The Implement Must Fit The Crime…




Hello my little subbies, wanna-be’s, and the curious but shy’s…Before I begin, you know how people get together all over the world at a specific hour to chant for world peace?  Well I was thinking, all of you subbies can do the same thing.  Chant your mantra; “its not fair ” who knows, you might save a sub in Sri Lanka from a spanking. What do you think?

So heres the deal. Lets talk implements… Hey come back here. Hear me out. Lets discuss appropriate implements for appropriate offenses. Now every Dom feels differently about this, so this is just my take. First of all, it’s important for a Dom to establish what the rules are, so his sub understands her boundaries. Once these are established, a Dom never relents. So, lets take bratting…Not that any of you would ever act in such a matter, right?  To me a sound hand spanking of around 100 to 300, depending on the brat level, is enough. Now lets go to the other end (yes pun intended) of the scale and look at the offense of speeding. To me, this warrants severity. Why? Because it endangers the sub and innocent drivers. So for something like speeding- hand, wood brush,  paddle, and cane. I know Mr. Meanie.

But heres my point, A sub must understand the difference between a brat spanking and a severe one. A dom cannot or should not cane a sub for bratting. Just as a hand spanking for speeding is ludicrous. And yes there are grey areas where just a paddle or just a brush is appropriate. One more thing, A dom must set a positive example. If he punishes his sub for speeding, then he cannot speed. If he punishes her for smoking, he cannot smoke. Are you hearing me my little ones?

Well thats about it from Domland. Remember, get together and do the chant. Who knows, the bottom you save may be your own!


Be good – or else


Sir John


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31 thoughts on “The Implement Must Fit The Crime…

  1. I am flattered you like my posts anie thank you. If you ever need to talk feel free to email me at breannas. Email. I do hope you can experience a real spanking sometime soon. Be good

  2. Amazing! Sir John I do believe you have become my new favorite reading addiction. I have never been been spanked as an adult so I have begun to live and dream vicariously through your writing. Thank You Sir

  3. unless the sub is ordered to count its up to the dom i just did it by the hundreds it went by pretty fast glad you enjoyed the post Katherine not sure what book you are talking about

    • Daddy, I am pretty sure she is referring to the image used in the post that is titled spanking implements…

  4. Who counts the 1300? And is it administered in sets, like tens or twenties? Wow! I don’t think I could pretend to fall asleep after that many.
    I liked this post. What a great reminder that not all spankings are the same, and that the Dom (in my case, HOH) needs to follow his own rules as well. Great post
    I am going to see if I can find that book. I wonder if it is at the public library?

  5. Yes, we really do have a punishment room which we are hoping will be disbanded completely as it becomes my new office! hint hint. I mean, I need to be abe to write for you guys without hearing Nikki whine, right? We also have a robospanker! Hate that little mother…. it has a timer and a very long extension cord that allows Mr. Meanie to speed up or slow down the strokes. As for 1300, I became quite numb after about 500, so I pretended to fall asleep.

  6. I understand trusting your Dom and that he must never back out of a punishment and there needs to be different evils. I just don’t understand if you start with a warm up with the hand and then you do the paddle seems like extreme overkill to add another 2 implements. Also do you really have a punishment room?

    • oh my there are no warm ups in a punishment Marguerite its right to bb and yes we have a punishment room both bre and nicole have had more than a few sessions there

  7. Yeah, he is a funny one… Groan. As for his hand getting tired… He is a professional guitarist…. You know that awful strumming hand? well… If he can play for six hours straight without tiring, you can only imagine his ability to endure a long spanking. If I recall, there was one incident during PLAY that we tested his ability for longevity. He adminsistered over 1300 spanks at a ‘brat’ level. No, I am not exaggerating. His arm finally wore out. And yes, so was my bottom. I think that was the last time I challenged him there. Maybe we should do that again, and let him try it on Nikki. You know, research!

      • Lisa, you need to understand, she wanted it and enjoyed it. It was not punishment. I have a lot of spankings due to me in my punishment book but he would never do all at once. That is why it is so important to completely trust your Dom and also for your Dom to be experienced and understand his strength.

        • Never been in a relationship. Likely not going to happen since I’ll be 42 next week and have no time (nor any prospects in sight :)). Who knows, maybe some day. That’s why for the moment I live vicariously through Bree’s books 😉

    • true that was really enjoyable I have never seen a bb so red and sleeping? hardly thats sub space love as you know hmmmmm maybe nic would lern something from this?

  8. No fair, now I have to hide this from D so he doesn’t get any ideas, especially of the 100+ or cane variety. My butt would fall off, though it is a little out of practice so maybe I’ll feel differently in a few weeks. Also, your posts from Domland are quite hilarious and informative, Ty. 🙂

    • glad you are enjoying the posts Amanda It seems alot of you subbies have not been spanked to the higher numbers A re you another one that has not had the necessary 300?

  9. 100 – 300 wow? Doesn’t your hand get tired? My hand hurts just thinking about it! (my bottom doesn’t fare much better thinking about being on the receiving end)

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