Different Strokes


Hello lovelies,

I want to talk today about spanking. Yes I know, that’s a surprise SJ! Some of you may not realize how many different kinds of spankings there are. Here in the Hayse house I employ quite a few.

Step this way, the tour is about to begin…


This can involve a lot of things and are usually done in the punishment room: hand, brush, heart paddle, school paddle, strap and if you are really bad the cane, rug beater or my thin whip. Hey, don’t panic on me…I said really bad. Also for the cane or something similar I do use the spanking bench to tie you down so that you don’t move and get the stroke in a very bad area. See what an awesome and considerate Dom I am?

Follow me  to the next stop on the tour…

Reminder spankings:

These can be done anywhere usually just hand and a red bottom but not really painful. It’s  just a reminder to be good today.

Welcome spankings:

This is when you visit, it’s a way of welcoming you to our house and a reminder that you are expected to behave. Again, hand and a red bottom but not really painful.

Sub space:

Now you’re back with me right? This is usually done in the bedroom, on our bed or on our massage table   but could be on the futon in punishment room. Now this is the one time you get to have input. A subspace session is all about you and getting you to that kind of out of body zone. You can request your favorite implements,  how hard , how slow  etc. What I do find is that once you are in the zone you can’t really talk so it’s up to me to keep you there. I try to do at least one of these when a subbie visits.

Reward spankings:

Like a reminder but more of a pleasant sting. These are given if you have been very good.

Thank you for taking the tour…You can make your reservations anytime.

Be good, or else…


The List


Hello lovelies,

I was thinking about the differences between a vanilla relationship and a D/s one the other day. I came up with this list. It was rather surprising to me to see all the differences as I don’t think about them in my relationship with Bree.

Drum roll…Yes I know I do that a lot just hang in there…

THE  LIST !!!!!

A vanilla partner at one time or another might:

1) Judge you for how you look

2) Judge you for how old you are

3) Be a bad example for you

4) Have some bad habits ie.  Drugs, alcohol, smoking

5) Yell at you

6) Curse at you

7) Walk out in the middle of an argument

8) Put you down

9) Hold a grudge

10) Offer no consequences for any of your bad behaviors

A Dom will:

1) Protect you

2) Never put you down

3) Never judge your appearance

4) Always be a positive example

5) Never abuse drugs, alcohol etc.

6) Never curse at you

7) Never get angry or walk out  in the middle of an argument

8) Never yell

9) Never hold a grudge

10) Will always discipline you for your bad behavior  then forgive you after

So why are you looking for a vanilla guy? Lol. Pretty revealing, yes? Ok my lovelies remember…

Be good, or else…


Making the Cut


Hello lovelies,

It is I, SJ of Domwood, here to regale you with tales of D/s adventures.

Sorry, kind of went to Sherwood Forrest for a sec .

Here’s something to ponder…What criteria do you have for a Dom? Now, this is not fantasyland. Some giant 7 foot roid ripped model with a billion dollars type thing, it’s the real deal. When you go out to meet a perspective dom, what do you look for as a definite Oh Yes!…and what for a definite Hasta Lasagna, don’t get any on ya exit.

Does he need to be tall? If so, how tall?

Great looking like a 9-10 or can a 5-7 still get you going?

I know if he sounds like an oompa loompa when he talks it’s probably not going to happen but, does he have to sound like James Earl Jones to control the empire?

What kind of shape? Ripped and huge?

I always find it interesting to hear from subbies about this and what really gets them going.

Fyi, Doms are pretty easy, a spankable bottom …done !!  lol. Think about it!

Until another fortnight dear maidens…man I need to stop reading about the Renaissance fair before I go to bed!

Be good, or else…


The Power of the Hand

spanking maid

Ok stop the eye rolling lovelies. I can just hear you…

Oh yes SJ we all know your hand is like a paddle. We could not sit after one of your spankings.

Well, true! But *buzzzzzzzz* wrong!

A Dom’s hand has the power to do a lot more than just spank. Think about this…

It’s your first spanking; let’s say it’s with me. I mean were all friends right? I take you OTK and bare your bottom. Now, that in itself is very embarrassing yes? But, then I just lay my hand on your cheek, no spanks yet.

Suddenly the power of the hand on bare flesh starts to work. Not only are you in a most humiliating position but a man’s hand is resting on your bb.

If you are used to being in control, being able to manipulate and get your own way, just the fact that you are being held down, having my hand on your bb tells you, not this time, and no spanks yet!

The spanks start, at first you might kind of like it but after a while you might say “Ok SJ, I’ve had enough! Ok? Uh SJ? Owwww!” Right? I just keep going.

Now the power of the hand is a more tangible entity but it’s conveying so much more than just pain.

Control? Yes.

Caring? Yes.

Teaching? Yes, hopefully.

There is one key ingredient that must be present for you to feel these things. You have to know I care and, that I am doing this for your own good. Even though you may hate me during, and after, eventually you will realize it was for your own good and I do care.

The hand can also communicate things in a non-punishment scenario. It can calm you when you are stressed or soothe your sore bottom or even put you deep in a pain/pleasure zone. Not all spankings are punishments and even though it may really sting, 15 minutes or so later it will start to feel good. Even if you fight it, trust me.

So you see how much power the hand can have? Control, teaching, humiliation (to a point), calming, soothing, reducing stress or even getting you to sub space.

I always start a first session with a hand spanking to establish not only control, but to build a bond. It’s an intimate thing…flesh to flesh. There is no sexual agenda but it can be sensual in certain contexts. This is why for severity I use wood implements or a cane etc.  That’s colder and the intimate flesh to flesh is not present.

Who knows some of you may visit sometime and see first…wait for it…hand, lol. Anyway, think about this and remember none of it happens unless the Dom really cares about you, and teaching you to be a better behaved young lady and a proper submissive. And you know I care about all of you.

Be good, or else…


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