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Hello lovelies,

Today I want you all to pay close attention as this is very important. For those of you I have a long training dynamic with, you already understand, but for newbies or those just curious, listen up.

D/s or even S/m does not just involve punishment when you misbehave. For those of you that think spanking is what D/s is all about you are missing the big picture! Training does involve spanking, in one form or another but, that’s just the tip of the D/s iceberg.

When I train a sub it’s to make her a better submissive. There are so many things to work on and talk about in training. It’s not just when you have to report for a spanking. I want a sub to learn about self-respect, boundaries, proper behavior, self-worth, obedience and so many other aspects that make a well-rounded subbie and a well-rounded human being.

I use spanking as a teaching tool but it’s not the only one. In fact, I can impart the lessons without spanking but subbies usually need a deterrent. A bb spanking seems to work very well but so do lines, grounding or daily tasks.

The big part is being consistent and serious about becoming better, as well as doing what I tell you, to get you there. It’s all about trust and caring at the end of the day. So next time you read about a Dom disciplining a sub or watch a video etc. remember if it’s the real thing, that relationship is very very layered. A stronger bond you would be hard pressed to find.

Be good, or else…


3 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. That’s why I want a D/s relationship. The love, care, and reward is so much more for both partners. Plus the added benefit of boundaries and discipline… Maybe I want that because I grew up around the military and noticed the way it worked from a young age.

  2. I think for me this is the hardest. I have a horrid self image, self respect and self worth. Abandonment is a huge issue for me. I try but I don’t succeed in making it better. I have given my mentor Dom a run for his money and I believe there are times when he throws his hands up in disgust. I even put my self in time out this weekend lol. Boy what I mess I am. I think I need multiple Doms just so they can hand me off for a break

    Lines help but it depends on the wording that’s required. Spankings help but it depends on how they are administered.
    Time outs I believe are my harshest punishment because I am alone and have to think about my behavior.

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