Man v. Machine

Hello lovelies,

I don’t know if you are aware but there are quite a few spanking machines out there. Yes, the old fantasy of having a machine to spank your subbie is a reality. I am not saying this is for lazy Doms, lol, just an addition.

The main perk here is for self spanking as there is one major problem with self spanking: arm fatigue. For the majority of you, your arm gives out way before you have spanked hard enough or long enough. Also, you will tend to back off the intensity when it really starts to sting. This is understandable as your sense of self-preservation kicks in. The beauty of the machine is that once its set and in motion it doesn’t let up or get softer as your bottom starts to sting and it never gets tired.

I do phone sessions with all my subs from time to time. I do this to keep the dynamic more personal and also to monitor the spanking. Since I can hear everything there is no way for my subs to cheat and go lighter than I want. If the machine is used it solves that problem and also makes the spanking more painful and intense.

The machine I have has controls for how often the stroke comes and how hard that stroke is. Once its set there is no escape and it’s almost like a true in person punishment. My machine on an 8 with a thin cane will elicit loud screams and nice marks. On a 10 it’s severe. Of course you can set it lower for a pleasure spanking but the real advantage is for punishment.

I have even tried a double caning with Bree. I let the machine give a stroke and as it was setting for the next I gave her one. She did not enjoy it nearly as much as I did.

Now there is the drawback of it being impersonal, after all it is a machine, but if the Dom orders the implement, the number of intensity and sets the timer it’s almost like he’s giving the spanking or paddling or caning etc. The subbie must stay in position or get some strokes in places she does not want them.

I am sure you are all online looking for your machine lol. I think all subbies should have one but that’s just me.

Be good, or else…




Hello lovelies,

I do hope as you read this at least a few of you are red or at least have sore bottoms, which brings me to my post…marks pro or con?

Marks are inevitable, especially in a severe session. Redness is always a factor but marks can vary depending on the sub. Some subs mark easily, some not so much. Most of the subs I have sessioned with or trained say they like to see marks on their bottom, especially after a severe session. They feel if they are going to suffer that much pain they want something to show for it, lol.

Marks can vary as well. A heavy school paddle can bruise deeply, while a cane or rug beater will leave surface welts. Even leather can mark. In particular whips of various lengths and thicknesses. The thinner ones leave long thin welts while the heavier ones mark wider and deeper.

Some subs even like extreme marks, even to the point of blood being produced. I am not into that but different strokes…literally, lol. Also remember a Dom is not being cruel if you mark, it just means that is the result of your punishment for a particular behavior.

If any of you are looking for a Dom, one of the questions you need to ask is ‘Does he mark in a session?’, then you need to figure out if that’s what you want. A marking session is much more painful than a red bb one. Sometimes subs feel marks are a deterrent and avoid them at all costs. Others, as I have said, not only want them but need them to show that they indeed were really punished.

So lovelies where do you come down on the issue? Have you ever been really marked, not just red but bruised or welted? If so did you enjoy that feeling and that sight or not?


Anyway it was on my mind so thought I would get all your takes on this as I do love to hear from you. Marks may be in your future, so…

Be good, or else…


OTK or Online


Hello lovelies,

It seems that my last post confused some of you so let me shine a little Dom light on your fog of subbie confusion. First, my fondest wish for all of you is to experience a real, in person punishment session and a subspace one, even just once. Unfortunately, for some of you that is just not in the cards. What to do? The closest thing is to train online with a Dom. Now you have a lot of access to a potential Dom with the internet, complete with chat rooms, websites, messenger etc.

Let me give you a hypothetical situation to try to explain the online aspect a little more. Let’s say you email me (yes it does happen from time to time). You say you are out of control and need a firm hand to reel you in, that you fantasize about spanking and feel it may help you. Now, if I feel you are sincere, I may take you on for training, and no, I do not accept everyone. Only if you are serious and I feel I can help you because at the end of the day this is real not play. From there I tell you what is required and you must agree to all my rules, or we cannot work together. These include: keeping a punishment book, reporting bad behaviors once a week , getting on chat so that we can communicate in real time, agreeing to be obedient and follow all my orders without hesitation (that’s the goal but it usually takes a while for this to happen). Should the need for punishment arise your punishments may include: self spanking, writing lines, grounding, curfew etc. and no I do not care how old you are (though I usually do not train anyone under 35 or so) if a punishment is earned a punishment is received.

If you want to change behaviors then it’s my way or the vanilla way. You are then held accountable to an alpha male, one you cannot manipulate. All those years of getting your own way are gone and you answer to me. Now you all may be thinking “Oh come on SJ, why would I tell you that I’ve misbehaved? Especially if I am going to be punished? After all you’re thousands of miles away, what’s to stop me from just telling you I am being good or faking my punishment?

As a subbie you have one trait that you share with all your subbie sisters and that is guilt. If it were a subbie cup it would not runneth over, it would tsunami. Subbie guilt is like no other and lying to your Dom, someone that cares about you, is taking time to train you, is there for you, and is strict enough to blister your bb, would not be an option. If you did lie, the guilt would eat you up and you would eventually confess but by then your punishment would be much worse.


Now as a self-spanker you cannot possibly spank to the level I could with you in person but, following my orders you would be surprised just how sore your bottom can get. Tears, whining, protests, any kind of manipulation does not work, and I do not care how sore your bottom gets. But, a punishment given over chat is only phase one, phase two is a phone session. For this you call and hear my voice for the session, scolding and ordering your punishment, this is as close to a real, in person session as it gets.

Does it work? I can tell you, honestly, that all the women I have trained have changed their behaviors for the better. So, yes, you bet it works. Will you like it? Yes and no. Yes as you will finally have someone you cannot manipulate. One that will not hesitate to discipline you in the way he sees fit, with you having no say in the matter and no control over your fate. And no, for all the previous reasons, lol. Hope that clears up a little of the online training mystery.

Be good, or else…


Hayse Happenings



Hey y’all! I thought it would be fun to update everyone of some cool things happening in our part of the world.

First, Nik has moved out permanently and started her own life! She is now back east with another Dom and his wife,who have a nest-full of subs to attend her parties with. We wish her and her new family the best of luck, and pray for her continued happiness and safety in her new ventures. The chick has finally flown the coop we can run around the house naked again. Let’s hear it for running around neked! YAY!

Second, Sir John has been given the opportunity to start mentoring new Doms! Yep, husbands are starting to step forward and explore the lifestyle with their wives and SJ is doing the incredible job (as always) of guiding and directing. His book is also coming along (slow and steady). Since most of you have seen that he is not too fond of capitalization and punctuation, we are all fighting over who gets the pleasure and joy of editing his work. Any volunteers?

Third, The AMP program is so much fun and the ladies involved are brilliant authors to be. We are really excited to see where this is going to go! I am enjoying the creative ways they try to get out of homework.

Fourth—our new subbies! We are blessed to be part of these wonderful women’s lives and welcome them with open arms (and hard paddles). Each of them is a treasure and are so adorable with lots of new ways to weasel (even some that I haven’t heard of). We are encouraging them to share their experiences with all of you.

Luvs to all!

P.S.  If you have any questions or need help and can’t get hold of me, please contact my Editor and Chief (and main nagger of blog things) to Lily (  She will know exactly how to hunt me down and kick my butt, lol!


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