Sale-A-Brate Summer

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Sale-A-Brate Summer with a Beach-Themed Re-release for 99 cents through 8/8/16!
Author’s Note:
If you aren’t into strong willed alpha males and equally stubborn (and slightly spoiled) heroines who need a good old-fashioned bare bottomed spanking followed by some majorly hot sex, then please don’t read this book. Otherwise, join our couple on an island adventure including using local ‘treasures’ to bring our heroine to total pleasure!
A foolish move leaves Jade Brockton, spoiled heiress to Australian based Brockton Cruise liners, stranded on a privately owned island in the Tongas. Rescued by Griffon Badger, she finds herself not only being schooled in basic survival, but also in proper behavior. Her reward for learning to be responsible starts with mind-blowing pleasure and the use of island ‘treasures’ to make it happen!
Griffon purchased the beautiful island north of New Zealand as a place of escape. Jade’s uninvited presence not only challenges his need for peace and quiet, but also his need to dominate. It does not take him long before his patience with her diminishes, and he shows her the consequences of disobedience- a very warm, and very sore, bare bottom. He also teaches her the value of her life as she learns to take the role of a survivalist – and enforces that being shipwrecked was the best thing that has ever happened to her.
But things change and both Jade and Griffon are faced with decisions after being rescued and returned to their lives on opposite sides of the globe. Will Jade return to her formal, opulent life or will she chose to remain… naked and defiant?
(This book was previously titled Naked and Defiant)
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