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reformer_fullThe Siren ~ Generals Daughter Book One


I am so excited to post that Bree’s books that were released this past week Sirens-Generals Daughter Book 1 is number 75, and The Reformer are both in the top 100 on the Hot New Release on Amazon. The Reformer after just 3 days is number 86! That is amazing. Congratulations Bree!

Check it out by following the links. Some other favorites are also on there. Korey Mae Johnson’s book Learning to Blush is 62! I am sure there are more.

As always, thank you so much for your support of Bree’s books. She appreciates it more than you know. And your feedback is always very much appreciated.

Love Nikki

3 thoughts on “A Little Brag…

  1. I bought the Reformer last week and was home yesterday and go the chan e to read it. I loved it and could not put I down. I think it is one of my favorites along with S Ranch. Very different from other books out there. To me it was more about connection and the family we make and becoming the good person we are meant to be through love and guidance. Maybe I am projecting onto the book but regardless I loved the book and found it very powerful.

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