Spanks Speak Louder than Words


Hello lovelies, miss me?

Do spanks really speak louder than words? Let’s examine.

A lot of subs never feel truly punished unless they are scolded before or during a session. I don’t do this a lot, unless the miscreant has done something really bad, ex. smoking, speeding, texting while driving etc.

I have found that being scolded bb in the corner can have a very strong impact (yes pun intended). Although that comes later, I have had subs cry just from a scolding. A lot of subs are obedient for two reasons: the obvious, to avoid a painful spanking but also because they do not want to disappoint their Dom. I know if I tell a sub she disappointed me, it can be just as effective, or maybe more so, than a hard spanking.

Now for the one two spank (I never punch, lol) scolding and a spanking. This works well both while the sub is bb in the corner and/or between spanks. Some subs get the message just from scolding, some from a spanking, but all subs get the message from both. I am sure some of you have experienced this. I, myself, am working on the scolding thing more. I tend to get down to the task at hand (I know, pun master on deck, lol). I do realize different subs need this in D/s. S/m not so much, as that’s a whole other dynamic.

So what do you all think? Do you have a preference? Have you experienced both ways? Was it good/ bad/just ok? Do you feel you need both to feel truly punished?

Subs must feel truly punished for misbehaving or they tend to carry the guilt around and that is not good. And let’s face it, if you have to endure the embarrassment of a bb spanking/scolding but it does not go far enough your frustration level will be through the roof. We Doms do not want that, we want you to feel the punishment was just and effective. And also done well enough to let go of the guilt after whether you need just a spanking, or just a scolding (although that’s not going to work most times by itself, lol) or a combo of the two. Remember, Doms love subbies.

Be good, or else…


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