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I’m finishing up the final edits on the sequel to Two Guardians For Little May! So now, I’m asking…what should be next?

What next?

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At this point, I think I’ve covered most if not all genres, but if there is something I’ve missed that you would like to see, tell me!

YOU decide!

If you have story ideas and you aren’t comfortable sharing them here please email me at breannahayse@gmail.com. If you have an original plot that I go with, don’t be surprised if your name gets worked into the story! I love to work with readers and include them in the books design!

Now to make this a little interesting…Once a direction is decided we will do a raffle. The one with the winning idea or those that chose the winning direction will get their name in the hat and the winner will chosen at random. The winner will get a named character, either the person’s name or preferred name (if it hasn’t been used before) in the book and a free copy of the book.

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13 thoughts on “What Should Be Next?

  1. I would like to see some type of mystery crime drama. Maybe with a private eye firm with several men and women who could have their own stories/fetishes. Plus, it would have the added bonus of being able to have all kinds of cases that need to be solved and, of course, new books to tell about them 😉

  2. I emailed the idea to you to.

    I was picturing a wild 19ish, to 21 little girl, was left behind in the jungles of new earth, after a Hugh earthquake destroys half of earth. Law are changed to help protect women and children that are left. Almost like the western 19 centry, 2 cowboys were riding out checking the baracades (sorry for the spelling)and came a cross a wild child, or what they thought to be one. Hanging upside down in a tree, so they capture, by giving her food. She is filth and hair dark brown and is a tangled mess. She only speaks a few words. The out come is she is adopted by them, the men are a couple who look after a Hugh settlement, which the believe in domestic discipline and ageplay. Thank you for asking about ideas. Leona

  3. I love your books I really enjoy that your books are Stories with D’s M/s and/or ageplay. Your books aren’t just a bunch of spanking sex and no plot or story. You write a story with the spanking and spicy hot scenes through out the pages Thank you for giving us great books to read Thank you for your hard work to give us a STORY not just a ton of smut thrown on some pages and called a book
    What ever is next I know will be great I am looking forward to your next book Thanks again for all your hard work

  4. I would like the sequel to Piper’s Journey please. I went through your list of books on Amazon and I realized that I own them all! Love your books! You are one of my one click authors. I buy everything!

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