The Brush Off

Hello Lovelies,

So here’s a little story and a question.

Bree decided to brat some, she was jonsing for a spanking, lol. Anyway she got a few and was told to settle down or she would get the brush.

She did not like that and threw a temper tantrum. About 5 mins later, she was in the corner whining with a flaming red bb. I did warn her but she decided to push me.

Here’s my question: Do you feel littles should only be spanked by hand or also with a brush or paddle if they keep acting out?

Be good or else,


4 thoughts on “The Brush Off

  1. Not that I want a spanking or punishment ever but I think it’s up to the Dom(s)/adult family members. A child doesn’t get to tell the parent or guardian what to do when it comes to this. The child also trust those in charge not to cause permanent damage or harm.

  2. I think it depends on the age of the little or middle. I would say that a little age 4 or younger should be hand only. Little/middles ages older than 4 should be hand spanking first then if behavior persists a paddle or brush.

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