Thank you to all our Veterans!!!

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Today I would like to thank all my fellow Veterans that have served our Country and continue to serve.  Remembering all far and near, my thoughts and prayers are with you today and everyday.   SEMPER FIDELIS.

General’s Little Angel

As General G’s PA, I was privileged to travel and explore many parts of the world. I admit that I was somewhat of a brat, a fact that he discovered very early on. I was also out of control as I tried to numb myself from my past. General G took it upon himself to be a Daddy to me and my first Dominant as well. He made me face my fears, try exotic foreign foods, and even challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and learn to play–while he played along with me. Despite the trouble I got into (and there was plenty) and the consequences that came of it, I never felt abandoned, unloved or afraid.

This is my true story about my first Dom and my introduction into the age-play dynamic and disciplinarian, as well as the background behind what brought me to the place of submission. Many things happened after being taken under my general’s protective (and incredibly patient) wing. He took a young, broken, abused, and unloved little girl and gave her significance and worth through love, firm guidance and boundaries. He made me laugh, helped me to cry, and showed me the power and healing contained within the age-play lifestyle. He made it safe for my inner child to express herself and taught me that it was good to enjoy life.

But no one really knows what happens behind closed doors. This was one of the most difficult books that I have written to date. It not only brought up many memories, both good and bad, but it also forced me to reveal parts of my past that some might find disturbing. Publishers Note: This is a true story that contains loving age-play and mild BDSM, spanking of adult women, and discussion regarding domestic violence and self-harm.

How did I end up in this position?  I had always made fun of Marines who had been ordered by the commander to present to the headquarters because of misconduct ….

It wasn’t so funny now that it was my turn.  

Did this man honestly believe he could change my habits by treating me to one of his infamous lectures?  As his personal assistant, I’ve heard enough of them through the door that I could recite them verbatim.  He never raised his voice, but when those boys left that room, each one looked like he was ready to break into tears.  

…. His legendary scoldings were enough to scare any Marine, young or old into behaving.
Allow me to clarify- they could scare any Marine except me, of course.  I was immune to lectures and had learned long ago how to tune out anything that I didn’t want to hear as a means of survival.  There was nothing he could say that I hadn’t heard before, plus my extensive eighteen years on this earth was adequate preparation to handle life’s circumstances, obstacles and temptations.  I wasn’t like the rest of these Marines either.   I graduated with honors, a promotion and choice of duty stations from USMC Intelligence Training Enhancement Program, confirming that I was ‘all that’ and more.  Man, was I wrong!      


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