Undercover Saturday…

Saturday Spankings-New Years



in Generals’ Daughter Book 5 this month!

But, shh, don’t tell anyone!

What’s Sam up to this time? For once, believe it or not, the trouble she’s getting into isn’t her fault!

After losing her temper and physically flattening a jerk on base for sexual misconduct, USMC Lt. Samantha Quimby is approached by the lovely Col. Joyce Howe under the pretense of an SJA inquiry. Instead of punishment, Sam’s ordered on a secret assignment to investigate a  dangerous situation in a local high school where several military dependents attend. No problem, right? WRONG.

Except for her father and uncle, everyone believes she’s placed on administrative leave and is allegedly sent ‘back to school’ to learn how to socialize with people closer to her age. It wouldn’t be so bad if her folks were home to fish her out of trouble, but they’re called cross-country to a mandatory meeting. That means her brother, Michael, and her boyfriend, Richard, are left in charge.

Behaving like a high schooler is not in her blood- nor can she keep her mouth shut in class. From rolling her eyes in Calculus to reading Tolstoy in Russian, the girl keeps paving her way for more trouble when the frustrated principal calls Michael to pick her up. Now, the boys can deal with Sam’s saucy attitude, but they can’t overlook her sneaking out of the house, stealing her uncle’s Hummer, or lying to them. Yep, she’s busted- but she’s under orders NOT to tell anyone about her mission!

If all this isn’t enough to contend with, Sam’s relationship with Richard has reached the place where neither of them can’t deny their need for one another. Promise, or no promise, Richard’s determined to make Sam his- and she’s not about to stop him!


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2 thoughts on “Undercover Saturday…

  1. Ah! Looks like Sam and Richard may finally give in to their need for each other, though I pity Sam for being placed in her current position. I’m not sure I could behave like a high schooler again, even if I was only in my twenties, so I definitely understand her quandary. However, she was assigned a job to do, so that should come first. Then again, eye-rolling and reading Tolstoy in Russian don’t seem worthy of suspension, either. What’s a girl to do?

    • Oh, yeah, they do! She wasn’t suspended for the eye-rolling- she was sent to the principal’s office for her mouth (AKA telling the teachers off and not backing down). She couldn’t help herself! She does her job- but… well, she’s Sam- which means her mouth gets her into more trouble than anything, lol! One of these days, she’ll learn. Or not…Hope you’re having a great first of the year!

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