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As everyone enjoys the last weekend in June we thought we’d bring you a brand new book that’s recently been sent to the editor and sure to be on it’s way to your Kindle in the next month. Since it’s still a work in progress we do not have an official blurb or cover but we think you’ll enjoy this little snippet nonetheless. Be sure to stop by the other amazing authors sharing on the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what they’re up to.

A Journey to Submission

A Journey to Submission follows Piper as she sets out to make a life for herself in a new city. There she meets Jeoff and a whole new world is opened. Follow her as she learns just what submission is and where she fits into Jeoff’s world and the world of D/s.

cn_image_3.size.WA-OR-columbia-gorge-Lost-Lake-CR PeterMarbach

This scene comes during the beginning of Jeoff’s discussion of Piper’s unsafe driving habits.

“No, I won’t stop it.  You know me well enough to have expected this reaction. How fast were you going?”

Piper looked out the window to avoid his answer. She chomped on her donut as she tried to ignore him.

“Piper Rose Hilliard,” Jeoff growled, “unless you want to find your bottom sprawled across my knee right here and now, in the middle of this parking lot where anyone can walk by and see you, you will answer me. You should know that I am not concerned about being caught paddling you, either. I repeat, how fast were you going?”


Stay tuned for snippets and updates

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