Spyder is Live!

Spyder is live!


If you are a reader who doesn’t enjoy dark romance, hot sex, poetic justice or happy endings, please don’t read this book. It contains strong elements of erotica, sexual sadism, spanking, violence and a woman who is not afraid to kick-butt as she faces her worse nightmares to save the man she loves.

In a post-apocalyptic world run by a government bent on mastering what remains of the human race, one woman is equally determined to find freedom and happiness. Selina Pauline Ryder (AKA Spyder), a Lair trained dominatrix/whip mistress and noted war criminal, escapes the sadistic cruelty of a man who purchased her as a toy for torture. After an ‘unfortunate accident’ occurs to her master, Spyder flees to the neutral country of Scotland to begin a new life for herself. The war-ravaged countryside is home to gangs of renegades and escaped felons—and Spyder finds herself being rescued by the infamous (and incredibly handsome) German war criminal himself known as ‘Viktor-The Bull’.

Hiding in an old deserted church, the couple discovers a common past which binds them together as Spyder tries to nurse Viktor back to health following a severe injury. Desperate to save his life, she accepts the offer to work with the illegal and corrupt Carnivale Diabhail in exchange for his care. Her plan was simple—pay off the debt and depart the sordid festival of corruption after Viktor healed. Little did she realize that once someone joined the carnival, they never left alive.

Spyder thought she’d seen the worst of humanity. The terrors of war—prison—the knives used by her deceased master—all these faded in the face of Tobias, the Devil incarnate, and his malevolent underlings. She also finds power in both lust and love as she focuses on saving both herself and The Bull from the clutches of evil.

Cruelty, saturated in unchecked power and insanity, knows no bounds. In a place where right and wrong begin to cloud, Spyder spins a web of manipulation. It’s a dangerous game she plays, but also her only hope of survival. Can she partake of evil to survive and still retain herself?
This is a stand alone book waiting to be savored with dark characters and darker deeds.
Are you ready to be pulled into Spyder’s Web and experience the Carnivale for yourself?


Great News Wednesday

His Lordship's Lap-TWP jpg

It’s good news Wednesday in the Hayse household. The latest release His Lordship’s Lap just hit the #1 spot in Victorian, Historical and Urban categories on Amazon. Yay! We couldn’t have done it without you guys! A huge thank you to everyone that has left a review, those help tremendously.

In other great book news since we won’t have publisher expenses for all the reverted books and new titles, we’re passing the sales onto the readers. All books will be set at $3.99 once sales are over.

We will also be re-releasing the backlist of books. The plan is to release one book a week for a special price. You’ll be able to complete your TBR lists and one-click very soon.

Just Released His Lordship’s Lap

Smart, sassy and sophisticated, Lady Vanessa Pankhurst finds herself in hot water when she defends women’s rights and domestic freedom after personally witnessing the immoral and unethical behavior of her country’s magistrate. Her revolt takes her face to face with the Prime Minister of England whose only goal is the permanent silencing of the outspoken young rebel. Trapped in a system where she has no voice, and facing prison for possessing an opinion, Vanessa is unexpectedly rescued by the handsome, wealthy and extremely arrogant Lord Harrison Ansley.

A deal is struck, and Vanessa’s debts to the Prime Minister are paid—gold in exchange for her hand in marriage and removal from Britain. Hope for freedom is lost when she is forced to abide by the odds laws enforced in the Isle of Man that require unmarried adult females be dressed and treated as children! Despite the apparent satisfaction of the women around her, Vanessa is determined to challenge the legislation that demands corporal punishment for misdeeds, as well as alter the provision that mandatory schooling is completed prior to being permitted to wed.First appearances are often very deceptive. In his position as both the academy’s headmaster and Lieutenant Governor, Lord Harrison impresses Vanessa with a strength of character as he stands in defense of women and their right to happiness. Unlike most of the men of his era, he also respects a keen mind and a playful spirit and encourages Vanessa to explore delights typically forbidden to women–politics, lurid poetry, and sex. His only conditions are that she controls her red-headed temper and practices respect—neither of which the stubborn young woman wishes to comply. He promises that the reward for obedience would open her body and mind to pleasures untold, but defiance would bring pain that her little round bottom might not willing to suffer when taken over His Lordship’s lap.

She soon learns that the laws imposed in the strange country have merit; at least, for some of the citizens. Vanessa uncovers a political secret that threatens to destroy Harrison, the Isle of Man, and her future. Appalled that the very obscenities existing in her native London are practiced behind the closed doors of the Head of State, she is determined to intervene and expose the wrongdoings committed by Harrison’s father and the local government. Conflicted by the need for the freedom to pursue her beliefs and the growing desire to please him, Vanessa struggles against his warning to not get involved.

How high would the price of freedom be when her heart finds an unexpected type of imprisonment called love? A decision is made that could cost her more than just her ability to sit.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of Victorian age-play, erotic power exchange, spanking, explicit sexual scenes, unusual uses of garden vegetables, and mild violence. If any of these subjects offend you, please do not purchase this book.



Mighty Bossy


Robotics engineer Dr. Kymberli Dalton is fed up with men. Period. After being betrayed by her most recent lover, she designs a robotic ‘toy’ based on the song; ‘Coin-Operated Boy’. This dreamy sex machine will be everything she wants: Lifelike, Overindulgent, Generous, Affectionate, and Nurturing. Most importantly, LOGAN will be hers and hers alone, able to fill every void in her life—and satisfy her hungry body.

Little does she know that the LOGAN A.I. program has its own agenda; it wants to become real and alive, and to serve her every need… which includes indulging in her secret fantasies.

Unfortunately, this ‘Pinocchio’ doesn’t have a magic Blue Fairy to turn him into a real boy, but he does have technology that allows him to step into her life as her perfect companion… with a strong dominant streak. True to the robotic law, LOGAN guards and protects her—whether Kymberli likes it or not—and that includes putting her over his strong, solid knee for bare-bottomed spankings… followed by unencumbered, breathtaking loving.

Logan’s protective love not only teaches him how to feel, but allows Kymmi to reconnect with her lost childhood and discover the joy of being a loved little girl…

Even though their secret is hidden in plain sight, the couple is soon faced with the biggest challenge they will ever have to confront. Will this unnatural love be allowed to continue? And if so, at what sacrifice?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content involving machinery, anal play, spanking, dubious consent, bondage, minor BDSM themes, strong language, and graphic violence.

“The after Christmas sales bring out the gremlins that everyone has had to hide during the holidays, and I want to avoid that at all costs.”

“Gremlins? I don’t understand.”

“People aren’t very nice when they’re fighting each other to buy something on sale. Trust me, you don’t want to go out. Let’s just spend the day here and get to know each other better.” “I know everything about you. What more is there to know?” he asked.

“It’s an expression, Nimrod. Men!” she scoffed. “Even the perfect ones just don’t get it.”

“Then explain it to me. And why did you call me ‘Nimrod’? Isn’t that a reference to being a hunter?”

“It’s a social inference to… oh, never mind. Please, go back to sleep.”

I don t require much rest. Just enough to shift fuel to the storage cells. I do have this unusual discomfort in my abdomen, though. It feels as though there is something moving inside me,” he said.

“Really? That’s weird.”


“Hunger pains are associated with the digestive process. Your body will alert you to the need for fuel, but you should not be getting any physiological responses. Go eat, and then come back to bed and cuddle me.”

“You’re mighty bossy this morning aren’t you, little girl?”

“Aw, come on!” She immediately curled into a ball when he pulled the blankets away from her naked body and exposed her to the chilly air. “Turn up the heat, dammit! Hey!” She yelped as he delivered a brisk swat to her exposed left buttock.

“Do you want a real spanking to help you get moving? It’s time to get up.”

“You’re a major pain in the ass, you know that? I never get to sleep in.”

“No more swearing. You slept in for sixteen hours the other day, remember? We have things to do today, so meet me in the kitchen for breakfast. You have five minutes.”

Kym muttered several obscenities under her breath before dragging her body out of the warm bed. She threw on a robe and stumbled into the kitchen behind him. “What time is it?” she asked with a yawn, looking out of the windows at the still dark yard.



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