The Uncomfortable Questions


Sigh, of course I get to be the one to respond to the question regarding physical preparation for a session!  Sir John turned beat red (haha) when He was recently asked, What do I do if

Okay, we are all adults here or, at least, a reasonable facsimile thereof, right? So let’s just be blunt.

Ladies, it happens, okay? We will start our period, we will let loose with a loud (and sometimes aromatic) butt bubble, we might even wet ourselves in the process of trying to escape the Mighty Hand of the Meanie Man.

Gentlemen, you will get an erection, you might even ejaculate if your Dom/Domme has your penis trapped between the knees, and we all know that you are no strangers to butt bubbles.


  1. Don’t eat gas forming food at least 12 hours before your session. In other words, don’t load up on broccoli, cauliflower and chili if you are planning a session that day.
  2. Do a Fleet enema if you are concerned, especially if your Dom/Domme practices anal punishment. It makes it way nicer for both of you. Do this several hours before or you might have some oopsss…
  3. Keep excellent hygiene. Okay, do I have to say it? Shower, shave, use baby powder or corn starch between your butt cheeks! You might laugh, but let tell tell you there is nothing worse to me then my hand smelling like butt sweat after I do a session (I know! euw!). Plus, it feels good. A nice Dom will even sprinkle it on you.  I don’t have a nice Dom….Just sayin…
  4. Did I mention showering?  The sense of smell is heightened during a session, so this goes for the Doms/Dommes as well. If you reek of onions, last night’s garlic bread and body odor, you will not only throw off the concentration of your partner, but you risk the possibility of loosing the relationship. How?  Think of what you would do to escape the scent of something that makes you nauseous and you are too nice to say anything? Would you ever want to go back and risk it? If you are anything like me, it is such a turn off that I don’t even care about the session. John does not touch me with dirty hands, unbrushed teeth, or a stinky lap, nor do I give myself to him like that. Excellent hygiene shows respect to both the Dom and the sub.  There are always extenuating circumstances…Like the car being pulled over because you told your Dom he was a jerk off… But generally, you know when you are gonna get it. Be respectful.
  5. The environment. Again, hygiene is vital. If your hands are planted on a filthy floor or there are creepy crawly things moving around, how healthy is that? Plus, OMG, the worst is a mildewy carpet. No way do I want to be breathing that in as I am OTK with my face close to the floor. Again euw.
  6. Communicate with your Dom/Domme if you are menstruating. Why? Start with the obvious. You probably have a plug up there and if you spring a leak, you don’t want to give the poor guy a heart attack making him think he caused internal damage. Also, a woman’s sensitivity and ability to mark will often change with her cycle. My sense are heightened and I am more emotional, so if Mr. Mean Jeans doesn’t know that I am hormonal, he can’t adjust accordingly. And yes, they do care about that stuff.
  7. Appearance. Again, clean clothing, brushed hair (pull it into a ponytail and off your neck, reduces the sweating and gives him something to hold other than your earlobe).

I always looked at sessioning like going on a date, not always a good date either, but the same care in prepping.  Taking the time shows that you care about your partner, and that you respect the situation you are both in.

Oh, and Doms? A nice Dom will rub unscented cold cream or lotion afterwards to show you care. I don’t have a nice Dom…Just sayin…



16 thoughts on “The Uncomfortable Questions

  1. Dont forget the tampon string. You can cut it pretty short prior to inserting. Nothing quite like being otk and him.seeing the string. Been there, done that. Luckily mr mean jeans has seen everything in his advanced age and didn’t mention it. Lol

  2. Not trying to get you into trouble, but “I don’t have a nice Dom” sounds like a really risky thing to say…

    • Lol, unfortunatley it is true. John KNOWS he isn’t nice about this stuff and is very proud of himself because it. It is soooo not fair. 🙁

      • Don’t feel alone I have a meanie Dom too!! I feel your pain He is nice about letting me wear a G string when it is that time But he also knows I am super emotional and would take a beating over a lecture And it seems his lecture is triple at that time so I feel like a naughty little girl and am bawling before he has laid a hand paddle or other evil tool on me On the nicer side he does give me a little more rope before I have gone to far and he has to reel me back in

        • I am the luckiest girl on the world, no doubt. Didn’t mean I can’t whine about mean things. Besides, he’s loves knowing when he gets to be sadistic. Humprf. I miss him..I am in Virginia on business and need some mr.meanie attention…sigh…

  3. Cute terminology with butt bubble but I always wondered about that especially with hard thigh pressed into you stomache. That gives me another reason not to talk my husband into that lifestyle. I would never be able to eat again. Then I chew a lot of gum and that also doesn’t help matters but I bite my nails and I can’t do that becuase I play mercury every day.

      • Yes i can normally take a great deal of pain but at that time of the month just a hand spanking would make me cry. Not good…….

    • That is the ability to show a visible bruise. Many women become suseptable bruises when hormonal. There is also the issue of medications.. Any cardiac meds, aspirin, coumadin, etc, will also affect the ability to bruise.

      • Yep and your butt can condition so you mark less OR the time for the bruising to heal becomes less! Lotion after a session….is AWESOME. ..but yes papa is mean lol

          • I agree!!! My Mr Meanie says he did Not do all this To have it relieved with lotion, I tried really hard to make him understand the lotion didn’t take away all the pain just made it bearable And his answer was if you want it bearable try behaving and you wouldn’t need lotion I always behave I am telling you I am sweet little Angel I am really I am lol

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