SJ’s Version of the Insanity


Hello my lovelies,

How are you all? I hope at least a few of you have or had a red bottom recently. Here is my version of the latest installment of our very own Desi and Lucy D/s couple, baba oww…get it?

Oh come on, that was good…Ok I digress.

So if you remember from our last episode Bree wrote something on the blog that was improper for public consumption then challenged me by saying she was not scared of me etc.

You all know me and you know this could not be ignored. After grabbing her by the ear and taking her upstairs she was put OTK and her bottom bared for her spanking. Now, after about 25 and Bree’s imitation of an eel on a hot plate trying to wiggle away, I asked her if she was sorry for acting up on the blog. You would think in that position she would apologize and maybe cut the spanking down, right?


Not only did she not apologize, she started mouthing off. Why do subbies do this? You’re pinned down bb getting spanked and you get mouthy? I love you all but you are crazy train sometimes.

After a while she apologized, about 150 spanks later that is. Then, she said she wanted 100 more!

Wow! Really?

Well of course I spanked harder and after about 30 she was yelling she had changed her mind…a little too late that, lol.

Then she wanted 200, and finally 300!!! Each time yelling louder than the last. Finally after about 800 spanks her bottom was the color of the brightest red apple you have ever seen, which I love, as you all know.

After I asked her “Why did you mouth off and get extra? And then ask for more when you were yelling and squirming??”

Her answer…wait for it…She rubbed her bb and said “I’m insane.”

Seems this is a genetic trait in subbies, you lose your minds temporally and get much more than you wanted and do it time and time again. Like I said I love you all but…crazy train!

Be good, or else…


Around the Couch in 80 Seconds



Please tell me this—will I ever learn? Probably not, but there are times (like now) that I wish I would!

Sooo, for those of you who don’t know me, I have a big mouth.

-I don’t usually need to get the last word (because I get easily distracted and forget what was being said)

-I don’t have screaming fits (unless you touch my candeeee- then it’s war)

-I don’t need to talk over anyone (unless I’m standing on a ladder and trying to climb out a window because I’m being chased and I am crying for help).

No, it’s far worse than that. My big mouth is used for when I:

-Try to use his (John’s) words to work in my favor.

-Inform him that ambiguity in a statement favors the one not stating it; hence, he can’t spank me for that particular rule

-Think he’s not reading my smart a** blog posts and I say something stupid like “haha, I’m not a’scared of you.”

Truthfully, I’m NOT “a’scared” of John. John is a big, old pussy cat marshmallow man with a heart of gold. No, I’m not a’scared of John in the least. My bottom is.

Yeah, so he chased me down. I am beginning to think he does that on purpose to wear me out. He then had a good old time going caveman on my butt for those comments as well as the sweet endearments of ‘bite me’ to my sub sister. Personally, I don’t think that’s fair because:

  1. It was said lovingly
  2. I love being bitten
  3. After rubbing on some cotton candy flavored lotion, I taste really good and just wanted to share.

I mean, really?






No lovelies, I am not apologizing. This is a post illustrating the proper way for a subbie to apologize. Did you think you just say you’re sorry like in vanilla world? Oh my little subbies that will not do at all.

Now, I am going to illustrates 3 levels. The first is the bare minimum. With the second the bar is raised quite a bit and the third raised even more.

Now the minimum is head and eyes down, kneeling is even better but not required, yet. Ok you are all probably saying…uh pass Sir J, I don’t do that, well then you are going to hate this next part.

When I take on a subbie I tell her about a position I call the sub position. This is a great position for a lot of things not just confessions and apologies. It’s great for scolding, waiting for punishment, corner time, meditations, and really great for presenting the bb for a paddle or cane. It begins with kneeling, bent forward and resting your forehead on floor with your arms out straight in front of you. Your knees should be up to your chest, effectively raising your bb up high. In this stage you would face away from the Dom and then confess or apologize (see I told you, you wouldn’t like it, lol).

Number three is the same, but with the addition of balancing a small paddle, cane or brush on your lower back. This is very impressive as it conveys to the Dom that you truly are sorry and if he feels necessary, you are willing to suffer more for your behaviors. This can be done before punishment or after, even during in the corner.  If you want to impress a Dom assume this position and call him, then confess your misbehavior. I have heard some Doms even allow some mercy for this.

For those of you with a Dom try it. For those who fantasize about having a Dom, try it on your own and imagine the Dom is standing behind you.

Be good, or else…


The Look


Hello lovelies,

Yes the look. You all fantasize about it and some of you know it first hand, so to speak, lol. Here is the dealio, besides some prowess with hand and implements a Dom needs a few other things to really bring it to an A game. The voice and the look. I am going to talk to you about the look today.

If you are misbehaving a Dom should be able to give you the look and stop you in your tracks. Now, what is this mysterious look? What power does it possess? How can a look make you behave? All good questions.

I believe you are born with the power of the look, or you are not. Now, you can practice it as a Dom in training and get it close, but the real thing is innate. I will tell you that there are also degrees of the look. If a subbie is acting up I can give a look that says “that’s enough.” If I give an order and the subbie hesitates I can give a look that says “mind me now, or else…” It may take one session of …or else, before she gets the idea though. I hear you asking, “but Sir John, how will I know if it’s the look or not?” Another good question.

The look will make you weak in the knees, it will shock your subbie brain into panic mode and the realization “Uh oh, I am going too far” or much worse, “I went too far.” You will not be able to resist or ignore it, nor will you be able to hold eye contact. If you are a rare breed of subbie you may be able to hold for a while but not long. When you meet a Dom he should be very pleasant, a total gentleman, until you push then…oh no! Not the look!

Yes the look…If he has it, you will know instantly you are in trouble and he is not fooling around. The other side of the look coin is, when you are to be punished. A real Dom need only sit down and give you the look, you will have no power to resist coming to him for your spanking. Trust me it’s true. If you do resist, a Dom will teach you not to do that in future and after that punishment you won’t. Even though you know a hand spanking will really hurt it’s better than the Dom adding a brush or paddle because you hesitated to obey. The look is like a big warning light flashing in your subbie brain…Stop! Danger, Danger!

Pay attention to the look, it can save your bottom a lot of discomfort. See, I am always thinking about you all…I am such a nice Dom

Be good, or else…and beware the look!


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