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Curious about Dorian, Merry and Fifty? What happened after the festival? Wait no longer, Annie’s story is next in the Graye’s Maids series. Here is a snippet of her story but make sure to check out The Whip Master if you haven’t met the beloved characters yet. There’s so many more stories to share! Don’t forget to see what the other authors are working on over at the WIP It Up Wednesdays Blog.

Mastering Annie

A life with Greg Carmichael could be the ‘happily ever after’ of which 22 year old Annie Graye has always dreamed. Albeit an unorthodox way to begin a relationship, Annie’s contract has been purchased by the handsome and wealthy restaurateur. In the brief time they’d spent together, Annie had felt an undeniable attraction and connection to his quietly commanding presence, especially after feeling his belt against her bare backside.

At the age of nineteen, Annie had arrived at Graye Manor a scared, insecure, homeless girl. Three years later she departs to begin a life of her own, now a confident young woman after her time spent under the training, mentorship, and care of Head Master Dorian Graye and his wife. With them, she’d found a family and a home, as well as receiving the training to become a Graye’s Maid – specially trained women skilled not only in the traditional skills of domestic help, but also the BDSM lifestyle.

For Greg, it’s neither Annie’s domestic skills, nor the terms of her contract for which he has purchased her – he seeks a submissive to call his own, not because of a piece of paper, but to be his – in heart, mind and soul. From the time he first met Annie, he believed she could be his ‘one.’ Of great importance to Greg is his family, especially his little sister – Mel.

Almost immediately, Annie and the younger girl strike up a friendship, and in her Annie recognizes the heart of another true submissive. Soon she finds herself taking the young woman under her wing, helping to mentor her and provide a positive influence and example, as Greg steps in to provide his troubled young sister with the accountability and direction she desperately needs, as well as a very sore bottom!

As her feelings for Greg deepen, Annie strives to please and be of service to him, but fearing she cannot be everything he wants. Greg has dark passions and desires, and Annie questions her ability to trust and surrender to a man she is falling in love with. With every passing day she finds herself striving to be better, not only as a submissive for Greg, and example for Mel, but for herself. The examination of what it means to be a true submissive, and of service to others, specifically this one incredible man, will lead Annie to face her fears on a journey of self-discovery, and hopefully to her own ‘happily ever after.’


It had started first with the caning from Master Graye for her temper tantrum, then the spanking from Mr. Carmichael for yelling out the word ‘fuck’. That had been followed by an unusually severe, and erotically sensual strapping that had sent her reeling into subspace.

That situation had thrown her. What had been different with how Greg had spanked her as compared to Dorian? The intensity had been the same, perhaps even greater. Was is that Dorian tended to stagger the strokes while Greg maintained an even, rhythmic pace? Or maybe it was the warm palm that stayed on her back, keeping contact with her body while he swung his belt across her bottom. It had been reassuringly firm and oddly soothing- the gentle caress between the biting lashes. He seemed to instinctively know that she would love the feel of leather even more once her resistance had been broken down.

She had felt the fullness of his belt- every delicious inch of its length, the thickness of the hide, and even the tooled images that left an odd array of swirled marks upon her flesh. Leather was always her ticket to bliss, but the place that Greg had transported her was ethereal. Courage did not come easy for her, but his touch had given her the fortitude to accept his offer of a contract.

She dug her fingers into the leather armrests of the seat as the jet raced down the runway. Looking out the window, she watched her world disappear beneath the clouds. The tears threatened to spill again, but seeing Greg with red eyes and a puffy nose would do nothing to impress him. She was a Graye Maid, and she would present herself with dignity, pride and respect.


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