Hello Lovelies,

As some of you know, Bree and I had two delightful houseguests last week. Vanilla wise they are lovely women and we had a lot of fun.

One fun thing that happened was that I had the girls arrange the implements in the punishment room. They wrote the names of all the implements down and I then numbered them, there’s quite a lot! I had the girls pick any number between one and 100 or so. They did this four times each and were spanked with the implement number they guessed about 10 to 15 spanks each time. Needless to say there were some very red sore bbs in the Hayse household last week.

I know all of you enjoy a good spanking (oh come on it’s me, I know you, lol) but you like to be in control. Someone in particular loves a hard hand spanking. But the game changed when I would pin her legs and immobilize her. Then she was squirming and yelling, that was so much fun. I do love subbies suffering. The degree of suffering normally depends on my mood though. During a severe session I am in a Desade mood so the suffering is very intense. For the spanking I just described I was just enjoying her discomfort and struggling, since she could not escape. Fun Dom times, lol.

Now don’t get me wrong it was definitely not spanking 24/7, we watched some movies and just hung out. We also played a few games, Bree lost…a lot, lol. The penalty was the heart paddle bb. They are just delightful girls and it was a really fun time!

Hey you never know one of you may visit some day so,

Be good, or else…


12 thoughts on “Visits

    • Long since a spanking. And, only for fun not discipline. I am intrigued. I’m a mom, of course I suffer! BTW, LOVE your new story in Medieval maidens, King Dom Comes, but I hate the original ending. The alternate is much better. I’m a sucker for happy endings.

      • Lol, hated the ending? Hell, it made ME cry when I wrote it! My betas all growled (so did my editor) because it was a different type of HEA! I am so glad you loved the story, though- it was so much fun to write because I got to take a different approach with the medieval mentality.

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