbies. Now you all know me pretty well by now, and you know I love to spnk ..I own that with no reservations… But sometimes other means can be effective also. And  just to make a point some Doms will punish even if the skin is broken. I do not, so what to do if the sub still needs punishment? Well, A sub can be grounded. Yes you read right.  It’s rather humilliating and certainly not as effective as a bb punishment, (what is right?) but it has its place.  I also like corner time as a punishment….Now with this, you have many options. The sub can be bentover displaying her red bb, or in sub position bb up,  or the english  favorite hands on head skirt up panties down. Now I am not a proponent of some other dom methods; soaping, figging, etc.  Not judging,  just not my thing.There is also a very good punishment that involves being in sub position,I must admit I enjoy this position presented to me. BB up. Especilly if there are nice cane stripes. However to add to this humiliation,  I order the writing of lines in long hand and with a time limit..If the lines are not written in time,  the sub is in perfect position for some paddle motivation, unless the skin is broken. If thats the case,  I might play a Kenny G record or something..  I know its really desade but what can I say?

Now best case dom scenrio? For the start of a session subbie in postion bb up  and asking for discipline. Then, sound punishment session and corner time with flaming red bb, and a sincere thank you Sir apology.

It’s good to be the Dom. Be good or else…


25 thoughts on “Alternative Punishments for Bad Subbies..

  1. Isa, my daughter is home from Hawaii and I’ve been excused when she is staying with me and not her sister. My time it was 3:47 am. I had to be at work at 8 this morning and had a 30 minute drive to get here. I hope nothing important happens this morning, cause I’m going to miss it if it does.
    We had such a good time last night it would have been worth getting in trouble for. I had no voice for 3 hours this morning and my eyes are still beet red. Kind of a nice change from something else being beet red!

  2. As my Sir is some distance away from me and I only see him once a month, he has many ways of punishing me when he is not there.

    Several times I have had to write a set number of lines each evening until I see him next, at which point he has took great delight in tearing my hard work into little pieces and throwing it into the bin. Sometimes I have to write an essay – this can be done online and emailed to him. Normally the essay would be related to the particular bad behaviour, generally this punishment is reserved for monetary failings on my behalf and I have to explain my actions and how I could have done things differently. These punishments really make me think about my behaviour, and are horrible cos there are other things I would much rather be doing with my time.

    Sir also favours corner time, hands on hand, bottom bare, both when he’s in my home and when I’m alone. Yes I could choose not do this and just lie to him and although he would never be any wiser, I would know what I had done and I would feel even worse.

    He will also sometimes order me to put my large butt plug in before I go online to chat to him. This is uncomfortable and ensures I am very submissive and willing to please throughout our chat. I still find it hard to understand the drastic change in my behaviour when this is inserted, by myself or by Sir.

    Other punishments are early bedtime and loss of privileges (such as no writing, no playing games online, no reading). Generally these punishments are used more as a ‘helpful’ tool than a punishment. Tonight, although it’s the weekend, Sir has ordered 10pm bedtime as he knows I’ve not been well lately and now have an infected wound on my ankle and also an eye infection, and as I’m working 7am-3pm and then 4.30pm-midnight tomorrow, plus 8am-3pm on Sunday, he wants me to get plenty of rest around those hours. Failure to do this will equate to a painful punishment when I next see him.

    Sorry Bree, I hope your Sir doesn’t pick up any ‘tips’ 😉 x

    • Wow, I thought sj was strict. The plug would totally demoralize me. I thought about lying to sj about doing my corner time, but just couldn’t bring myself to lie to him. Had to tell him I had missed one of my corner times once (for a good reason) he was very understanding about it. If I had needed to confess to telling him a lie it would have been ugly.

      • let me be clear bree is no stranger to the plug da da d a!!!! organ eerie music ..ok never mind it loses something in translations, anyway i would not think of doing this with a sub i had not be training for a long time as it crosses the line from d/s into a more sexual component and would be inappropriate

        • Thank you for that. It kind of frees me up to misbehave and know that isn’t coming at me. If I ever piposely misbehaved that is. Sir.

  3. Sir,
    I forgot to mention that writing lines while in position does not sound all that great either! I will NOT be forwarding this particular post to you know who. He does not need any new ideas. 🙂

  4. Sir,
    Very nice and insightful. Honestly I think the absolute worse punishment is silence. Knowing or thinking (I tend to over think) I have disappointed or maybe pushed to the point that there must be a cooling off period, is simply shattering to my little subbie conscience. That silence and waiting are the longest and hardest times ever. I would rather be hogtied and spanked until my bb caught fire, as to get (or even think I am getting) the silent treatment even for a minute.

    • Isa,
      I think, and SJ can enlighten us more, but think there are times when a dom must separate himself from his sub in order to collect his thoughts and calm himself. Especially if he is gravely disappointed in his sub. No matter the reason for the silence it is truly murderous! I am don’t give people the silent treatment. I may um……pout and not give you my paper on time 🙁 (not recommend) but I don’t do silence.

    • SJ never does the silent treatment, Ever. Nor does he raise his voice. In fact, it is the growl and the LOD that gets me running. I mean, IF I were a bad subby. Which I never am. i am the Mary Poppins is subbys and an angel and practically perfect in everyway. Plus, I am sneaky enough to never get caught, unlike someone I know (Nik).

    • one of the perks of a real d/s relationship is there is no ignoring and giving the silent treatment , this too me is far more damaging than any corporal alternative

  5. Do you guys still wanna be in my shoes? Oh. .fyi… don’t translate your lines to French ( or Any other language. . Especially if you change the sentance). It doesn’t work. Even worse is if he looks up what you said in such language on the Internet and it isnt very nice. Not good. … trust me…I tried. …

    • That is one ugly, scary looking cage. Glad you don’t have room for one. Writing lines in place sucks. So does corner time in general. Turns out I don’t like being punished, but I’m not mary poppins yet.

        • Um Bre, arent you suppsed to be asleep? I know SJ just went back there and spanked you for being awake. Maybe I should let him know you need a second dose.

          Love nik

          • What is it with the sandman and getting so much sleep? I noticed he stays up really late. Which I am not allowed to comment on.

        • i hope bree did not say that seriously as she certainly knows better however a word of warning she is not about manipulating subbies to get bb treatment just ask nic..and shes very good at it so when in doubt ..mind me

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