Audio or Visual?


Hello lovelies,

I have a question for you, do you respond more to words or actions? Listening or looking? Audio or photos or videos?

Being of the male persuasion and a Dom I respond to both. I love the cries and begging of a sub being punished but also the sight of her red cherry bb. Then again, I also like photos and videos…pretty much anything for me.

But how does this speak to you?

Do you fantasize more from reading a great book (by oh I don’t know I hear this Breanna Hayse woman is pretty good lol) or maybe watching spanking videos or clips online? Maybe a photo or a gif does it for you?

I find it interesting because many subs react totally different to stimuli. Some subs can react strongly to a scolding, even to the point of crying while others it does not affect that much. Some can get in the submissive zone from looking at photos or videos, others nothing. Of course an in person interaction can be totally different as it’s always more intense and has the verbal and physical aspects.

I have seen subbies have a lot of anxiety from certain pictures or videos. Then again another subbie can look at the same photo and it does nothing. I love subbies! I love subs as they are all so different. It’s always an adventure to find out what makes them tick and how best to teach and guide and when necessary discipline them the most effective way possible.  So naturally I’m just curious as to where you all fit into this D/s jigsaw.

Be good, or else…


Oh yes, and enjoy the books lol.

True Spanked Tales

You should all know by now that spanking occurs in the Hayse household, quite frequently. With plenty of hands-on research it was easy to jump at the chance to tell a true life story as part of a marvelous compilation, Confessions of a Spanking Author.

We’re so happy to be among 14 marvelous spanking authors. Plus, Sir John will be making his writing debut. You don’t want to miss out…


Coming July 18th


Subbie Survivor

Hello lovelies,

As some of you know I had a birthday on the 3rd, and before you ask, no the house did not burn down from all the candles on the cake.

Being a dom, what would I want most for my birthday?



I told Bree to bring me an implement every hour from 10 am to 5 pm, which she did. Yes it was very enjoyable for me and not so much for her, lol.

You can stop with the Mr. Meanie chants, it’s my party and I’ll spank if I want to!!

After we started talking, we decided with a little tweaking this could be a really fun game…for me, not the subbies.

Here is the sample breakdown for Subbie Survivor:

2 Subs, 5 Implement groups and 5 hours of playing time

Hour 1

Sub 1 votes for the leather strap group.

Sub 2 votes for the leather strap group.

There are 8 straps in this group, I choose the bullet strap and apply minimum 5 strokes to each subbie.  (Come on its me 5? More like 15) After, the rest of the straps are voted off of Subbie lsland.

Hour 2

Sub 1 votes for the wood paddles group (crazy subbie lol)

Sub 2 votes for the floggers group

A coin is flipped to see which group is chosen.

Paddles win, yes!!!! I choose one from a group of ten and paddle the subbies as many as I want and the paddle group is voted off.

Hour 3

Sub 1 and Sub 2 both vote for floggers

(You get the idea, right?)

Hour 4

Sub 1 votes for the rubber group.

Sub 2 votes for the cane group.

Coin flip, canes win. Lots of striping and yelling but then the canes are voted off. Plus, I am having such a good time lol.

Hour 5 (Final)

Only rubber group remains.

Sub 1 has a score of 4. Two unanimous votes and two winning coin flips.

Sub 2 has a score of 2. Two unanimous votes and two losing coin flips.

I pick the rubber implement from the group and apply to loser.

Game over!! I win, of course.

Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes.

Be good, or else…



Bottom Temperature


Hello lovelies,

No I’m not talking about your bottom’s temperature after a spanking but the temperature in the room before said spanking. This can alter a session greatly by making it kind of pleasurable to downright miserable, depending.

If I am to give a punishment, I prefer the room cool or cold.


Simple, wood or even a hand really stings on a cold bb. Is that a Mr. Meanie thing? Kind of, but remember I said for a punishment.

I do usually have a fan on as subbies tend to hyperventilate a lot and get overheated. See how nice?

Mr. Nice Dom, that has a good ring to it no?

For subspace or pleasure/pain sessions I keep it warmer and more pleasant since the strokes or spanks are not meant to cause punishment level pain. I also have blankets available as a lot  of subbies after a subspace session will drop and get very cold. I have blankets to cover them and make sure they do not get chilled.

See? Mr. Nice Dom, told ya.

So if any of you lovelies are ever in a session and the dom turns up the air its probably time to rethink that punishment book. lol

Now a lot of doms like the room warm so their hand does not sting during the administering of a spanking. I don’t have that problem so cold works very well sting wise, especially for implements like paddles, brushes, and canes. You will notice I did not include straps. I do use a prison strap from time to time but it has to be on a severe level because you all enjoy leather way too much.

Just a little insight into Dom 101 though some of you may say Mr. Meanie 101

Be good, or else…



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