To Sub-bie or Not to Sub-bie


Hello  lovelies,

What the heck is this all about? It’s actually a very clever pun that hopefully most of you will get after reading this post. A lot of subs ask me “SJ what do you look for in a sub, as far as taking her on to train?”

Starting to get my pun? No? Not yet huh? Man tough crowd.

I am quite discerning when taking on a submissive so here’s my top 5 reasons for doing so and why.

1) Seriousness- If the sub does not truly want to learn, grow and find just how deep her submissive goes then she’s wasting my time. She must be willing to mind me and trust me, although trust must be earned over time.

2) Intelligence- If I can’t engage in a conversation, beyond just spanking, with the sub it’s going to get very boring. Also D/s is quite complicated at times and the sub must be able to grasp and comprehend certain things that are important in the training.

3) Checking emails regularly- This may seem trivial but it’s not. I have a lot of info to dispense at times or a task that I need done. If I don’t have a sub that is good about checking her messages that won’t work.

4) Sense of humor- Look I know you all think of me as Mr. Meanie but  I am pretty funny and I like a subbie that can make me laugh, it can’t be dark all the time or just about spanking, well maybe 90/10 lol.

5) Maturity and emotional stability- This may be the most important, as you all know subbies be crazy but….there is a limit lol. D/s training is a roller coaster with very high highs and then major drops and lows. If the sub does not have some level of emotional stability it can turn out to be a disaster. Not so important is chronological age, some subs can be very mature at a young age.

The bottom line is, if a sub meets these criteria I will try to help her in any way I can that’s what I do and that’s what Bree does. I believe in pay it forward, I bet all of you do to.

Be good, or else…


PS Oh did you get my pun?

26 thoughts on “To Sub-bie or Not to Sub-bie

  1. (I wrote this through telepathy sense im not be on right know sir ) lol sense of humor and cutness. see at lest one attribute sir. That is AWESOME that you pay it forward the way you do. I know that i trully appreciate at the fact you took me on. I know that you would like to probley learn to be a little more obedient sir. What can i say im a slow learner but im catching up. Luvs. Gotta go

  2. I like your reasons for helping or training a sub. I know I would end up having a melt down, but may in my next life, I’ll choose better mate.. lol
    But I love reading your post. It gives food for thought..

  3. I only like the pun because Benedict Cumberbatch is doing Hamlet in London right now…

    None of these are hard to me, except for emotional stability. Am I emotionally stable? What does that mean? In public, I am. I only cry in private, and I don’t share any of that, so in public life, I am emotionally stable. But on my own? No. Then again, it doesn’t really matter that I am not, because it doesn’t affect others. Besides, the only time I can think about this, is at night, which is usually when I have my emotional release. Not always a very nice time, but again, it doesn’t affect my public life, and thus it doesn’t really matter.

    Also, I got a bit annoyed at “90/10”. Do you mean 90% of the time versus 10% of the time? Then you’d surely use 90/100% right? Or, if it was a ratio, 9/10. Or, if proportions, 0.9:0.1, or 0.9/1.0 (actually 0.9/1 if you think about significant figures). Or, maybe 90:10, but that would be best expressed in 9:10 because ratios are not usually percentages… So… What does 90/10 mean? It probably doesn’t matter, but I’m a bèta person, so… numbers are my love (sort of. I hate physics).

    I’m not sure what of substance I added to this post… but yeah… Have a good day in any case 🙂

    (Also, when is Miss Breanna going to do an informal daily-life-thing post again? I miss her.)

    • well the 90/10 is 90 caring strict dom..10 sadistic dark dom clear? lol I guess instead of emotionally stable I could have said ..not like Glen Close in fatal attraction lol Thanks for the thoughts Laura

      • … Sir, I’m just a bit too young to understand that reference… (or maybe you are too… nah, I probably shouldn’t push it…) 😉 <3

        ps. I'd like that 90% caring ("strict") dom please 😀

  4. OK big announcement time ….dom dom dom dom!!!!!!!!!! Brees new book debut at number one across the board! I am so proud of her .Now a little news, her newest one will blow your minds, Its amazing , not sure of the date but soon .Its very different than moving, but it rocks big time

  5. Those all seem like very reasonable and intelligent criteria. How do you help or direct someone who doesn’t quite meet those points but still wants to work toward it? Just curious.
    Also, I’m very relieved to know your ability to train a sub is not based on the criteria of making punny titles to your blog. 😉

  6. Sooooo should I just start calling you Uncle Shakespear? *giggle* These criteria are nicely laid out and I can see how each one of them must work. I’m not sure maturity is one I meet. *grin* Perk to being little.

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