Lines and Strokes


Hello lovelies,

I was wondering…

Some of my subbies say they would rather have spanks or strokes rather than write lines. How do you all feel about that?

I am not just talking sit and write lines. I usually have my subbie in the corner bb and then sit and write.

Which do you feel is more of a deterrent for bad behavior?

A sound OTK bb spanking. Maybe the paddle or even the cane…Or…Being sent to the corner bb to write lines about your behavior?

Which do you feel is more of a deterrent for bad behavior?

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Personally I find both very effective especially in the same session, but that’s just me, lol.

Be good, or else…


Thigh Don’t Think So

Hello lovelies,

Recently, I was looking for videos to send to some subbies when I happened to see one from a spanking party in Vegas. As you know I had a very bad experience when I attended one there but I still thought I would give it a look. I was surprised at how severe the spanking and paddling was but it seemed like it was in a private suite so, ok with me as long as it was consensual.

It was done by a man and a woman with two subbies, rather young, with the couple being much older. I was ok until I saw something that I found disturbing. The man was using a wood paddle on the backs of the female’s thighs.

This is not only irresponsible but dangerous. Thighs do not have the padding a bottom does and a hematoma is likely with a heavy implement. Now don’t get me wrong, I do spank subbies thighs but usually for two main reasons: one, they are very masochistic and enjoy it or they need punishment and it’s not getting through just across their bottoms. Two, they keep being defiant, especially when over the knee with things like getting out of position etc.

I NEVER EVER use hard impact implements and mostly use my hand, a thin cane or switch, or a thin whip. Even then I am careful not to break the skin. As my subbies will tell you, a few sharp spanks on the thighs by my hand is usually enough to get them in position.

Now maybe the girls at the party dug being paddled on their thighs, hey it’s their thing I am not judging. I am saying, to me, as a Dom, I would refuse to do that as I find it irresponsible. I think you should be really careful with even just a thin implement on the thighs.

So why the post? I care about all of you, and for those that are thinking about setting up a session with a new Dom I am telling you to insist on two things: an emotional safe word for triggers and NO thigh spanking, for the first time. I understand a Dom giving you a few with his hand on your upper thighs if you are OTK and getting mouthy but no implements. I want you newbies to be safe and have a great experience. The video started me worrying about you, oh get over it it’s what Doms do, lol.

Anyway, promise me you will follow my rules for a first meeting and also you will insist on the two things I just mentioned. D/s is great if you are with a responsible Dom. Just be careful, and its ok to say no.

Be good and safe, or else…


Too Hard, Too Light, Just Right


Hello lovelies,

I thought I would write something a bit different today. In fact I want you all to interact with me on this. I want your feedback on a topic I was thinking about.

I would like to know what denotes a perfect spanking for you. One that if you were talking to your vanilla friends or sister subbies you would say “man he can really spank.”

There are many layers to consider, I know. I would think you all will differ here and there.

Consider a reward or play spanking. Then a punishment spanking.

All otk? All by hand only? Be as detailed as you like. And of course enjoy!!

Be good, or else…


Why Won’t you Mind me, I’m a Domme!

Hello lovelies,

You are probably all wondering what’s with the title? Doesn’t sound like our meanie SJ, well no it’s not  but gather round for today’s tale…

Once upon a time in a place not so far away there was a special kingdom. In this kingdom was a beautiful and generous Queen named Breanna Hayse, wife of Mr. Meanie, King of the Universe Sir John Hayse.

Now SJ was also very generous and allowed his queen to leave the castle and travel for many days to the kingdom where she was to hold court with all of her friends, littles and submissives. She did so with great joy and loved her time there, only having to go to her dark place a few times with a look, so the legend says, that rivaled Medusa herself.

But, as will happen in these stories the queen forgot who the king truly was at the castle.

Upon arriving home and in the warm bosom of her loving husband and faithful border collies she attempted the look at the king. Not only that, but in some moment of loss of mind, attempted to order him and try and be a domme.

Now the king loves her truly but this could never be allowed. So for several minutes the queen was in a most undignified position having her royal bottom reddened and her pleas of “Why won’t you mind me I’m a dome?” echoing thru the castle.

After, all was right in the Hayse castle again and a valuable lesson was learned by the queen…

Just because you rule one kingdom does not mean you rule the castle.

And they lived spankfully ever after.

The End

Be good, or else…


Bottom Temperature


Hello lovelies,

No I’m not talking about your bottom’s temperature after a spanking but the temperature in the room before said spanking. This can alter a session greatly by making it kind of pleasurable to downright miserable, depending.

If I am to give a punishment, I prefer the room cool or cold.


Simple, wood or even a hand really stings on a cold bb. Is that a Mr. Meanie thing? Kind of, but remember I said for a punishment.

I do usually have a fan on as subbies tend to hyperventilate a lot and get overheated. See how nice?

Mr. Nice Dom, that has a good ring to it no?

For subspace or pleasure/pain sessions I keep it warmer and more pleasant since the strokes or spanks are not meant to cause punishment level pain. I also have blankets available as a lot  of subbies after a subspace session will drop and get very cold. I have blankets to cover them and make sure they do not get chilled.

See? Mr. Nice Dom, told ya.

So if any of you lovelies are ever in a session and the dom turns up the air its probably time to rethink that punishment book. lol

Now a lot of doms like the room warm so their hand does not sting during the administering of a spanking. I don’t have that problem so cold works very well sting wise, especially for implements like paddles, brushes, and canes. You will notice I did not include straps. I do use a prison strap from time to time but it has to be on a severe level because you all enjoy leather way too much.

Just a little insight into Dom 101 though some of you may say Mr. Meanie 101

Be good, or else…



The Power of the Hand

spanking maid

Ok stop the eye rolling lovelies. I can just hear you…

Oh yes SJ we all know your hand is like a paddle. We could not sit after one of your spankings.

Well, true! But *buzzzzzzzz* wrong!

A Dom’s hand has the power to do a lot more than just spank. Think about this…

It’s your first spanking; let’s say it’s with me. I mean were all friends right? I take you OTK and bare your bottom. Now, that in itself is very embarrassing yes? But, then I just lay my hand on your cheek, no spanks yet.

Suddenly the power of the hand on bare flesh starts to work. Not only are you in a most humiliating position but a man’s hand is resting on your bb.

If you are used to being in control, being able to manipulate and get your own way, just the fact that you are being held down, having my hand on your bb tells you, not this time, and no spanks yet!

The spanks start, at first you might kind of like it but after a while you might say “Ok SJ, I’ve had enough! Ok? Uh SJ? Owwww!” Right? I just keep going.

Now the power of the hand is a more tangible entity but it’s conveying so much more than just pain.

Control? Yes.

Caring? Yes.

Teaching? Yes, hopefully.

There is one key ingredient that must be present for you to feel these things. You have to know I care and, that I am doing this for your own good. Even though you may hate me during, and after, eventually you will realize it was for your own good and I do care.

The hand can also communicate things in a non-punishment scenario. It can calm you when you are stressed or soothe your sore bottom or even put you deep in a pain/pleasure zone. Not all spankings are punishments and even though it may really sting, 15 minutes or so later it will start to feel good. Even if you fight it, trust me.

So you see how much power the hand can have? Control, teaching, humiliation (to a point), calming, soothing, reducing stress or even getting you to sub space.

I always start a first session with a hand spanking to establish not only control, but to build a bond. It’s an intimate thing…flesh to flesh. There is no sexual agenda but it can be sensual in certain contexts. This is why for severity I use wood implements or a cane etc.  That’s colder and the intimate flesh to flesh is not present.

Who knows some of you may visit sometime and see first…wait for it…hand, lol. Anyway, think about this and remember none of it happens unless the Dom really cares about you, and teaching you to be a better behaved young lady and a proper submissive. And you know I care about all of you.

Be good, or else…


Subbies be Crazy


Hello lovelies,

The last post was kind of heavy so this week back to my usual. You all seem to like my stories about my D/s past so here’s one you may find amusing.

Back when cds were really big and had smaller holes…they were called records…I was doing a lot of in person sessions. For a while I was doing double sessions, in other words more than one subbie in a session. This was very enjoyable as I had two bb’s to spank, plus could watch the subbies spank each other. Hey we all have our thing, no hatin’ lol.

For this session I had two women come over. I told them each about the other and thought they would get along. Since each was due a punishment session it seemed a good idea to do it together.  Now as you know I care about my subbies and always want them to have the best experience. That does not mean they can sit down after a punishment but just that there is no big drama.

I had them come over, they met and all was good. I went to the market and told them both to behave, I’m sure you see where this may be going. Now these women both had sound spankings coming so why they would add to that I don’t know but as I always say…subbies be crazy.

When I got back I heard yelling and what sounded like a fight through my door. I go in and its a cat fight with yelling and pulling hair. I broke it up and asked them what in the world was going on. Of course, each one blamed the other one and they were yelling. I really felt bad because I set this up and now the whole evening was blown.

They could see I was upset about the way things turned out and then…wait for it…they started laughing! They had decided it would be funny to pretend to hate each other and get my reaction. They had a good laugh for about 30 seconds. What followed was a corner, lecture for both then sound bb hair brushings. Plus I made them spank each other. The one with the least red bottom got it from me. I had a great time, they, not so much from what I remember lol.

Of course, after this punishment came their book punishments. They were really sorry they pulled this prank as now, the book punishments were applied to very sore bb’s. Oh well, didn’t hurt me a bit lol. All was resolved later and I did have more sessions with the two of them but I could not help but think as they both were sniffling red bb’s in the corner…subbies be crazy.

Be good, or else…


Ch Ch Ch Changes


Hello lovelies,

It’s a spankable offense if you do not understand where this title comes from, lol.

As most of you know Bree and I have been together for 12 years or so. I kid you not when I tell you the real punishment sessions have been few and far between. She’s just very well behaved. At first it took a few sessions, but not many, to get her to this level. Oh she does brat every day, a little, to get her red bottomed fix but nothing serious.

As I have stated there is a catch 22 to having a Dom. You want to be good to please him but, if you are you do not get the spankings you craved before you met him. Some subbies need very hard spankings daily, some not so much.

To address this, I decided to institute a little change in our dynamic. I told Bree she would report to me at 2 pm every day. She will bring a different implement and present her bb for any type of spanking I am in the mood to give. It could be light or sound or hard or severe, it just depends on my mood. If Bree is late or refuses to bring an implement or forgets about the session then it automatically becomes a punishment session with an implement of my choosing.

This is not a punishment exercise, it is an exercise in obedience and submission. Plus it addresses a subbie’s tendency to procrastinate, come on you all do its part of your DNA.

Now it’s only been a few days but here are the results so far:

Day One: She was not on time and got a good hot red bb using my hand and an implement.

Day Two: We had been antique shopping that day and bought a rug beater and a nice OTK wood paddle. In fact much to her surprise when we found it I bent her over in the store for a very loud try out, lol. She was quite surprised. Now let me ease your fears, no one was around to see but it did produce a nice owww after the fact. She was late and got the same, but both implements for not being on time. Tearfully said she would be on time today, we shall see.

I have over 100 implements. You do the math on how long this little exercise in submission will continue. I have said it many times but it’s oh so true…good to be the Dom.

Be good, or else…


Stronger, Faster


Ok lovelies here’s the deal, as you all know I started spanking female bottoms at 13. Probably started getting my Dom on around 20 or so. The reason I mention this is, I have spanked a lot of bb’s, all sizes, shapes and ages.

However, there is one phenomena I have not ever seen except for one bottom, a very special bottom. I call it Bree’s bionic butt. Now dig this, I did a session with Bree last night, sub space not punishment. I used hand, belt, otk cane, school paddle, wood, and long thin lucite paddles. Even though the strokes were not punishment level some were very hard.

I was pleased as Bree’s bottom was fire red. So, this morning as I bent her over for her morning spanking, yes she gets a spanking every morning, her bottom was not red or marked and not even sore!

Remarkable considering the hand spanks alone were well over 300 and it was an hour session. But bionic butt was just fine, well until I spanked her again then she was cherry red. It’s quite amazing, something I have never encountered in all my spanking adventures.

Bree would rather have marks, I mean after all, you want something to show for an intense spanking right? But alas, not to be, at least not from last night. A punishment session may turn out different but Bree hardly does anything serious enough for a severe session.

I will keep you updated and let you know if anything changes, lol, in the meantime

be good, or else…


SJ’s Version of the Insanity


Hello my lovelies,

How are you all? I hope at least a few of you have or had a red bottom recently. Here is my version of the latest installment of our very own Desi and Lucy D/s couple, baba oww…get it?

Oh come on, that was good…Ok I digress.

So if you remember from our last episode Bree wrote something on the blog that was improper for public consumption then challenged me by saying she was not scared of me etc.

You all know me and you know this could not be ignored. After grabbing her by the ear and taking her upstairs she was put OTK and her bottom bared for her spanking. Now, after about 25 and Bree’s imitation of an eel on a hot plate trying to wiggle away, I asked her if she was sorry for acting up on the blog. You would think in that position she would apologize and maybe cut the spanking down, right?


Not only did she not apologize, she started mouthing off. Why do subbies do this? You’re pinned down bb getting spanked and you get mouthy? I love you all but you are crazy train sometimes.

After a while she apologized, about 150 spanks later that is. Then, she said she wanted 100 more!

Wow! Really?

Well of course I spanked harder and after about 30 she was yelling she had changed her mind…a little too late that, lol.

Then she wanted 200, and finally 300!!! Each time yelling louder than the last. Finally after about 800 spanks her bottom was the color of the brightest red apple you have ever seen, which I love, as you all know.

After I asked her “Why did you mouth off and get extra? And then ask for more when you were yelling and squirming??”

Her answer…wait for it…She rubbed her bb and said “I’m insane.”

Seems this is a genetic trait in subbies, you lose your minds temporally and get much more than you wanted and do it time and time again. Like I said I love you all but…crazy train!

Be good, or else…


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