The Usual Place


Be prepared to laugh… Number 1 best-selling author and BDSM and age-play lifestyler Breanna Hayse is at it again with a new, exciting and hysterical adventure of Little May and the Marshall boys, brothers Layton and Caine. It’s been one year since the trio became a family, and each member of the household is still finding his – and her – unique place in this unusual marriage.

Dr. Caine Marshall is exhausted; there just isn’t enough of him to go around nowadays. To top it off, an old friend, Ian Channing, arrives on the scene and asks for help. Not only is Ian’s marriage failing, but his wife’s father is causing problems… not content with keeping Savannah’s inheritance tied up, the man keeps trying to terrorize her, driving her to take refuge ever deeper into the bottle.

Desperate to try anything to get away from his father-in-law, help cure his wife of her alcoholism, and rekindle their relationship, Ian agrees with Caine’s suggestion to take up residence with his wife, Savannah, at the unique community of Little Lake Bridgeport. It is here where the Marshalls and some new friends introduce the couple to the age-play dynamic and teach Ian the art of domestic and anal discipline, whereas Savannah discovers the joys of being a Little and the freedom which can be found in submission.

Caine is now torn between the responsibilities of work, helping the couple, and satisfying his Little May’s ever present demands for attention – and her Big girl’s never satisfied hunger for pleasure. To top it all off, his usually serious attorney brother suddenly switches roles; from ‘Counselor Cranky Pants’ to May’s playful companion. Layton has taken to pulling pranks and joining up with May to cause mischief and, with that, more laughter and trouble than poor Caine is prepared for.

May, of course, is up to her usual business. She brings Ian and Savannah into her world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Legos and, with the help of Owie Bear, teaches Savannah that being an adult doesn’t have to mean emotional pain all the time. Discovering that they share a similar history of parental abuse and neglect, the girls form a close bond, and learn that there are more valuable things in life to enjoy than either could ever have hoped for – starting with friendship; with just a tad of fun-filled naughtiness. Just when Ian and Savannah think that they’ve overcome their issues, however, a tragic secret catches up with them – one which affects not only them, but also May; threatening to shatter her world…

Be prepared for several surprises, a ton of laughter, lots of bare bottom spankings, and some of the steamiest scenes ever written in the history of the medical and age-play genres as you join the continuing unique and erotic adventure of those who live and love in Little Lake Bridgeport, by the queen of erotica who brought contemporary age-play genre to life; Breanna Hayse.


“Where’s Maybelle?” Caine asked as his brother greeted him at the front door with a hot cup of cocoa.

“In her usual place,” the handsome, gray eyed man said and winked. “Grab a seat, I’ll bring you something to eat.”

“Cocoa?” Caine mused, hugging his brother. “Thanks, I’m famished. You’re becoming mighty domestic these days. Marriage, even in the non-conventional sense, seems to be agreeing with you.”

“Someone has to take up the slack with you being gone all the time. Besides, feeding you will keep your temper in check. We all know how you get when you’re tired and hungry. You really look like shit. Maybe you should have just stayed in the hotel and rested for the night instead of driving all this way.” Layton frowned, his hands on his hips.

Caine narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “I needed to be home, even if it was just for a couple of hours. As for my temper, I’ll remind you that I’m the laid back one here. Out with it. What did she do this time?”

“Who said that she did anything?” Layton asked innocently, placing a tray of chili and corn bread on the coffee table and handing his brother the remote. “Did you want a beer?”

“No, I don’t want a beer. She’s not here, jumping like a kangaroo for me to pick her up, you said that she’s in her usual place—which is the ‘bad girl’ corner—and you are being extraordinarily nice to me. What did she do, and is she okay?”


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