Us and the Media

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With 50 Shades coming out (I will reserve my opinion but I do not expect much) I got to thinking about how mainstream media always miss the mark, so to speak, on how they portray D/s in movies.

9 1/2 Weeks

Mickey Rourke threatens to spank Kim Basinger and then backs down. Thank for playing…Sub 1, Dom 0

Grade: D

Exit to Eden  

This was so bad it’s tragic. The book had its moments but instead of actually staying true to it the media thought it would make a comedy, a comedy of errors.

Grade: F



By far the closest yet but still no bb spankings. The bending over the desk surely should have been and no real true take of the dynamic. At least there was an attempt.

Grade: C

De Sade    

Not as bad as you might think, but still very tame considering de Sade’s reputation and inventiveness for torturing female flesh.

Grade: C-

Love Crimes  

Actually very close except the studio backed off of the spanking being bb but, the vibe was there. 

Grade: B

Killer Inside Me

Very good movie but the actual beating was brutal and for me very hard to watch. The spanking, not the belting, was close to a DD reality.    

Grade: C



Two spankings here and both pretty good. Just fun. If Maureen O’hara would have been bb this would have been an A.

Grade: C  

Also, why is it that all Doms have to be presented as having more money than Bill Gates and look like the guys in GQ?  Hardly reality for most of us. I am sure you all have movies on your list that you watched just for that great spanking or for a true D/s storyline only to get ripped off. Maybe next post I will talk about movies that should have had true bb spanking scenes in them. If only Hollywood would strap on a pair…no not skates, lol.

Be good, or else…



3 thoughts on “Us and the Media

  1. Honestly, the book is a Twilight fanfiction turned into an original story. However, fanfiction is rarely anywhere near reality. I’m 100% sure the author did not look into the actuality of BSDM. I feel like the BDSM community will be portrayed wrongly and that people will think BDSM is for everyone and that it becomes mainstream. I hope the fuss will fall silent very soon.

  2. So are you going to go and see it? I read somewhere that they used real Doms who are in the BDMS scene to help them make the movie as realistic as possible. Also I don’t think there’ll ever show bare bottoms being spanked on a movie, I think to many people would freak out lol.

    • Well honestly Monique the previews are laughable so no, i might rent it. And there are a lot of bb spankings in main stream film, the killer inside me has 2. desade has a few, a french movie called le fesse is nothing but bb spankings as fesse is french for spanking i think. A lot of b movies like the defilers or any of the old sexploitation stuff, not real main stream but they were released in theaters.

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