Thank You…


Hello all my lovelies. I am going to respond to each individual post you sent me, but first I need to make something clear. Bree and I are not having any kind of marital problems. That was not the impression I wanted to convey. We are fine, and we worked out the problem, so all is good.

I also wanted to thank you all for your posts. They really helped a lot. This was a difficult blog post because I really laid it out there. Hard to do as a man, double as a Dom. So thank you for being so supportive.


2 thoughts on “Thank You…

  1. I love you more than life , darling…you are my breath, my hope, my dream….i am blessed everyday that I have with you. it is wonderful to know that, after all these years, we’re still learning about each other. and even more that we still fall in love everyday we’re together.

    Breanna lynne

    • Never doubted for a moment you would work it out. You two sound solid and totally commited to each other.

      Sometimes I think there would never be any divorce (or a very low rate) if more people practiced the d/s or hoh relationship. Love the idea if being truly forgiven for things than letting them fester or holding grudges.

      I also like that there are no judgmental people on this blog. So glad I found it. (And Bree’s books.)

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