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Hello, my sweet peeps. Hope all is good in your part of the world! I just wanted to give you an update of my soon to be published book… Painful Addiction (estimated release in about two weeks).


First, I am so sorry about the delay. As you know, I insist on nothing but the best coming out in print, so my poor editor has to deal with the DIVA and all my whining. Even though I complain about editing, I have to admit that he is thorough. It is now with the copy editor (don’t ask me what they do, but it sounds so professional!) and getting the cover designed that I am certain, true to Korey’s artwork, knock us off our chairs.


Painful Addiction is about a young woman’s struggle with, not just her little bad habit, but with her own self-esteem. Raised in a wealthy family from Beverly Hills, Brittany Wallace finds herself on her twin brother’s doorstep after being tossed out by her father for another drug bust and theft. Sergeant Brett Wallace, LASD, is reluctant to take her in, having a history of alcohol abuse himself but he does so under the promise of assistance from his new friend, and coworker, Lt. Reed Simms. Brittany soon learns that Reed has his own, special means of obtaining sobriety…. Via a well-spanked bottom! She also discovers the strength that comes when she surrounds herself with people who see her for much more than being the poor, little rich girl.


As for what is in the works…… Taking A Part!  This is aN AP story about an ugly duckling who grows into being a beautiful swan….with some help of a special friend. Camille LeCroix, the childhood star of Pippi Longstocking series, find herself all grown up and unable to find roles for ‘ugly girls.’ After being discovered by an eccentric movie producer and director, Camille is offered a role in a movie that will be written AFTER she receives life coaching by the heart throb and actor, Sean Renault.  Little does she know, but Sean plans on bringing her back into the role she was born for, an adult little girl, pippi -tails and all! More on that later!!!




19 thoughts on “UPDATES IN BREE-VILLE

    • Its 730pm where I live I wrote this because at the top off the message it says 11am and I would never drink that early and saving my bottom from sj if he reads this comment x

  1. CANNOT wait for this!!! BTW, I had the same thing happen to me this morning Gigi, except this I can’t blame on Bree, but I can blame it on. R.L. Matthewson. I stayed up until 2 a.m. reading her newest book!!! Of course, I would have done the same thing with one of your books Bree. I have no self control when it comes to reading!!!!

  2. So happy you keep turning out these great books! I also enjoy the painting by Anders Zorn =) Keep up the good work please!

  3. This is just an FYI. I get one of your books, then stay up too late reading it and get in trouble for breaking curfew. So it’s really kind of your fault when I get in trouble, right? They’re always worth it though.

    • Ummmm, sure… Why not? I mean, ultimately, everything ends up being my fault anyway, just ask Nik. She was late for a 9:00 (am) interview because I said I had to leave the house at 11 (pm), and she showed up at 11 (am)…. Still trying to figure that one out!! And she ran our of her stupid ravioli which my my fault because I didn’t remind her that she had run out of it. Sigh… At least you enjoy then!!! LOL!

      • Woohoo putting it on my presale list!! And since we’re uh using you as the fall guy…jeeze Bree ya made me late because you forgot to put gas in my truck!! LOL

    • One of our readers turned me us on to Anders Zorn. Google images him. So many beautiful pictures of women.

      Love nikki

  4. I love reading about what is coming out, but then I get so impatient. Two weeks is a long time. Just finished Up A Notch. Fun story, her poor butt. She really doesn’t need anyone else to spank her, does she? Are we going to get some story about her uncle and brother? Just keep the books coming and I’ll keep buying.

    • Lol, i know,,, pooor Sammi. Don’t you worry… Michael has someone special on the way! And so does Sam… And he is even tougher than her uncle! But hell, she keeps getting hersef into all kinds of stupid trouble, so what do you expect? For someone so smart, she sure doesnt learn very quickly, does she?

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