Age Play Questions


A Little Play Day

Email after email, I receive questions regarding age-play.

What is it in real life?

How do you begin?

Is it like things I read in books?

Why are there so many different, and contradicting, renditions of Age Play?

Do many writers of the dynamic actually live the lifestyle and understand it?

This Little primer was written to demystify the wonderful world of real BDSM age-play from a lifestyle perspective and help both readers and writers of this dynamic see the true nature and beauty that stands before this lifestyle choice. 

This dynamic is not a game for us, or a passing fancy… It is our life, our love and our passion to be treated with respect and regard. Because of that, I have opened the door to my own intimate world and shared my own experience with my first daddy dom. A man that the fans of the Generals’ Daughter series will recognize- My real life beloved General. I then conclude with an example of a play day between John and me.

My hope is that this piece will show any interested couple some beginning steps to enter into the dynamic, as well as teach the reader how to discern between reality and fiction in the written word.


Coming Soon!


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