Tattling… Don’t get caught


That is about all I can suggest. As most of you know, part of the fun of being a subby is getting others subbies in a bit of trouble. Not BAD or SERIOUS trouble, just enough to get their Doms to warm their bottoms. Sooo, when Miss Korey Mae Johnson tattled on me to John about some naughty things I happened to casually slip out in passing conversation, I had to inform James that she was being a brat and was stirring up trouble. He, of course, followed up with promising a sound spanking to his errant wife, one that we all know she sorely needs! Well……. I couldn’t help but boast, I mean, this is fun. I proudly told John that Miss Korey has nothing on me when it comes to the art of instigation.

Dumb-ass move. I should have seen the signs that he was feeling particularly sadistic in general and was looking for another reason to turn me bb and OTK (I had already been privy to his palm four other times yesterday, just because). This morning, John had a Domly realization and turned the whole incident around on me. I just got spanked very soundly for tattling to James about Korey. So not fair, right? Shouldn’t there be like a statute of limitations in which one could not be punished for a minor crime after so many hours?

In the meantime, Nikki is sitting by giggling and plotting ways to see how SHE can get the grown up subs into trouble. Yeah, we will see how much she laughs when Korey and I gang up on her!!!

BY THE WAY… Please offer your Congrats! Our girl passed her state boards and is now a Real Nurse and can get a job!!!!

Love, Bree


Um, In addition…

Ok, the definition for insanity is doing the same stupid thing over and over again, hoping to get a different result, not knowing you won’t. One would think that I, a well educated and self controlled adult, would know this. Not.

In less than ONE HOUR of being spanked for tattling on Korey for harassing me, I got paddled for doing it again. oh, I was subtle this time…. It was indirect tattling and I even used fake names in the form of asking for advice to handle my ‘friend’ who was being really naughty. I have come to the conclusion that John is now just LOOKING for reasons to spank me, since Nikki has been so good lately. Not fair.

So, Mr. Mean Jeans is making me write this post now and to tell Korey that I am sorry that I haven’t found a more conniving way to get her butt blistered. Just give me time…..even though I was promised the cane next time, some things are worth it. Like I said, insanity…..

Luv, Bree

P.S.  HAHAHAH I am sooooo glad that for ONCE it is Bree getting blistered instead of me. Cause I am usually the one to tattle and get nailed for it.


3 thoughts on “Tattling… Don’t get caught

  1. Lol–actually, the fake name thing just cracked James up. It was nice because he hadn’t laughed all day until then (he’s so stressed out as he’s trying to catch up after his mom visited). 😉

    Still–you almost got me in trouble for swearing. Do you know what happens when I get in trouble? A very long lecture that precurses a spanking–and I can’t take lectures…. They go on and on and on…. and on. And on. If he wasn’t so distracted it might have even worked. As it was, he just turned and merely confronted me. Luckily, there was no evidence of such horrible slanders. ;P So there!

  2. Sounds like you/SirJohn had a very busy day. You guys are way to entertaining. I was late to work reading your post. ( I know shame on me). I remember tatting on my brothers and plotting how much trouble I cold get them in.
    Nikki Congrats again. (Did your butt survive yesterday?)

  3. I agree, tatting is a ton of fun but dangerous. If I didn’t know how much fun it was to tattle on someone I would have to sympathize with SJ because I hear it all day long and man it gets old fast, but he’ll survive.

    Lol your giggling Nikki comment made me think she’s twiddling her thumbs and doing and evil muahaha laugh while plotting her next move.

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