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Happy Saturday! We’re back at Saturday Spankings with, soon to be released, Calliope’s Little Conquest. Here’s a little bit more of last week’s snippet. Don’t forget to check out the other snippets by all the wonderful spanking authors over at Saturday Spankings Blog.

Calliope’s Little Conquest

What’s a Daddy-Dom to do when he discovers that his Little girl has been keeping a dirty little secret?

Calliope Wharton has made a lot of mistakes in her life, including running away from home after the death of her mother. She comes face-to-face with a life-changing consequence and is forced to return to her family in the little town of Bandara, Texas. She gears herself to face conflict and judgment for her actions but shockingly finds not only love and acceptance, but an unwanted relationship that involves a close family friend, Tanner Perkins.

Tanner, the owner of the new Saddlesore Ranch and BDSM resort, has a gift. He can sense a submissive heart from a mile away. So, when Callie suddenly appears after a three-year absence, he is immediately on the alert. A man of his word, and owing his life to the Wharton family, he is determined to save them, and Callie, from a repeat of the past. Like it or not, he sets his mind on helping the wayward girl make some necessary changes in her life.

Tanner not only trains horses and their riders, but he also knows how to tame a wild filly, and the lesson often starts with a trip over his knee. What he didn’t expect was Callie bringing out his ‘Daddy Dom.’ With her brothers’ encouragement, he introduces her to the nurturing love of the age-play dynamic and teaches her how to laugh and play once again. Little by little, he woos Callie into ‘tasting’ the delicacies of his lifestyle and a place of healing.

Although aware of the relationship Callie had shared with a man of her past, Tanner is ill-prepared when that same man appears at their door and exposes a secret that the girl had shared with no-one. Caught between her newfound love for Daddy Tanner and her obligation to the man who saved her life, Callie is at a crossroads. Does she embrace this new lifestyle and risk the loss of the one person she has loved more than life itself?

Her quandary increases when she meets several of Tanner’s old friends, including Dorian and Meredith Graye (The Whip Master), and Layton, Caine and May Marshall (Two Guardians for Little May/Dr. Daddy Dom). These and many others who live the BDSM dynamic come together and show Callie that it takes a loving and formidable army and a strong-willed Daddy Dom to raise a Little.

Author’s Note: This standalone is the first the Saddlesore Ranch series and includes spanking of adult women and explicit adult sexual encounters. The additional characters and their stories are available in separate books listed at the end of this work.


Tanner’s confession to cheating meant that the game was on. To keep things fair, they both kept a record of the number of strokes to get the ball in the hole, but other than that, all rules went out the window. She caught him with several green balls stuffed into his front pockets that he innocently insisted were ‘anatomical.’ Snorting, Callie wrestled one out of his pants and, in the process, encouraged the emergence of his true anatomy! Reddening, she pulled her hand out of his pocket and turned away as he adjusted himself.

“You act like you’ve never been around men before. These things are unavoidable when a pretty girl gets too close and starts feeling around. It’s not your fault you woke him up.”

“Stop gloating and tell that thing to go back to sleep. I’m here to play with these balls and these alone.” She held up a yellow golf ball.

“Where did you get that? Your color is pink.”

She quickly pulled a pink ball out of her bra. “It is pink. You’re color blind.”

“You’re bad.”

“Yeah, and what are you going to do about it?” she asked saucily, sauntering over to the hole and absently kicking his ball out of the way.

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3 thoughts on “You’re Bad #SatSpanks

  1. I’d say the saucy minx is demanding Tanner take her in hand. Asking a dominant, “So, what are you going to do about it?” is like waving the proverbial red flag. You’d best be prepared for the consequences.

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