A Message From Nikki and Sir John…


For the past few days, ever since my punishment, Bree has been getting some flack from the peeps. Some people feel she was too hard on me. Some feel that it was not appropriate for my sister, rather than John, to punish me. Here’s the thing… I screwed up. I was disrespectful and deserved to be punished. Now, I wont lie to you and say I didn’t mind that it was Bree and not John. Because I did mind it, I hated it, for a couple reasons. One being that she is my sister and I just didn’t like having to obey her. But also because, despite her somewhat cocky post describing how she asked John to allow her  to “take the reins”, she did not enjoy it. Now do believe she thought she would enjoy it? Hell yea. Because the truth is, Bree is a switch and she likes to be the “Top” once in awhile. I think she was angry and disappointed in me and thought punishing me would be cathartic or something. But she found it was not so great after all. However, just as I had to accept her punishing me, just as I had no choice in the matter, the same can be said for her. She had no say in it either. John told her that she was going to need to take care of it and she obeyed him.

Anyway, I just want you all to know that I love Bree very much and respect her position in my family. I have kind of put her through a lot of crap over the past few years. She and John pretty much saved my butt more than once when I was on a slippery slope into the gutter. So I not only understand where they were coming from, I also accept it. And even though I said I had no choice in the matter of my punishment, the bottom line is I do have a choice. I choose to live with them and in doing so I have to abide by their rules. If I want to move out, I can at any time. I don’t want to move out yet though. I do not feel ready to move out. I guess my crappy childhood, and insane adolescence (of which I suppose I am still in) has stunted me a bit. I like the security I feel living with Bree and John. I am safe here and I am loved and taken care of. And, since I don’t have a job yet, I am being financially supported by them-which is amazing because they do not need to do that. They choose to. And this is not anything new. My father was never around for me and my mother was a nut case. Since I was born Bree has been a surrogate mother to me. Every time I went to my fathers house for visitation, it was Bree that I was with. She sacrificed a lot to take care of her little sister. So I do appreciate her and she is like my mom. Well, she is my mom and my sister all rolled into one. So guys, please do not be mad at Bree or feel sorry for me. Well, you can feel sorry for me, that is fine 😉 but don’t be mad at Bree.

Love Nikki

Oh and a message from Sir John:

It seems some of you  are upset with Bree punishing Nikola. To be clear, this was all on my orders as the alpha. I will be glad to discuss it with anyone that wants to. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.


6 thoughts on “A Message From Nikki and Sir John…

    • I am a sorry you have been having hard time. Others shouldn’t judge and even though we know thatin our brain it’s still affects us when the do. Be thankful you have your family there to love and support you because that’s all you need.

      Warm hugs

  1. Thanks, you guys. I have not been a very happy Bree lately. I even got into major trouble for fighting with John about this…. He won. The good news is that Nikola seems happier and that is all that matters, right? Love all of you!!!

  2. Here here! Well said Sassy. It’s easy to make judgments. I myself have fallen into that trap. What people need to realize is that as long as it’s not harmful, what’s done in a person’s home is their business.

  3. I have just been catching up on the blog it has been several weeks and I just read the punishment post this morning as well as your apology. I can relate to you Nikki sometimes we make the wrong cheeky decision but you are lucky that you have 2 loving people who aren’t afraid to step in in. And that you are mature enough to know this. It sounded like a very intense experience for both of you. I’m sorry you were punished but you seem to have learned from the experience. And the fact that you two are so close is very special. I’m sorry to hear that people are giving Bree a hard time. They really shouldn’t since no one other than you 3 can truly understand the circumstances.

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