Needing Protection

To celebrate and simultaneously countdown to the release of Justice for Liberty each day we’ll share a new snippet along with a re-release for a special price. Today Protect and Correct will be 99 cents. Come back each day to get a peek at Liberty and one-click ’til your hearts content!

Justice for Liberty

“I told you it wasn’t a coyote,” one gruff voice said. “I’m not an idiot. I know how to count the number of legs.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She felt a hand gently shaking her shoulder. “Hey, sweetheart, you got yourself a nasty bump there. Can you open your eyes?”

“I don’t see anyone around. It looks like she’s alone,” the gruffer voice remarked.

“Of course she’s alone, you moron. We haven’t seen any sign of civilization for miles. Come on, girlie, we’re going to get you some help. Can you sit up?”

“No…” she forced a hoarse whisper. “Don’t take me back there. He’ll kill me.”

“Shush, we’ll take you the hospital. There’s one a few miles back down the road.”

“No! I need to get to Nevada! It’s an emergency. I have to go!”



Protect and Correct: Amazon

Merry Christmas!

Wow, what a whirlwind the past few days have been. I had to work but I was home in the evening to celebrate with my family. Which was very special. We had all the good stuff to eat, presents, movies, etc. Cant ask for  a better Christmas than that which you spend with the ones you love.


 Update….I am so proud of Bree. Her book Protect and Correct, has been on the top 100 list on Amazon for like, over a month. I think this is a new record. Can’t say that I am surprised though. This is one great book. It has all of the things you enjoy. Mystery, intrigue, romance, spanking, sex, spanking, hot sex, mystery… Well you get the picture. If you haven’t read it yet, grab the first chapter for free on Amazon and enjoy! Its a great story, You wont be disappointed.

Anyhoo, hope you had a wonderful Christmas.



The Hayse’ Family

Protect and Correct…Just Released!



Happy to announce on this fine Sunday morning, that Protect & Correct is now available on Amazon and coming soon everywhere else. This is a great book. Mystery, intrigue, spanking, bad guys, good guys, spanking…Oh and sex. Yup, lots and lots of hot sex. So take a break from your holiday shopping and decorating and cuddle up with a good book.


Publishers Blurb


Forensic investigator Terrese Fanguard wakes up in a hospital after an attempt on her life leaves her severely injured. Thanks to a brilliant plastic surgeon, Terrese’s body and face have been rebuilt, rendering her younger, thinner, and more attractive than ever before.

At her bedside, FBI agent Collin Golde tells Terrese that she now has a fake identity. Her new name is Brooke, she will be playing the role of his wife, and he will personally see to it that she is kept safe… whether she likes it or not. Brooke soon learns that while Collin can be tender and comforting, he can also be stern and strict. If a bright red, stinging bottom and blushing cheeks are necessary to keep her safe, then he is fully prepared to bare her bottom and spank her soundly.

Brooke’s complicated emotions threaten to be her undoing as she experiences intimacy, passion, and unwavering discipline for the first time in her life. Will she allow herself to grow to love Collin, even though she fears he will leave her once he catches the killer?


You can read the first chapter for free on Amazon. Once you start you wont want to stop.

Available at the following retailers:


Barnes & Noble


All Romance Ebooks

Blushing Books


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Sat Spanks! Protect & Correct


Saturday Spankings

Happy Saturday Spanks everyone! This week we are very thankful for the great success thus far of the most recent book release, Meeting Her Master, which is still going strong and still ranking in the top 100 on Amazon. So thank you dear readers for your support! We truly do appreciate it.

My next book, Protect & Correct, (not sure if that is the final name) will be out soon; so this week, that is the book we are featuring.

Protect & Correct

” Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, Brooke Doyle, ” Collin growled, cupping her chin and forcing her to look up into his face, ” I will not put up with that kind of rudeness from anyone, in private and especially not in public. I have been more than patient with you and this horrendous disposition of yours because of your situation, but it will stop here and now. I have done nothing to provoke it, and I certainly do not deserve it. Have I made myself understood? ”

” How dare you yell at me! You have no right, you son of a bitch! ” Brooke shrieked into his face, tears cascading down her cheeks. ” You should have just let me die, you mother fucker! ”

Collin’s face took on an incredible calm as he glared back at her. Without warning, his hand found her wrist again before he yanked her roughly across his lap and reached his hand under the wet dress.

” Get your hands off of me, you prick! ” Brooke screamed, slamming her fist into his calf. He acted as though he did not notice her objection as he pulled the material over her panty clad bottom with his left hand, and then captured the hem of the skirt in his right.

” Ruse or not, ” he growled, skimming the pale pink panties from her buttocks, ignoring the screams of angry protest and profanity, ” I reiterate that I will not tolerate rude behavior, especially in public. Not only does it draw unwelcome attention, but it is also very disrespectful. I have done nothing to deserve that from you. ”

Before Brooke could voice her opinion to being man-handled, his work-callused palm smacked loudly against her damp flesh. Her body stiffened in shock as the sharp burn penetrated her posterior.


We hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Info on exact release date to come.

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Collin’s Cranberry Crockpot Chicken… OMG!


Who’s Collin? OMG, lemme tell you who Collin is. He is a character in my newest submission… Protect and Correct..
One thing I LOVE about my readers is the intelligence they have. Because of that, I am given the amazing opportunity to write in so many different venues and offer a myriad of stories that the ‘average’ reader might not either understand or embrace.

That being said, this new piece is WAY different than the others… it was inspired by James Patterson, another brilliant author. Without giving it away… just know this…

Brooke wakes up with a new face, a new body, and a new identity. The FBI suspects her killer knows she is still alive and places her in the Witness Protection Program under the care of Collin Golde… a man with his own, deep secrets. Brooke hates the loss of her freedom and struggles foolishly against Collin’s protective nature. Well, you know exactly how he gets her attention- and how he keeps it!

It’s a suspense novel with lots of fun twists and turns, tons of laughter and some tears… and hopefully a book that will leave the readers thinking twice about the important things in their own lives. Most importantly, Meatball likes it. Yeah, she said so!
It’s with the publishers, along with Whips and Canes (not sure of the real title yet!), so its just a matter of the final edits!

Oh Yeah- the chicken recipe… a PERFECT autumn meal, super easy and even better tasting. Collin makes this for Brooke…. what a guy!

Whole chicken- cleaned, washed and dried (use gloves or the chicken police will get you)
Cornbread stuffing (one box or bag)
Fresh cranberries (one cup)
celery (three stalks, chopped)
One small onion (chopped)
One can water-chestnuts (chopped)
Two springs fresh rosemary (dried if ya can’t find fresh)
Spices– garlic salt, pepper, dried orange peels
Butter (1 cup)
Chicken broth (1 can)

1. Turn crockpot on high
2. Sauté the celery, onions and chestnuts in butter until onions start to soften. Add cranberries until skins start to split. Add chicken broth and turn off heat.
3. Add cornbread stuffing to mix- it will be dry! That”s okay cuz the chicken juices will moisten it.
4. Stuff chicken cavities with stuffing and toss chicken in crockpot.
5. sprinkle rosemary, garlic salt, pepper and orange peels on dried chicken skin.
6. dump the rest of stuffing on top of chicken, along sides, etc. add a spring of rosemary on top
7. cook on high for 4 hours and turn to low until you are ready to eat.

TO serve… No, don’t pick from the crockpot! Remove stuffing and bird. put stuffing a bowl and add juices from bottom of crockpot if needed to moisten. YUMMMMM

Saturday Spanks…..


Saturday Spankings

Wow, time fly’s when your having fun. Bree has been working hard and has two new books just submitted to publisher. So this week, an excerpt from one that was just submitted and it really good. The book is called Protect And Correct, and has a little bit of everything. Mystery, intrigue, romance, a tad bit of fantasy…Believe me, you will love it.

Protect And Correct


Collin grinned, rolling her gently to her back and lifting her dress up over her hips.  She was not wearing panties due to the excruciating soreness the material caused her tenderized skin.  He began to kiss Brooke’s abdomen, nibbling at her belly button and nipping the soft swell of her tummy.  He gently pried her thighs apart to spread her pink, moist kitty to his view.

“What a beautiful little orchid you have here. So soft….”  Collin settled in comfortably to play with her, manipulating her swollen clit with his fingers and his mouth and building the heat within her body.  She felt her own juices run in rivulets between her cheeks as he slowly worked his fingers in and out of her, twisting them and turning them, stretching her wide so he could study her delights.  He then began to milk his fingers fiercely within her, deep to the very back of her canal only to remove them before thrusting them inside again.

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