Hello Lovelies,

I took some time off. So, things, not the kinds you’re thinking of.

As you may or may not know, Bree rescued a fallen sparrow….literally. She nursed her back to health and was all good. Then I found an injured bird in our yard. Bree fixed him up and we put him in the cage with Sophia, the sparrow. They got along great but eventually the bird wanted to get out of the cage and out into the world, which he did. Sophia, however, became depressed that her boyfriend flew the coop, so to speak.

So Bree wanted to get her a new roommate. We went to Petco to find a finch. We did find one but she was already going steady. We couldn’t separate them without feeling guilty, so we now have two finches, thing one and thing two. They dig each other but Sophia wasn’t digging them so they both have their own bird condo.

So now the Hayse Zoo consists of:

2 border collies

1 bunny

1 guinea pig

1 sparrow

2 finches

1 cat

Home sweet home

Be good or else,


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