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Hello lovelies,

It seems that my last post confused some of you so let me shine a little Dom light on your fog of subbie confusion. First, my fondest wish for all of you is to experience a real, in person punishment session and a subspace one, even just once. Unfortunately, for some of you that is just not in the cards. What to do? The closest thing is to train online with a Dom. Now you have a lot of access to a potential Dom with the internet, complete with chat rooms, websites, messenger etc.

Let me give you a hypothetical situation to try to explain the online aspect a little more. Let’s say you email me (yes it does happen from time to time). You say you are out of control and need a firm hand to reel you in, that you fantasize about spanking and feel it may help you. Now, if I feel you are sincere, I may take you on for training, and no, I do not accept everyone. Only if you are serious and I feel I can help you because at the end of the day this is real not play. From there I tell you what is required and you must agree to all my rules, or we cannot work together. These include: keeping a punishment book, reporting bad behaviors once a week , getting on chat so that we can communicate in real time, agreeing to be obedient and follow all my orders without hesitation (that’s the goal but it usually takes a while for this to happen). Should the need for punishment arise your punishments may include: self spanking, writing lines, grounding, curfew etc. and no I do not care how old you are (though I usually do not train anyone under 35 or so) if a punishment is earned a punishment is received.

If you want to change behaviors then it’s my way or the vanilla way. You are then held accountable to an alpha male, one you cannot manipulate. All those years of getting your own way are gone and you answer to me. Now you all may be thinking “Oh come on SJ, why would I tell you that I’ve misbehaved? Especially if I am going to be punished? After all you’re thousands of miles away, what’s to stop me from just telling you I am being good or faking my punishment?

As a subbie you have one trait that you share with all your subbie sisters and that is guilt. If it were a subbie cup it would not runneth over, it would tsunami. Subbie guilt is like no other and lying to your Dom, someone that cares about you, is taking time to train you, is there for you, and is strict enough to blister your bb, would not be an option. If you did lie, the guilt would eat you up and you would eventually confess but by then your punishment would be much worse.


Now as a self-spanker you cannot possibly spank to the level I could with you in person but, following my orders you would be surprised just how sore your bottom can get. Tears, whining, protests, any kind of manipulation does not work, and I do not care how sore your bottom gets. But, a punishment given over chat is only phase one, phase two is a phone session. For this you call and hear my voice for the session, scolding and ordering your punishment, this is as close to a real, in person session as it gets.

Does it work? I can tell you, honestly, that all the women I have trained have changed their behaviors for the better. So, yes, you bet it works. Will you like it? Yes and no. Yes as you will finally have someone you cannot manipulate. One that will not hesitate to discipline you in the way he sees fit, with you having no say in the matter and no control over your fate. And no, for all the previous reasons, lol. Hope that clears up a little of the online training mystery.

Be good, or else…




Hello lovelies,

This post will be informative and amusing, I think. As some of you may know we were informed we had to move. This happened at a time when Bree was out of town and had a week from hell so she took it really hard. I felt bad as I was not there to console her. After she got home and a few days went by we both began to get excited about a new place and a new adventure.

Now here’s a little vanilla ice cream on top of the chocolate I usually serve you. Guys do not care where they live. For me, as long as I have satellite or cable and the neighbors are quiet and not jerks I am fine. I could care less how big, what color the house is, how many rooms, how high the ceilings etc. Now Bree, on the other hand needs a lot it has to be the right size, color, backyard, kitchen, etc. so to paraphrase don Quixote to reach the unreachable house, this was our quest.


Well windmills aside we found it. Bree is really happy and it’s a cool house. Huge, over 3000 sq ft, so lots of rooms, really nice, and yes a perfect space for a punishment room. So, being a Dom I had to make this a…are you ready? Dom-icile. That’s gold, lol!!! To do this, each room had to be christened. I informed Bree she was to be spanked bb in every room when we went back for her to take pictures of the house. After an initial deer in the headlights look from her I informed her she would be taking down her pants and bending over. She reluctantly complied and tensed as her panties were taken down to her knees.

Here is a little info about her you may find amusing. Bree thinks that by doing an imitation of the tea cup ride at Disneyland she can avoid her spanks. By that I mean she starts turning slowly then faster and faster until she is moving in a circle! On this day she wore her hair in a long pony tail. Once a Dom says you are to be spanked he will make sure you are so he must get you in position and hold you there. Not as easy as it sounds because it must be done without tweaking your wrist, arm, neck etc..hence the pony tail. By taking that in my left hand and pulling gently forward Bree had to follow which took her down to her knees. From there it was easy to get her across my lap, as I was sitting, and hold her for her spanking.

All in all, maybe 100 spanks. Not punishment of course but she was fire red and the sound really echoed, so win-win for me. After I took her for a slurpee. See how nice I am?

Be good, or else…

I love being the Dom.


Bottoms Up


Ok lovelies as promised…the first time I spanked a bare bottom (I had smacked a few but not really a full OTK spanking until this).

wavy lines start forming and that weird harp music and voila here we are

I am 17 and playing a gig. There are lots of girls and any guy with long hair back then was sure to attract some attention from the ladies (no not long hair because they were dinosaurs…really)?

The band was pretty good and I had a little game as a guitarist and singer so I had a few fans. One girl, in particular, was really coming on strong. On each break she would whisper what she would like to do with me and by the 3rd set her suggestions involved things I believe were banned in at least 15 states. Needless to say I was pretty excited for the gig to be over, hey I was 17. I love playing guitar but come on a cute girl propositioning me? It was a no brainer.

Well she agreed to go home with me. I had an apartment with some other guys and I could not wait to get her back to my place. All the way home she kept coming on to me. I think I drove onto a sidewalk at one point, the poor lady almost had a heart attack. We get to the parking lot and it’s late, around 2 am. I go to open her door, yes i was quite the gentlemen even back then, and she says “Uh I changed my mind.”

I responded as any mature adult of 17 would, “What!!!!!”

She confessed something like “I was just teasing you. I do it a lot. It’s fun.”

Again I responded “What!!!!!!!!”

“So, you can take me home now.”

Ok I know all of you are doing a unison OMG. Now as I said, I have had some spanking experience but the closest was spanking a girl over her panties, not bb. This required…dun dun dun…bare bottom SpankMan. Well you get the idea.

I took her by the hand and I sat on a parking curb, pulled her OTK and decided its now or never. The dress came up, the panties went down and I began spanking her, hard. It was outside so the spanks really echoed as did her yelling. It was kind of surreal as I was under a parking light so her bottom was glowing as it got redder and redder. Which, by the way, I really liked and still love that sight. Finally I let her up.

“You spanked me!” she yelled.

“Yes, I did.” I said. “You cannot go around teasing like that. So what do you have to say for yourself, or do you want another?” Ok, I was probably not that Dominant but cut me some slack here, it was a long time ago (I have a great memory it’s just short). She was crying and said she was sorry then asked if I could please take her home.

Of course I said yes, however home was like 2 hrs away! I was so upset I pulled over and spanked her again, that was kind of Dom and felt like good for me! I finally got her home at like 4 or so. I have no idea what she told her parents. I was hoping her dad did not find me and shoot me for spanking his daughter. Now this girl knew some of my friends, and a few girls came up to me in school and asked, “Did you spank Rebecca? Did you really spank her bare bottom?”

I was a bit surprised and kind of embarrassed but said “Well, yes.”

They both laughed and said “She says she is bruised and can’t sit down.”

And that was it, my reputation among the females had begun. Yes, I did eventually spank those two also.

Ah youth. My path was set and I never looked back.

So lovelies, that was my first real deal bare bottom OTK spanking experience. Oh by the way, I did date Rebecca a while and yes, she got spanked often.

Well there you have it, and remember no matter how old you are, you can go OTK bb up if I am around so…

Be good, or else…


Bree…I’m Home!


OK lovelies, I hear through the subbie vine, you may be interested in a day in the life of myself and Bree. The title (though most of you are probably too young to remember this)  is from I Love Lucy. Well, paraphrased, Ricky would always say “Lucy I’m Home”…Bree and I do have quite a bit in common with Ricky and Lucy, I am a musician and Bree gets in occasional rather amusing situations. Thankfully, she does not crash my gigs and run onstage, but her behaviors can get her in trouble. And, Bree gets spanked just like Lucy did. Unfortunately there were no bare bottom spankings on family television. Here’s a little episode for you all of the I Love Bree show.

The other day I told Bree to come to me and bend over, not for punishment, just because. I was in the mood to see a cherry red bottom, and she knows I own hers 24/7. But for some reason she said she was not in the mood. Now I can hear all of you uh oh… And yes you are correct. Uh oh indeed. So I asked, “what did you say?’ Bree, being Bree actually said “you are not the boss of me” I think I heard a collective subbie gasp. Again correct, not good. So what was going to be a nice warm bottom, would now evolve into a very hot red bottom. I took Bree by the ear, she really hates that, and put her otk, yanking down her pants and panties. After 20 spanks she was quite contrirte and apologizing. However, that was hardly enough. After the hand spanking Bree was quite red, I think it was around 150 spanks, then she had to bring me the lucite paddle and bend over for 25. There was a lot of squirming, especially otk, and yelling, loud enough to be an extra in a Saw franchise. After she apologized and spent 10 minutes with her red bare bottom in corner then she was forgiven and held with a lot of after care.

So there you go. This was not a severe punishment by any means, but one to teach Bree her place as my submissive. Plus she has an amazingly spankable bottom, which was the whole reason to tell her to bend over in the first place. But subbies be crazy sometimes, and she lost her mind for a few seconds. It certainly cost her, but truly it did not hurt me a bit.

Be good or else!


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