Smart IS a Turn On…




I’m baaack!!!!  Did you miss me?  I missed all of you…So, I was thinking, well actually I was talking to Bree. As you all know, she is a super mensa head brainiac. Which  I find very attractive. In fact, this is the subject of my post; “Subbies With a Brain”. A lot of times in the vanilla dating world, very smart women feel they must tone down their intellect.To not make the guy feel intimidated. Granted, a lot of vanilla guys like that, but here’s a big heads up for you all; Doms do not like that. In fact,  I have always sought out a female that was smart. Really smart.  You see, no matter how good a Dom spanks, he can not spank you 24/7 non stop..I mean I can’t even do that; 15/7 tops!  lol


Ok, back to reality. If you are looking for a Dom, be yourself. That is, if you are smart, do not try and be cute and play dumb. A Dom will see right through that and move on quickly. Speaking for myself, one of the things, yes many things,I love about Bree, is her mind. She is not only smart, but very perceptive and has great insights, especially into the human condition. Dom’s love smart women. Trust me on this. After you have a session, or before, what are you going to talk about? You do not have to be super brain like Bree, but you need to have  some academia in your background. If you feel you are lacking, read or go to school. Even online school.  As a Dom, I like  a subbie that is stimulating. Not only as my D/s partner, but mentally. Now I have more street smarts than Bree   and certainly know more about pop culture than she does. However, just about anything else, and its the Breanna Hayse show all the way, which incidentally, I really dig. It’s always so interesting to talk to her. She surprises me all the time with the stuff she knows, and Doms are never intimidated by smart women. Its a big D/s perk for you.


So my lovelies, the way to a vanilla guys heart may be through his stomach. And though  Bree happens to be a gourmet cook,  thats beside the point. The way to a Doms heart, is through his brain.That, and having a nice spankable bottom  doesn’t hurt. lol


So ladies, never ever dumb it down for a Dom. That will get you nothing. Certainly not the red bottom you are Jonsing for. With a real Dom, a subbie with a brain is practically irresistible.


Be good or else!



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