Up A Notch…Generals’ Daughter Book 2

Saturday Spankings

Snippet:  Sam just can’t seem to stay out of trouble!

Why do you need to spank me? Normal girls just get grounded. Plus I’m an adult,” she sniffed.

Scott hugged her, holding her hands. “One, it’s what we believe in. It’s done and over with, gives you a clean slate to move forward. Two, it’s also humiliating. I know you, my girl. If you don’t have that humility, you would be an arrogant little jerk just like me.” He chuckled. “Three, it seems to be the only thing that gets through to you. I don’t know if it’s the pain, the humiliation or the fact you’re made to submit to someone you can trust to put you back on track. Maybe all three. Whatever it is, it will continue because it works for you no matter how old you are.

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