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The #1 Best Selling Age-Play Author who launched the world-wide contemporary Age-Play Phenomenon with The Game Plan and Time Out, brings you Book 3 of the Game Plan Series


Life was like a Chocolate Mousse Parfait for Cassie Johnson—especially since entering the BDSM lifestyle with the two alpha male brothers, Rob and Bryan.  Her Dom and her Daddy Dom give her everything her Little heart desires—love, attention, pleasure, guidance and even discipline. They both belong to her, in and out of the bedroom, and her life finally feels stable, satisfying and secure. But then her happiness takes a turn when Daddy Bryon announces the probability that he will make his relationship with his girlfriend, Krissy, a permanent one. Throwing salt on her wounds, Cassie learns that both her Doms are interest in sharing her wonderful world with Krissy!

The Little Green Monster is let loose as the young woman faces the pain of being pushed aside and replaced. Devastated when her Little mode is carelessly ordered to ‘grow up,’ she decides to end BDSM, Age-Play and her engagement to Rob. Nothing, or no one, will change her mind.

Except for Dorian Graye, the Whip Master and the ‘king’ of the BDSM community.

Distraught by Cassie’s withdrawal, Rob and Bryon decide to take her to meet their mentor. Cassie can’t resist either Dorian’s charm or his raw ability to read into her needs, and instantly sinks into her Little place. The powerful Dom and his beautiful wife, Meredith, take her under their wing to teach her how to release her fears and open herself to play, passion, and freedom.

Self-doubt disappears in the presence of her new aunt and uncle. Cassie discovers the love of a BDSM family, all of which are equally happy to put her across the knee for a humiliating, bare bottom spanking as they are to spoil her with stuffies and ice-cream sundaes. The more she releases her Little to them, the greater the joy and freedom she receives.

She has only one concern. Will the magic spell of Graye Manor disappear after they return home? There she must face the likelihood that both her Little space and her men will be shared with the other Little girl. Is her Little ready for such a Big step?


“What are you going to do?” Her shaking was visible from across the room. In three steps, Bryon was by her side and released the handcuff. He leaned over and spoke hoarsely into her ear with words that made her shiver.

“I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop, and then fuck you some more. I’m making a claim on your body as my submissive.”

Cassie’s mouth hung open. It took a moment to find her words to the shocking statement. “We don’t have a sexual relationship, Bryon. I mean, there was that one time, but …”

“You were blindfolded and only got to feel my mouth, nothing else. Regarding a sexual relationship, as a Daddy and a Little, no—we don’t. But both Rob and I believe it’s necessary that you know exactly who you belong to.” He hauled her to her feet and, in a blink, ripped the shirt from her body.

Rough sex was something she enjoyed, but Rob had been her only partner. “You can’t do this,” she protested as he returned the handcuffs to both her wrists. “If Krissy finds out, she’ll walk out on you.”

“That’s been taken care of. Rob?”

“If you want to claim her, start with her mouth.”





END ZONE- Coming soon!


END ZONE is nearing completion! Finally, after all the nagging I’ve been getting to complete the GAME PLAN series, I caved. Wait until you see where Cassie and the gang end up. Here’s sneak peek- Can you guess where they might be and how many spankings and other delight Cassie will receive?


“It’s going to hurt to sit if you stick that little tongue out at me again,” he warned, wagging his finger.

“You and Merry do it all the time. I see it.”

“Auntie Merry is also my little sister. And no talking back.”

“You talk back to Uncle Dorian all the time, too.”

“You’re quite the little smart ass, aren’t you?” The big man placed his hands on the ground and leaned back. Cassie raised her right eyebrow. He was baiting her, but why? She decided to bite.

“It’s better than being a dumb-ass.”

“Are you calling me a dumb-ass?” Elia asked, rising to his feet and brushing the dirt from his hands.

“I didn’t call you anything. I merely responded to what you called me,” she said saucily, once again lining up a path to escape. If there was one thing she had learned while living in a house full of football players, it was how to do a quarterback sneak. “Oh, shit! They found me!”

Elias turned his head in the direction she was pointing and Cassie raced off like a bat out of hell.


There is going to be a fourthbook!  TOUCHDOWN! 

That being said, I’ve been channeling Cassie a lot lately, and poor John is spending even more time banging his head against the wall. Needless to say, I’ve been constantly finding myself in hot water but I can’t stop!

For those of you who don’t follow me on FB- this is a recent post…
After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that my misbehavior and sassing back is conducive to my dommy husband’s health and well being. Therefore, my butt should NOT suffer the consequences of said misbehaviors.
Case in point-
1. Chasing me around the house enhances his cardio/respiratory health and increases his lifespan. That’s a good thing, right?
2. Debating with me, even though I’m always right, stimulates his brain and reduces the risk of DOMentia. (Sorry, couldn’t help it)
3. Any and all pranks at his expense are effective in maintaining his vigilance and sharpens his senses. In particular, such pranks that involve hiding creepy music boxes under the bed and pretending I don’t hear them go off in the middle of the night, evaluates his hearing levels. This is essential for his profession as a musician.
4. Stealing his favorite chocolate not only assists with his nutritional health, but also makes me horny… and we all know how effective sex is for increasing the strength of your immunity system.
6. And finally- making him laugh whenever I try to talk him out of any of the above keeps the old man alive, kicking and forever on his toes.

In conclusion- I strongly believe that any and all of the above behaviors, antics, and other such activities have a positive viable effect and should be considered null, void and paddle free!

Who’s with me?!

Tory Richards and His Possession

We have the lovely Tory Richards visiting the blog today to share a little more about herself and her upcoming novella His Possession, due to be released tomorrow. 

Tory Richards is a fun-loving grandma who writes smut. Born in 1955 in the small town of Milo, Maine, she’s lived most of her life in Florida. Today she lives with her daughter and her family. She has her own woman-cave which she shares with four felines whose main goal in life is getting as much cat hair on everything that they can.

Penning stories by hand and then on manual typewriter at the age of thirteen, Tory was a closet writer until the encouragement of her family prompted her into submitting to a publisher. She’s been published since 2005, and has since retired from Disney to focus on family and writing.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I loved fairytales when I was a young child, especially when there was a princess, prince and happily ever after ending. Cinderella was and is my absolute favorite. Anyway, I was about ten years old when I got the writing bug and I would often jot my stories down on notebook paper in school or at home in my room where my parents thought I was doing homework.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

His Possession is an erotic novella about a biker who’s sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, by his best friend’s little sister. When proof surfaces showing his innocence and he’s released, he only has one thing on his mind. Find her and make her pay. Their history complicates matters.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since the age of ten. I’m sixty now. You do the math.

What genre are you most comfortable writing?

Any kind of romance and I mainly focus on erotic romance. However, my stories have humor and suspense in them and I’ve written contemporaries in paranormal, interracial, and biker romance.


Raze is a member of the Wreckers MC, sentenced to life for a crime he didn’t commit, all because of the damning words of his best friend’s little sister. New evidence surfaces, proving him innocent, and once he’s released he’s determined to find the woman responsible. It doesn’t matter that they had history, doesn’t matter that he’s wanted her for the better part of a decade. Rosa’s betrayal has cost him three years of freedom, and he wants retribution.

Once inside the small kitchen I went to the cupboard, where I knew the fucking booze was kept. I grabbed the first bottle of unopened whisky and started to reach for a glass before deciding that I didn’t need it. I needed more than a fucking shot to fuel me for what I wanted to do to Rosa. I couldn’t let her get to me. I wouldn’t. We may never have acted on our feelings for each other, but we both had known they were there.

Well, the time for acknowledgement had fucking lapsed. Her betrayal had sealed her fate, and I was ready to make her pay. I downed about three shots worth, letting the raw burn settle in my gut and fuel my hate. Running the back of my hand across my mouth, I headed for the bedroom where Rosa was locked up, thinking about her pretty face as she’d sat on the stand condemning me, hearing again her tearful words as she’d sworn that I had done the killing, and recalling the silent plea in her eyes as she’d stared at me. I’d understood then that she didn’t believe what she was saying, yet it hadn’t stopped her from lying.

I came to her door, turned the lock, and opened it. Rosa turned from the window she’d been staring out of, tear tracks lining her smooth, olive-toned cheeks. Even in her disheveled state she was fucking beautiful. Her midnight hair was shiny and half tumbling down to her shoulders. I let my gaze wander lazily down her full curves, taking in the slight changes that had occurred since I’d seen her last. She was soft and ripe, and I was going to devour her.

She took a hesitant step toward me. “How many men have you fucked, Rosa?” I asked from the doorway. My question startled her, and she halted abruptly. I could see the confusion shimmering in her eyes. Her brows furrowed. Those sweet, full lips parted as she opened her mouth to answer, but nothing came out.

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Coming May 1st!




Behind The Clouds

We have Jan Selbourne visiting us today to share what inspired her when writing Behind The Clouds.


The first idea for the story came from family anecdotes. An ancestor of mine served with the Australian Infantry Forces in Belgium and France during 1916 and 1917. He was in the thick of it and what he witnessed affected him deeply. After he came home he rarely spoke of it except when he’d had a few drinks. He saw the aftermath of the German brutality in Belgium and France, convents desecrated and burned, not much left of the nuns. The locals, mostly women and children, forced to march beside German troops to stop the locals firing on them.

Then I read an article on how people change when faced with fear and life threatening situations. Their true selves usually emerge. Eg. A tough guy runs and leaves women to fend for themselves; a small insignificant person will stand up and take charge, that sort of thing. The story began from there. I didn’t want the heroine glamorous and alluring, most women of that era in an unhappy marriage weren’t. I didn’t want the hero to be dashing and gorgeous as most men aren’t. My main male character was an arrogant bastard until shock and betrayal knocked the s… out of him. I wanted them human.

Behind The Clouds

Caught in the grasp of a cold, empty marriage, Adrian and Gabrielle’s life of wealth and privilege in war torn Belgium is thrust into a nightmare of betrayal, lies and deceit. As the dark clouds of World War One loom over Europe, a brutal German battalion pursues the couple to prevent their flee for freedom to England. Surrounded by sympathizers to the German cause and narrowly escaping capture and imminent execution, the desperate couple lean upon one another for survival and discover a rekindling of their love and passion.

As they struggle to survive, the tentacles of treachery and lies reach their safe haven and their love is threatened by a scorned woman who will stop at nothing to see Adrian dead.

“What’s the matter Adrian? The cat got your tongue?” she whispered nastily. “You owe me the truth, because I am the poor fool who is the last to know about anything.”

Her face flared red with anger. “You and Uncle Henri shared the delectable German slut, you knew Belgium would be invaded, Uncle Henri has German guards ready to shoot us. What else has been going on behind my back?”

When he didn’t reply the bubbling volcano erupted. “Stand up and talk to me you devious, lying bastard!” She yelled then looked fearfully at the closed door.

Her jaw dropped when Adrian shrugged dismissively. “What does it matter now? We have no feelings for each other.”

“What does it matter?” her voice was incredulous. “I’ve just been told your German woman, who is also Uncle Henri’s German woman, followed you to meetings with the Secret Service Bureau, whatever that is. Has it escaped your attention that we have two children relying on us? No, they rely on me and I am stuck in this room with you. What secrets does this Bureau dabble in and who the hell is the German woman?”

She stepped back as Adrian scrambled to his feet, his eyes blazing. “Don’t yell at me, Miss Pure as the Driven Snow. I have a question for you, what does Brian Charlton find so interesting in my home?”

Gabrielle felt her stomach lurch unpleasantly, then fury took over. “Unlike you, I have never been obliged to pay for an hour of Brian Charlton’s time and to my knowledge Brian has never reported my activities to your..” She flung up her hands and turned away from him. “Words fail me.”

She felt Adrian’s hand on her arm. “You won’t believe me,” he said quietly. “I have been lashing myself over my utter stupidity. Meyvier sent that woman to Britain to find out what I knew, what I did, where I went. She expertly set out to become my mistress and I fell for it. I did not suspect for one moment she wasn’t who she said she was and I only discovered the truth when I found her letters in Meyvier’s desk, along with the maps and plans for the German army to attack France and Belgium.” He took a deep breath. “I was instructed by my masters in Whitehall to go through his papers.”

Gabrielle turned around, astounded. “You were instructed by your masters in Whitehall? Uncle Henri sent his German lover to get into your bed and spy on you? Am I listening to a script for a new play at the local theatre?” She pushed her hair out of her face. “For God’s sake, just this once, tell me the truth!”

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Kelly Dawson and Taking His Human Bride

We have Kelly Dawson visiting today with her latest book Taking His Human Bride. If you are in the mood for a hot Sci-Fi novel this weekend be sure to check it out!

Small cover

Less than a day after two gruff military officers detain her and escort her to a government facility, Melissa Malone finds herself leaving the planet on a newly-built spacecraft heading for one of the moons of Jupiter. Unknown to most of the world, an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and, due to her unrivaled computer skills, Melissa is one of a select group of people chosen to rebuild civilization should humanity prove unable to avert the approaching cataclysm.

Melissa’s situation rapidly goes from bad to much worse when the ship is attacked and the crew is easily overcome by what she can only assume are aliens. Melissa is taken captive along with everyone else, but while the others are to be sold as slaves, she quickly discovers that her captors have special plans for her. She is promptly stripped naked for an intimate, incredibly humiliating medical examination, and when she fails to do as she is told during the shameful procedure she is punished thoroughly, leaving much more than just her bare bottom burning hot and sore. Once she is deemed suitable, Melissa is given as a bride to a powerful officer named Damian.

Though she is horrified by the prospect of being taken as a wife by a man who makes it clear that he will expect her absolute submission and will sternly punish any defiance, Melissa soon learns that Damian has laid claim to her for a reason. He is on a mission, sent by the leaders of his world to infiltrate and bring to justice the band of renegades who took her captive… and he needs her help.

Despite her fury at Damian’s willingness to compel her obedience with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom, she cannot help delighting in the way her body responds to his touch, and his skillful, dominant lovemaking brings her to heights of passion she never imagined possible. But when the time comes for her to put her abilities to the test with the fate of the Earth on the line, can she outwit a rogue computer expert and prove that Damian’s trust in her was well placed?

Publisher’s Note: Taking His Human Bride is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Immediately, the man who had stopped her escape moved forward and tore her outer garments from her in a series of swift motions. She fought him crazily as she stood there in her underwear, but he simply held her wrists in one hand and used a small knife to slice her bra and knickers from her. Melissa screamed and clutched her hands in front of her, desperate to preserve her modesty. She tried grabbing at her ruined clothes, but Lucas held them out of reach. And still, Damian didn’t come to her aid.

“Up onto the examination table.”

Melissa was frozen in place, unable to even shake her head in refusal, her whole body trembling. Her legs were like jelly—she couldn’t have obeyed even if she wanted to.

Smack! Lucas’ hand came crashing down against her bare bottom with such force that she was propelled forward towards the table. She was too shocked to react. When she didn’t immediately comply, he smacked her again, even harder.

“Ow!” she yelled. “Stop hitting me! You have no right!”

“I have every right.” He whacked her twice more, once on each cheek, each smack landing with a resounding crack that echoed around the small room.

Forgetting about modesty, her hands flew to her backside in a futile attempt to rub out the sting. Her bottom was burning!

“Get up on the examination table,” the chief medical examiner ordered her again. “If you don’t, I will have Lucas cane you. And then you will get up on it anyway.”

“I… I can’t,” she pleaded, stuttering. “My legs… they won’t work.” She dissolved into hot tears of humiliation and frustration, wiping at them with the back of her hand, but unable to stem the flow of them.

“Here, let me help you,” Lucas said, taking her arm. He led her to the edge of the table, then lifted her effortlessly up onto it, laying her on her back. He lifted her feet up and secured them in stirrups, strapped her wrists in leather cuffs that hung above her head, and buckled a stiff leather belt over her abdomen, holding her down and rendering her completely immobile.

Kelly Dawson loves anything to do with horses, rodeos and cowboys, and loves to get lost in a good book – preferably one containing spanking!

A life-long closet-spanko, Kelly started writing spanking stories on every spare scrap of paper in the house as a child. So when she discovered the internet and spanking romance along with it, she was most excited. But it took her a good decade of devouring these stories before she got up the courage to submit her own. And now, here she is, 5 books later, with a plethora of ideas still to write!

She lives literally at the bottom of the world in the South Island of New Zealand, with her husband, four kids, a dog and a cat.

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Naughty Phoebe’s get their bottoms punished, inside and out with Lee Savino

We have the fabulous Lee Savino visiting today with her latest in the Rocky Mountain Bride Series. We’re so excited for Calum and a huge congrats to hitting #1 in Historical and Western categories right out of the gate!

Rocky Mountain Wild

Phoebe Wilson has had a hard life. On her own from a young age, and cursed with a club foot, she answers an ad to work for Scottish homesteader Calum MacDonnell, thinking to prove herself with work. What she doesn’t expect is a fierce mountain man, lonely and wild, with a soft side. Even more surprising is when he takes it on himself to protect her from her past, and care for her. Calum insists on treating her like a little child, feeding and bathing her and coddling her like a little girl, and disciplining her when she puts herself in harm’s way. But as winter comes, the threat from Phoebe’s past closes in and Calum’s own demons surface. Can their love for each other win in the end? Is Phoebe strong enough to let Calum care for her as his wee one?

The Rocky Mountain Bride Series follows the lives of mail order brides and the strong frontier men who take them in hand. This stand-alone book is set in the 1860s Wild West and contains domestic discipline scenes, including over-the-knee spankings, age play elements, and anal punishment.

“How does it feel?”

“I don’t know.” The plug wasn’t painful, it just felt wrong. Embarrassment flooded her cheeks. He’d put something in her bumhole! And one day he’d put his cock in there. She reached back to touch the plug and he caught her wrist.

“No, Phoebe. Leave it in.”


“You’ll wear it as long as I say, or you’ll be punished.” He pulled her up to sit in his lap and she did so gingerly, angling herself so she sat on her side and not on the plug.

“But why?” She pouted.

“Because I said so, and good Phoebes do what I tell them to. It’ll remind you to do your exercises, and that you do these things to please me.” He squeezed her. “Besides, I like the thought of your bottom squeezing around the plug all day, and you remembering me putting it in.

You’re mine, lass. All mine; every bit of you.

“Now, back over my lap. You’ve been a good girl, and I’m going to give you your reward.”

Bestselling author Lee Savino has grandiose plans for world domination, but most days can’t find her wallet or her keys, so she stays in and writes. She’s super excited about partnering with Blushing Books to publish her erotic Westerns, and hopes you are enjoying her characters as much as she does.

If you want more dominance and discipline in the Wild West, check out the rest of her bestselling Rocky Mountain Bride series. Mail order brides, hot cowboys, sex and spankings, along with action-packed storylines about strong women and the rough men who love them.

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Spanking Romance Review’s Best of 2015 Award Nominee


Guess what? 2016 is off to a good start! I just heard that several of my books were nominated for the Spanking Romance Review’s Best of 2015 Award. Yay!! A lot of great authors and books are on the list. CONGRATS to all the nominees!

Be sure to check it out and if you have a quick minute hop on over here and vote!

(Voting closes Sunday, Feb. 7th)

Best overall spanking romance

        Confessions Of A Spanking Author – Bethany Burke and various others

Best ménage

        Moving a Little Heart by Breanna Hayse

Best historical spanking romance not in a named era

        Switched in Time – Breanna Hayse

Best ageplay spanking romance

        Chastity’s Belt – Breanna Hayse

        Loving Her Little Heart – Breanna Hayse

        Moving a Little Heart – Breanna Hayse

Best dark romance

        Emma’s Corner – Breanna Hayse

Best spanking romance anthology

        Confessions of a Spanking Author – various

Just Released: Confessions of a Spanking Author



They say ‘write what you know’, but just how true is that of some of our authors? Ever wonder if any of your favorite storytellers REALLY get spanked?

Blushing Books is proud to present a collection of unfortunate, but true, stories from a series of authors such as Breanna Hayse, Maren Smith, Alta Hensley, Tabitha Black, Sue Lyndon, Joannie Kaye, Renee Rose and more! We also have some excellent stories from the viewpoint of the Dom.

Confessions of a Spanking Author will make you laugh, squirm, and maybe even feel sorry for (or envy) one of your favorite authors.

A Note from Bethany of Bethany’s Woodshed and Blushing Books:

The authors in this compilation are a mix of writers—old and new. While some have just joined Blushing Books, others have been around as long as dirt. What these stories have in common is that every one of them—some dire, some sexy and some hilarious—are absolutely true.

My own “Violators Will Be Spanked” has been said to be the funniest thing ever, and although I can laugh now, I assure you, it was not funny THEN.

We hope you enjoy Confessions of a Spanking Author and will visit both Blushing Books, and Bethany’s Woodshed. Our authors have many fantastic stories for you.



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True Spanked Tales

You should all know by now that spanking occurs in the Hayse household, quite frequently. With plenty of hands-on research it was easy to jump at the chance to tell a true life story as part of a marvelous compilation, Confessions of a Spanking Author.

We’re so happy to be among 14 marvelous spanking authors. Plus, Sir John will be making his writing debut. You don’t want to miss out…


Coming July 18th


Sunday 7 with Carole Archer


Hi all! We thought we’d kick off the week with an interview with the lovely Carole Archer. We have 7 questions this Sunday that will hopefully give us a peak into what makes Carole tick and introduce us to her latest book, The Charles Smith Scholarship. Thanks for joining us and sharing Carole!

1) Tell us a little about yourself and your background? 

I am forty-four years old and I live in the North-east of England with my husband, Louis, and our gorgeous Bearded Collie-cross dog, Boo. I work full-time as a typist for the local police force, but my dream is to be a full-time author. It’s an impossibility at the moment, I just never find enough time to write, but hopefully in the future I might make it a reality.

Louis and I have been married for over sixteen years. He discovered my spanking fetish early in our relationship, but although he had a go he really wasn’t into it. As a compromise, he arranged access to the internet for me and helped me to find spanking websites and chat rooms. He took me to spanking parties and gatherings, and allowed me to fulfil my fantasies by playing at such events. He also gave me his blessing to meet spankers on a one-to-one basis. I realize our marriage is slightly unconventional, but it works for us and we’re both truly happy.

For a while I met various spankers, not always with great success! I got myself into a few sticky situations and was ready to give up when, almost ten years ago, I met my current ‘Sir’, after chatting to him for a while online. He is now my spanker, my mentor, but most importantly my friend. In fact, The Charles Smith trilogy is dedicated to him. HIs initials, M.A.S., are highlighted through the titles of the three books – Method, Academy and Scholarship. We only meet approximately once a month, but talk online regularly. He’s a true friend and has helped me in so many areas of my life. The spanking’s great, but I know that one day he’ll be unable to travel to visit me anymore. He’s quite a bit older than me (hopefully saying that will earn me a trip across his lap!) and I know that eventually the spanking will end, but I truly believe I have a friend for life in him. He proof reads everything I write, and he gives my characters many great quotes. I wonder if he realizes that often, when I’m across his knee, I’m constantly taking mental notes of things that my characters can say and do!

2) How long have you been writing? What draws you to this genre?

Let me answer the second part of the question first, then I can lead into how long I have been writing.

I am drawn to this genre by childhood memories of spanking. I went to a mainstream, mixed primary school between 1975 and 1982, when spanking was legal and a fairly common practice in the UK. Spankings with hand, slipper and ruler were regular occurrences, and I remember a feeling of excitement and anticipation when one of my classmates was going to ‘get it’. I always watched when someone was chastised, unable to tear my eyes away, and my heart would race, though at that age there were no sexual feelings. When I was in the final year of primary school, aged 10/11, our teacher was the one feared by all in the school (even some of the teachers). He was a strict disciplinarian and ruled his classroom with an iron hand and a cane. Only the boys were caned, bending over his desk, but girls were spanked on the seat of their clothing, either bending over his desk, bending over in front of the class, or he would keep them back during break time for a private spanking.

I once received a break-time spanking, when I had played up for a supply teacher. I was stood in front of the blackboard when our regular teacher returned, the class were dismissed and I was told to stay where I was. Although I’m certain the spanking comprised of no more than a few painful and embarrassing swats to the seat of my skirt as I struggled across his lap, made more humiliating because the supply teacher was still present, in my mind I have exaggerated this greatly. I have vivid memories of him punishing students, and can picture his cane striking the squirming seat of an unfortunate male, or his hand slap down on a girl’s bottom. I recall oddly feeling ‘cheated’ when I stood beside his desk one day, in front of the class, and he swatted my backside twice. Though I would have been mortified if he had bent me across his desk, I was disappointed for some reason I could not understand.

I used to replay spankings in my head away from school – and sometimes I would daydream during classes. These were nothing sexual, though it was definitely a thrill for me. I also started to write them down in a diary, who had been spanked and how, and I would smile as I re-read them and recalled the incident.

I then moved on to comprehensive school, and in English Language classes I would sometimes base my characters in essays on my primary school teacher. My earliest recollection of writing something ‘kinky’ was at age 14/15 when we were told to write about absolutely anything, so I wrote about that teacher. I don’t recall the actual essay now, and I really wish I still had it, but I believe it was based around my OTK spanking from him. I don’t think I gave any lead-up as to why I was being spanked, just that this male took me across his lap, pulled my skirt up (which he did not do in reality) and spanked me soundly over my panties as the other male watched. He then caned me while I was still held across his lap (which again did not really happen). Needless to say my teacher did not ask me to read that essay out for the rest of the class; instead she kept me back after the lesson to ask if I was being abused at home. Of course I wasn’t, but she seemed unconvinced it was simply a recollection of a spanking at my previous school.

I was sent to the headmistress, a bad-tempered, evil, cane-wielding nun, to explain myself. Her way of dealing with this – and most other things, it seemed – was to slap me around the head and scream at me. I was told that I would burn in hell if I continued to write such vulgar filth, and then she sent me outside with an empty box – the standard punishment for a misbehaving student. You were not allowed to return until it was filled with rubbish, though most of us simply walked around the grassed areas, put a few pieces of rubbish in while she watched, then went to the waste bin and filled it up, hung around out of sight for a while, then returned to her. I recall I had my hands caned on that occasion, which was not a pleasant experience. Apparently that was supposed to deter me from writing such things. I have news for you, Sister – it didn’t work!!!

Needless to say, after this experience, I kept my writing hidden away. I recall at this time my bedroom carpet was purple tiled squares, perfect for secreting my short stories under. I would take them out and read them from time to time, but through fear of discovery I would tear them into tiny pieces and throw them away.

When I was a bit older, late teens, I would still write, but then I kept my snippets of stories in a folder. They were always based around that spanking from my teacher, though the setting changed. It now was sexual and I found this very difficult to understand. There was no internet then, and I couldn’t talk to family or friends about it, so I hid my dirty little secret away, while continuing to fantasise and write about it. I did have boyfriends who would spank me, but just to heighten lovemaking, certainly not to the extent I wanted. Although I shared a bit of my writing with one of them, I was generally too embarrassed about it.

When my husband introduced me to the internet, just before we were married, I found to my great relief I wasn’t abnormal, nor was my writing. I would post short stories on websites, and I received great feedback. It took many years before I was brave enough to get myself published, and for a couple of years I was content with writing a few short stories to go in spanking anthologies for a British publisher. I was thrilled when my stories were accepted, and I started to look at other ideas I’d had.

I then decided to write The Charles Smith Method properly. I had several scenes written, but it wasn’t a story at this point. I sent it to my British publisher in late 2011 and they started to work on it with me, editing the first two chapters and changing the title. They then told me it would be a couple of years before they could publish as they had a backlog of books, and maybe I might like to try somewhere else. I did a search for spanking publishers and the top of the list was Blushing Books. I told myself I would try them, if they refused that was it, I would give up. I sent my story and two days later I got an acceptance. Eventually I had The Charles Smith Method published in June 2012.

I can’t believe that in April 2015 my writing’s still going well and I’ve just had my thirteenth book published. I already had The Charles Smith Scholarship part written when I was asked if I would like to complete the trilogy. I always wanted to do this so I could dedicate it to my ‘Sir’, but I felt too much time had lapsed since those two books. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to do this by Blushing Books.

3) Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your works?

A lot of my inspiration these days comes from TV, or people I see. I might see characteristics in someone that I think I could use, or I see a place or setting on the TV and think I’d like to base something around that, so I research the topic to see if it’s do-able.

I’ve always had a real fascination with the Titanic, and after watching one of the numerous films about it, and seeing all the ladies and gentlemen in the fine clothes, I came up with the idea for The Delinquent Bride. Shelley came from a privileged home, and I could picture her boarding the Titanic after fleeing her pre-arranged marriage, later starting a new life in America.

4) Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

My favourite character from The Charles Smith Scholarship is Hazel, and she has been throughout the three books. She has been Charles’ housekeeper for many years, but she did not have a good life prior to meeting him. He was a father figure to her, and she absolutely adored him, though I think he might have secretly hoped a romance would develop between them. She is openly bisexual, and likes to indulge in sex with more than one person at a time. She has so much love to give (both sexually and emotionally), and I find her such a warm and likeable character. She seems so confident, but there’s occasional flashes of neediness and vulnerability that, for me, add to her charm. I have sketched out plans for a stand-alone book for Hazel – Hazel’s Honeymoon – which would include hints of medical play (quickly becoming one of my favourite genres since I wrote Melissa’s Medical Examination), and age play (another thing I briefly dabbled with, and enjoyed, in Naughty Immy’s Punishment). I really hope I get the opportunity to write this as I would love to devote a whole book to Hazel, with not quite so many supporting characters, and without the main schooling background of ‘The Charles Smith Academy’.

I also loved the little girl in The Delinquent Bride, Jessica. She was so adorable and I felt she added the ‘cute factor’ to scenes where she was involved. She also added a touch of fun to a not so nice topic (the sinking of the Titanic). After they had been rescued, she quickly bounced back and the others around her found it impossible to sit around feeling sorry for themselves when she wanted to play.

5) How about your least favorite character That you’ve written ?  What makes them less appealing to you?

Some of my female characters now seem a bit whiny and bratty, but definitely my least favourite has to be the vile Percy in The Lady and the Sheriff. I tried to make him – and his mother – as obnoxious as I possibly could, and I took great delight in meting out justice to him later on. Although he was my least favourite character, the parts of that book I most liked writing were when he was involved, as I enjoyed writing something not quite so nice. He was a truly nasty person, only out for himself and what he could get. He didn’t care about anyone or anything, and his mother was equally as bad – showing where he got the bad traits from.

6) Can you share a favorite quote or picture that inspired you for your latest book and why it inspired you?

Not so much a quote, but I’ve read many things about the ‘short sharp shock’ relating to borstals at that time, and also ‘learning the hard way’. The Charles Smith Academy isn’t a borstal, it is nowhere near as harsh as those institutions, but it did give students one final chance before finding them in such places – or possibly even prison. Stories come out regularly these days about how students were mistreated in borstals, being beaten and abused by those who were supposed to be reforming them. The Charles Smith Academy is a kinder alternative, though I don’t imagine the spanked students would share that view. However, given an insight into borstal, I’m sure they would opt for the Academy’s firm but fair discipline regime.

7) Tell us about your latest release. What can we expect from you in the future?

The Charles Smith Scholarship picks up five years after The Charles Smith Academy. Whereas The Charles Smith Academy concludes The Charles Smith Method, tying up some loose ends in the first novel, The Charles Smith Scholarship can be read as a stand-alone book. The characters do follow on from the previous books, but there is enough background given to simply read this book only. However, if readers enjoy my writing and can afford all three, I would be tremendously grateful if they purchased them all!

The Academy has built up over the years, taking in eighteen to nineteen year olds who have committed crimes and been given one final chance – the alternative is a custodial sentence. The youngsters are schooled at the Academy, with the aim of getting them into gainful employment/accommodation/further education at the end of it.

The Charles Smith Scholarship is based in the late 1970s, when corporal punishment was still legal in the UK, and Judge Walker delivers the new batch of students to the Academy. Jamie, Belinda, Aaron, Roberta, Abigail and Eve are partnered up with Jenny, Hazel, Mrs Hutchinson, Harry, Mr Hutchinson and Mr Bainbridge. The six students are competing with each other for a chance to win a scholarship to Florida the following year. It is the first time the Academy has taken in male pupils, and Mr Bainbridge has his doubts. Jenny and Hazel, although part of the teaching staff, still act like students themselves at times and also find themselves receiving discipline from gardener Harry and headmaster Mr Hutchinson (the headmaster is based entirely on my primary school teacher). There are problems along the way, dealt with effectively by the committed teaching staff, and highly sexed Hazel adds a bit of spice to the book.

This book does conclude The Charles Smith trilogy, but as I’ve already mentioned, I believe there’s scope for a book about Hazel and I hope to write it some time in the future. At present I’m working on a sequel to Melissa’s Punishment Education. I have tentatively titled this Melissa and the Medic, but this is a temporary title until I can come up with something more suitable. I introduced a character, Jason, to help Dr Williams and his wife, Barbara, punish Melissa. I left it open for him to become a part of Melissa’s life, and I decided it was time to write that sequel, especially as I enjoyed my first go at a medical play story. I haven’t quite written four chapters yet, but I hope to get going with it again soon.



This is a small snippet from early in the book, when the students are individually introduced to their mentors. Eve meets Mr Bainbridge and finds things are not going to be as easy as she imagined:-

Meanwhile, down in the basement, Mr. Bainbridge perched on the edge of his desk. He waited patiently as Eve walked around the six small desks, toyed with the ink well on one, flipped up the lid and looked inside. Picking out a fountain pen, she held it up. “These are a bit old-fashioned,” she stated, screwing up her nose.

“Mr. Hutchinson prefers that students don’t use disposable biros,” Mr. Bainbridge explained. “I must admit I have a preference for a fountain pen too. Writing looks so much neater.”

Eve then moved to a large bookcase and leafed through several textbooks, before returning to sit down in front of her tutor.

“I teach English and maths,” Mr. Bainbridge said, by way of introduction. “Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Eve crossed her arms over her chest and fixed her gaze on him. “My parents expect me to get a job,” she said, frowning. “Daddy’s loaded, but he was very mean and stopped my allowance. He refused to buy me any make-up, which I desperately needed,” she added, pouting and tipping her head back, removing her glasses and fluttering her thick black lashes. “So I had to go to the shops and get some.”

“You stole it?” Mr. Bainbridge asked, crossing his legs at the ankles and gazing at her. Eve nodded, showing no shame. “He gave me no choice, did he?” she reasoned.

Sighing, Mr. Bainbridge shook his head. “Stealing is wrong. Surely you know that.”

Rolling her eyes, Eve shrugged her shoulders. “I can’t believe they’ve sent me here. It won’t be long before Daddy comes to take me home. He’s just trying to frighten me.”

“I’m afraid you’re wrong,” Mr. Bainbridge replied. “If you don’t remain here, you’ll go to court to face shoplifting charges, and may well go to jail. This is your only other option. Your father will not be taking you home.”

“No,” Eve whined, shaking her head. Her eyes wide and cheeks pale, she raised her hands and covered her face, her confident attitude quashed with only a few words.

“Eve,” Mr. Bainbridge said, getting down from his desk and touching a hand to her arm. “I understand you like English literature. I’m a huge fan, too.”

Eve lowered her hands and nodded. “I love poetry,” she admitted.

“That’s great, I believe strongly in the carrot and stick approach,” he said with a smile, walking around his desk and taking his paddle from the drawer. Eve frowned in confusion.

“This is the stick,” he said, holding the paddle in front of her. “The carrot can be any reward you wish, perhaps tickets to a poetry recital?”

Eve nodded with enthusiasm, her smile reappearing. “Okay, this is how it’ll work,” he told her. “You do well in your studies between now and Christmas, I’ll take you to a poetry recital. If you don’t knuckle down, I’ll bend you across my desk and smack your bottom,” he warned, holding the paddle out.

“Daddy spanked me once,” she said with a sigh. “It didn’t hurt. He tried to blackmail me too, but I always get what I want, one way or another.”

Mr. Bainbridge shook his head and gripped Eve’s wrist. Pulling her to her feet, he turned her to face his desk. “Let me tell you, young lady, I am not blackmailing you. I am offering you an incentive to do well. If you don’t behave, all you will get is a sore bottom,” he said, pushing her over the table.

“Your father didn’t spank you properly if it didn’t hurt,” he added, cracking his paddle against her behind. Eve screeched and tried to get up, as the paddle landed once more. Mr. Bainbridge pressed firmly against her back, flipped up her skirt and landed another two firm smacks over her panties. Eve howled in pain.

“I won’t take your panties down today,” he said, resting the paddle against her squirming backside, “but any future spankings will be on your bare bottom,” he warned, smacking the paddle twice against her unprotected thighs.

Mr. Bainbridge stepped back and watched Eve jump to her feet, her hands rubbing her stinging flesh, tears rolling down her cheeks as she whimpered.

“So, young lady, I guess that did hurt?”

Eve nodded miserably, stamping her feet as she tried to rub the burn away.

“Come on, let’s go to your room,” he said, taking the distressed young woman’s elbow, guiding her from the classroom and up the stairs. She lowered her gaze when Judge Walker wandered into the hallway, and was relieved when he said nothing, stepping aside to allow Mr. Bainbridge to lead her up the main staircase.

“Sir, I would really love to go to a poetry recital with you,” Eve said with a sniffle, stopping as they reached the top of the stairs. She gazed into his eyes and was pleased to see a smile form on his lips.

“Well, as long as you behave yourself,” he promised.

The door was open when they reached her room and he ushered her inside. Belinda lay on the top bunk, facing them.

“You might like to think about the behaviour that led to your spanking,” he suggested. Eve’s cheeks reddened and she turned away from Belinda. “Yes, sir,” she whispered, crawling onto the lower bunk and cupping her tender buttocks. “I’m sorry,” she added, blinking back tears.

Mr. Bainbridge patted her shoulder and smiled. “Be a good girl and it won’t be necessary again,” he said, closing the door on his way out.

“Oh, my God,” Belinda shrieked, clambering down from her bunk. “Did Mr. Bainbridge really spank you?”

Eve nodded, pouting. “Yes, and if you’ve got any sense, you won’t make him angry.”



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