Winter is Coming


Okay, so I love Game of Thrones. Seriously, what is not to love? Action, sex, intrigue and more than a little deception, horror and gore. Usually NOT my thing.

Can you guess where this is leading? Yep-just finished book 2 of the Darkness Series! And this one, my friends, even managed to keep me on the edge of my seat. With the lights on. And doors locked- twice.

Most of you know me for my HEA endings, consensual interactions, fairly romantic and mostly gentle approach to the BDSM world and the different fetishes involved in writing erotica.  What you don’t know is that my mind can sometimes go in the direction that makes Twisty the clown (American Horror Story- Freak Show) looks like child’s play. I thought that was maybe because I live with a horror movie fanatic- but no…. alas, it is my own maniacal depravity that concocted Emma’s Corner and the post-apocalyptic torment involved within.

Aren’t you glad that I’m on your side? Muhahahahaaaaa!!!

For those of you who enjoyed Strictland Academy (may God bless your souls), this next book is beyond even the reaches that big, bad John was able to handle.  It’s called Emma’s Corner and, for that which my coauthor Carolyn Faulkner meant to disturb, I challenged myself and took it to the next level-to terrorize.

Now, here is the interesting thing about books like this.  There are many, many woman who fantasize about kidnapping, being bound and forced, humiliated…the list is endless. I don’t judge. Never have and never will- but the truth is that few books are written that emphasize the substance of these hidden and unspoken fantasies. That was my goal in this one… and believe me, they are emphasized. I hope I have your curiosity going because Emma’s Corner is with the publisher and haunting the editors, lol!

What would you guys think of us adding a discussion forum for this book? For those brave enough to read it (all the way), you might need an outlet to shake the thoughts and images I managed to conjure in your minds.

So please, sit back in your comfy chair, the window at your back.  It’s late at night- you hear the clock ticking in the hallway and wait for it to announce the hour. Odd. Has time stopped?  You find yourself holding your breath- listening for the sound of something beyond that tick tock.. tick tock.. Nothing. Wait! You hear a branch scraping against the window pan behind you.  It only takes a moment for you to realize that there are no trees or bushes planted next to that window. The scratching grows louder and you slowly turn…


Tick tock… tick tock… the droning of the ticking clock that sat on the top of the bookshelf echoed through the room.  Emma swallowed, watching as the hands moved to a straight line like a soldier standing at attention. It was six o’clock and time for Penance. Her stomach turned as the sound of her tormentor’s heavy footsteps approached. He was, if anything, unfailingly and depressingly punctual. He was also terribly predictable. As another day of misery crept upon her, Emma squeezed her eyes in anticipation of the long, upcoming hours of unrelenting mortification and anguish. She had nobody to blame but herself. She could have had a different life, but pride got in the way.

If only she had known the course of her journey six months earlier…


Captive in a world without a future, girls like Emma Thompson do whatever is necessary to survive. The laws are harsh, intolerance rampant, and the only means of survival is either conforming to an impossible system, or rebelling against it.

Emma has been given a choice- homelessness (and eventual incarceration) or move to the Appalachian forests to be a domestic worker for an acquaintance of her vindictive aunt.  She chooses the latter- after all, nothing could be worse than being on the streets and losing what little freedom you have to begin with, right?

Wrong. After Emma arrives to the isolated cabin home of Professor Jack Robbins, she discovers the truth of a living nightmare. Never knowing what horrors wait for her with each passing day, she struggles to maintain what little power she has- the power of her mind.

She becomes his plaything, subjected to any whim that crosses his thoughts. She tries to hate the feelings he stirs within her, yet is powerless to stop them. He is creative in his discipline, almost as much as his love-making, and suspends her in a world of confusion, desire, fear, and overwhelming need.

The discovery that Jack is the creator of the C-spill, the biochemical weapon responsible for ending the war, introduces Emma to a window of opportunity.  She bravely asks for him to teach her all that he knows, appealing to his arrogant pride- even knowing that to be anything other than the perfect student would result in discipline like she had never known…

It is a risk she is willing to take if it means her escape. But then, he throws a wrench into her plans and makes it impossible for her to return to a society that bends to judgment for personal appearance. She faces two choices—continue to live in the nightmare or take the chance that people are more accepting than she believed.


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  1. Ok I have had the honor of reading this book. Let me tell you Bree has outdone herself with this one. Rarely does anything get that adrenaline going that good scare can give me but this one did just that. It’s like you can’t stop reading but are afraid to turn the next page for fear of what’s on the next page. So we’ll written, a really great story and so suspenseful. Hauntingly creative is what this is. She has really outdone herself with her imagination. This is one book you don’t want to miss out on!

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