Breanna Humbug

Hello lovelies,

I trust you had a nice Christmas and got the presents you wanted if you were good and what you deserve if you were on the naughty list. So as you know Bree hates holidays, especially Christmas; however, her eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning on the after holiday sales day: trees, ornaments, everything you need for xmas 12 mo from now. And of course, nothing says happy holidays like a neon pink tree. Yes, she got one with all the lights and ornaments she could attach to its one foot frame. It may be small, but I contend it could induce a seizure in an unsuspecting human once plugged in. Now she’s happy and full of holiday spirit, why? Because the holiday is over!!!!! And she got everything for 50 percent off, lol. So only 12 more months to go!

Be good or else,


P.S. Oh yes, she got a nice red xmas bb spanking for running around the store pushing every stuffed animal that played a xmas song. The cacophony of melodies had parents holding their ears and some little kids crying…ho ho ho indeed.

New Years Resolutions


Ok lovelies it’s that time of year. Time for all you to make your resolutions for 2016 and stick to them! Lol

To help you along here are some of mine:

  • Spank harder
  • Get more implements
  • Spank my subbies more often
  • Be stricter
  • Spank faster

See, I am sure I can stick to those.

What are some of yours?

Be good in 2016, or else…



Guess Who?!

Guess who is making the first appearance of 2016?

The sequel featuring your favorite trio, Layten, Caine and May is set to to hit your kindles in a little over 2 weeks. Who’s ready?

We have so much to share in the coming weeks!

Until then have a fun and safe New Years! Can’t wait to show you what is in store for 2016 and what the next year will bring.


Coming January 15th

Round Table Discussion – A Spanking Christmas!


Who’s up for a little Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Spanko style? This month’s round table is all about Christmas. And spankings of course! All participants are going to take their favorite Christmas song or poem, and spankify it. Sound fun? All you have to do is visit all participant’s blogs and then comment on the Spanking Romance Review’s main page post.

SJ’s Christmas Song…

You’re gonna cry

if you pout

Doms don’t lie

there is no doubt

Sir meanie John is coming to town


No mercy for your bottom

no rubbing, no ice

so you better start behaving

be obedient and nice

Sir meanie John is coming to town


Lots of wood and leather

more than enough to go round

so you better start acting better

or you will find it hard to sit down


Better not pout

or you will cry

there is no doubt

Doms don’t lie

Sir meanie John is coming to town


Happy Holidays lovelies,

Be good, or else…



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