Is it or Isn’t it

Hello lovelies,

I trust you all had a suitably creepy Halloween and if you’re like Bree, got lots of CANDY!!!!!
I was discussing an interesting subject with one of my subbies, she was asking “how do I know if I am in sub space?”

A good question and the simple answer is you will know when you’re in it. That doesn’t tell you much so let me try and clarify.

Hey good rhyme, ok I have wasted enough time, oh man I am on a roll! I digress…

This particular subbie had gotten spanked by someone and she was just spent after. Not really talking and just laying over his knee. He told her it was subspace.

Buzz. Sorry, wrong, but thanks for playing.

For those of you fortunate enough to have experienced sub space you know what I am talking about. For those of you who have not, let me give you some idea. Put simply subspace is bliss. Its a feeling that you do not want to ever come down from. Its a high but not an artificial high, it comes from deep within your being.

I know this sounds hippy dippy to a lot of you but just put on your tye-dyed shirts and listen. A sub space experience is like you’re floating but you feel totally safe and any pain that is being applied you do not register it as such. It’s more of a warm sensual massage that just lets you drift off into your own world.

It’s very unusual that you would be able to speak as any interruption in the experience can throw you out.

Its not like this subbies experience where you’re just tired and lay there after a spanking. That’s not even close and usually it takes a while.

A Dom needs to know what he’s doing to get you there. Its a slow build and has to be done correctly. It usually takes 45 mins to an hour to finally achieve the feeling but once there you will know.

It can also last for quite a while after the session. You can have a big drop once you come down which is why the Dom needs to be nearby to talk you through it and be there for you, maybe to hold you or just be close, all subbies are different.

I guess the easier way to say it is if it feels like something you have had before its probably not sub space.

I can tell you this, once you have been there you definately will want to visit a lot. My sincere hope is you all get there at least once.

Be good, or else…

Different Strokes


Hello lovelies,

I want to talk today about spanking. Yes I know, that’s a surprise SJ! Some of you may not realize how many different kinds of spankings there are. Here in the Hayse house I employ quite a few.

Step this way, the tour is about to begin…


This can involve a lot of things and are usually done in the punishment room: hand, brush, heart paddle, school paddle, strap and if you are really bad the cane, rug beater or my thin whip. Hey, don’t panic on me…I said really bad. Also for the cane or something similar I do use the spanking bench to tie you down so that you don’t move and get the stroke in a very bad area. See what an awesome and considerate Dom I am?

Follow me  to the next stop on the tour…

Reminder spankings:

These can be done anywhere usually just hand and a red bottom but not really painful. It’s  just a reminder to be good today.

Welcome spankings:

This is when you visit, it’s a way of welcoming you to our house and a reminder that you are expected to behave. Again, hand and a red bottom but not really painful.

Sub space:

Now you’re back with me right? This is usually done in the bedroom, on our bed or on our massage table   but could be on the futon in punishment room. Now this is the one time you get to have input. A subspace session is all about you and getting you to that kind of out of body zone. You can request your favorite implements,  how hard , how slow  etc. What I do find is that once you are in the zone you can’t really talk so it’s up to me to keep you there. I try to do at least one of these when a subbie visits.

Reward spankings:

Like a reminder but more of a pleasant sting. These are given if you have been very good.

Thank you for taking the tour…You can make your reservations anytime.

Be good, or else…


Fast or Slow?


Hello lovelies,

My post today is really more of an inquiry into your subbie brains. Yes, I know…be afraid…be very afraid. 

As you know the beautiful Breanna Hayse and I have been in a D/s relationship for a very long time. Keeping in the spirit of such and because I love to spank, she gets spankings daily usually at least 3 and if she has been very good a subspace session at night. 

All together now…SJ is awesome!!  

Thank you but I digress. The other day we were doing a pain/pleasure session. It’s similar to subspace but usually the sub does not go that deep and can actually talk and function. Bree wanted me to start with hand and work her up to taking full punishment spanks. We did this and I suggested, since her tolerance was high and the endorphin gods were smiling down on her we should try doing the same build with a strap. She was all for it and actually got to a point she took 4 real punishment strokes after about 35 or so leading up to it. 

Now getting to my inquiry, I am very careful when applying a stroke with a heavy implement such as the strap, thick cane, rug beater, school paddle, etc. To aid me in delivering the stroke to the perfect spot I usually tap or touch her bb with the implement lightly first, then deliver the stroke. Bree and I discussed this after the session and she said she would rather not have any idea when the stroke is coming and would prefer not to feel the implement beforehand.  

In this scenario, as it’s not punishment, she has permission to pick implements, speed and how hard. If it was punishment she would have no say. 

Here are my questions:

1) During a pleasure/pain session do you agree with Bree or do you enjoy knowing the stroke is coming? 

2) During a punishment do you find its more of a deterrent to be punished with fast strokes or slow spaced out ones and again feeling the implement on your bb lightly first or not?

I truly hope you all experience number one soon and number two if deserved. I’m looking forward to your input. 

Be good, or else…



Stronger, Faster


Ok lovelies here’s the deal, as you all know I started spanking female bottoms at 13. Probably started getting my Dom on around 20 or so. The reason I mention this is, I have spanked a lot of bb’s, all sizes, shapes and ages.

However, there is one phenomena I have not ever seen except for one bottom, a very special bottom. I call it Bree’s bionic butt. Now dig this, I did a session with Bree last night, sub space not punishment. I used hand, belt, otk cane, school paddle, wood, and long thin lucite paddles. Even though the strokes were not punishment level some were very hard.

I was pleased as Bree’s bottom was fire red. So, this morning as I bent her over for her morning spanking, yes she gets a spanking every morning, her bottom was not red or marked and not even sore!

Remarkable considering the hand spanks alone were well over 300 and it was an hour session. But bionic butt was just fine, well until I spanked her again then she was cherry red. It’s quite amazing, something I have never encountered in all my spanking adventures.

Bree would rather have marks, I mean after all, you want something to show for an intense spanking right? But alas, not to be, at least not from last night. A punishment session may turn out different but Bree hardly does anything serious enough for a severe session.

I will keep you updated and let you know if anything changes, lol, in the meantime

be good, or else…


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