Release Nov 23, 2019

As you know, the intertwining series of my contemporary novels is growing. That means that each book contains questions, and answers, pertaining to other characters.


So big that I’m holding a contest!

There’s a secret in this book that will shock you- but can you guess what it is? The first ten readers who email me with the correct answer will receive a free copy of The Generals’ Daughter, Book 10: Happily Ever After (expected release January 2020) or an ebook of choice.

After being rescued from her abusive master at TGC, Hadley finds herself in the loving arms of Dorian and Meredith Graye. They discover that she’s a ‘Twilighter,’ a term used to describe a submissive that requires both an element of age-play combined with hard-edge masochism. These needs conflict with the standard dynamics in the age-play community, so which side do they focus on to ensure the girl’s happiness?

Irish noblemen, William and Edward FitzGerald, have been searching for a wife whose desire’s they can awaken. Sadistic, yet nurturing, these men are believed to be the ones who will bring Hadley’s fantasies to life. But, as William warns the young woman- Fantasy and Reality are two different elements. Can she both mentally and physically handle the delicious torment they have in store for her?

She insists that she can.

During this journey of pain, pleasure, and passion, mysterious beginnings are uncovered, and the questions of the past are revealed. But Hadley and her two new husbands aren’t the only ones affected. The world of the BDSM community is small, and not even Dorian Gray can escape the ugly clutches of The Gentlemen’s Club.


Founded centuries ago by European nobles, TGC (also known as The Club) caters to the whims of the wealthy, upper-class members of elite society. Generation after generation has partaken in the secrets hidden behind the elegant walls of the founding fathers, still, few who to walk behind the doors of The Club know what, and why, TGC exists.

The Gentlemen’s Club is the oldest formal training facility for Dominants and Submissives in the old-school world of BDSM. The rules are unambiguous—once part of TGC, always part of TGC. There is no escape. The cost of exposing this secret society can cost more than millions of dollars and the destruction of everything one would hold dear; it could also cost the transgressor his/her life. But the modern world has changed, as have the needs of many TGC members and submissives recruited to join the facility. 

During the course of events, Dorian Graye, TGC legal counsel, and Master of Graye Manor has uncovered abuse and neglect of certain submissives within The Club. Taking advantage of the rules of non-disclosure, several members have violated the basic rules of SSC conduct, knowing that the silenced submissives have nowhere to hide. True to form, the Whip Master has the solution that will save their lives and meet their needs while he administers justice to those who have harmed the innocents. He brings these women into his Guardian Program, but they aren’t like the others- they require something darker and more sinister- something that teeters on the edge of Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains areas of possible triggers to include edge-play, piercing, hard impact and other such elements. There is, as always, a HEA- but the path to getting there might disturb some readers.

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