Birthday Spankings

Being Spanked on John’s Birthday! NOT FAIR!

Hi ya’all. I am writing this post under duress. Nope, you do not have a happy Bree right now. Soooooo, yesterday was John’s 198th birthday (or somewhere around there, can’t remember because he’s been around since the dawn of time). We had a wonderful day—I took him to the Birch Aquarium (I should have started thinking about the events right then.. birch…ummm), returned home and played a little bit, and then left for The Marine Room in La Jolla.

20140703_112645Before I go into further detail, this place is the BOMB. Check out the menu! It is amazing and our favorite place to celebrate. I mean, you gotta love gourmet food and fancy settings, plus the view is spectacular. A panoramic of the Pacific Ocean at sunset! How can anything be more romantic? Except…

A Long Island Iced Tea. I mean, come on! I hardly ever drink and it was a celebration, right? Usually, I go for Bellini’s but they did not have the peach puree, so I settled for the next best thing. It was STRONG. As the night went on, I was feeling the effects, and he took it away from me. Mean, huh? And then people actually brought little kids into this place who were yelling! This is a five star restaurant and these people brought a set of two year old twins who did not know how to sit quietly and color. As these children screamed, my nerves started to grind (I know other people’s were too-you could hear the comments), so I simply reached across the table and took a few (ok, maybe almost finishing my LIIT) sips. Yes, right in front of Mr. Meanie Birthday Boy, bold as could be.

I had a reason, right?

He did not think so. We went for a lovely walk on the beach- it was low tide and the waves were warm and then went to return to the valet to get the SUV. That was when he sprung it on me.


“Before we get the truck, you and I have a little date in the back seat.” Ooo, I’m thinking QUICKY! I like quickys…Not.

“What were you thinking? Drinking right in front of me after I said that you had enough?” By then he had my wrist in his hand and was leading me to the parking lot. I started mentally hitting myself in the head for letting him have the combo to the SUV’s electric lock.

“I asked you a question,” he tightened his grip.

“It was expensive and I didn’t want to waste the money.” Can’t blame me for trying, right?

“Try again.”

“The kids were screaming and I didn’t wanna get cranky.”

“They were not that bad and you know that is not an excuse. I can’t believe you just defied me, right in my face!” I hate when he starts scolding. He opened the truck’s door and pointed inside. Think fast, Bree! Here goes-

“You know, I should really get points for not doing it behind your back and choosing to defy you to your face.” Good thing it was dark because I could FEEL the look I got for that smart ass comment.

“Unbelievable,” He choked out. “Get your bottom into the back seat.” Then the fun began. NOT. It was chilly and damp and this man has a hand that feels like a frat paddle. And he was not playing nice. I was squirming and squealing, but you can only move so much when your head is practically under the seat and your feet are jammed against the door.

“The valet is getting a nice show,” John mentioned mid-swing.


“He must have heard your screaming,” John said, pausing. I held my breath, I could hear footsteps! He had his hand resting on my backside and continued, “Plus your nice, red bottom was high enough in the air that the street light was shining on it. Yep,” he resumed the spanking, “you gave him something to dream about tonight.”

Oh My God! Was he using Fourth of July Fireworks on my ass? I bit back what I could of my yelling, praying that the noise was muffled on the carpet. But the spanks were SO loud, they must have echoed through the parking lot. FINALLY, it was over. He pulled my panties back up, smoothed out my dress and sat me up.

“That was fun. I love birthdays,” he said happily.

John was grinning as we returned to get the valet to bring us the truck. No lie, this guy was unsuccessfully hiding a smile as he looked over at me and even whispered to his partner. How humiliating, right? That was when I realized that the windows were cracked open. They had to have heard everything!

I am very happy John had a great birthday. Next year, we stay at home.


Bree…I’m Home!


OK lovelies, I hear through the subbie vine, you may be interested in a day in the life of myself and Bree. The title (though most of you are probably too young to remember this)  is from I Love Lucy. Well, paraphrased, Ricky would always say “Lucy I’m Home”…Bree and I do have quite a bit in common with Ricky and Lucy, I am a musician and Bree gets in occasional rather amusing situations. Thankfully, she does not crash my gigs and run onstage, but her behaviors can get her in trouble. And, Bree gets spanked just like Lucy did. Unfortunately there were no bare bottom spankings on family television. Here’s a little episode for you all of the I Love Bree show.

The other day I told Bree to come to me and bend over, not for punishment, just because. I was in the mood to see a cherry red bottom, and she knows I own hers 24/7. But for some reason she said she was not in the mood. Now I can hear all of you uh oh… And yes you are correct. Uh oh indeed. So I asked, “what did you say?’ Bree, being Bree actually said “you are not the boss of me” I think I heard a collective subbie gasp. Again correct, not good. So what was going to be a nice warm bottom, would now evolve into a very hot red bottom. I took Bree by the ear, she really hates that, and put her otk, yanking down her pants and panties. After 20 spanks she was quite contrirte and apologizing. However, that was hardly enough. After the hand spanking Bree was quite red, I think it was around 150 spanks, then she had to bring me the lucite paddle and bend over for 25. There was a lot of squirming, especially otk, and yelling, loud enough to be an extra in a Saw franchise. After she apologized and spent 10 minutes with her red bare bottom in corner then she was forgiven and held with a lot of after care.

So there you go. This was not a severe punishment by any means, but one to teach Bree her place as my submissive. Plus she has an amazingly spankable bottom, which was the whole reason to tell her to bend over in the first place. But subbies be crazy sometimes, and she lost her mind for a few seconds. It certainly cost her, but truly it did not hurt me a bit.

Be good or else!


Dare To Defy….And Help Save Me From Crazy Cleaning Lady!



Hi peeps, thought I would drop in to say hello and give a little update about whats going on around here.

First of all, Bre has been suffering from “allergies”. I never heard of allergies causing someone to lose their voice and have a raging chest…cold? But what do I know? She says it was allergies, so it was allergies. Luckily for us, she managed to keep writing through it all and OMG her next book. It is the ducking bomb! It is called Dare to Defy and it is so damn hot. All I can say is hold on to your__________. This book is gonna make you need to change your panties a couple times. haha Shhhh! Don’t tell SJ I said that.

The other thing we have been doing is spring cleaning. Can I just say Bree is crazy? I have never seen so much shit being tossed out. Salvation Army, god bless you for coming and taking it all away. Bree is one of those people that gets into something and just goes nuts with it. She is determined that all of the spring cleaning and organizing will be finished prior to our vacation-which starts on Monday! Hmmm….Wish us luck. Lucky for me, I am off to LA with friends for the weekend so I can get out of some of what I lovingly refer to as Hayse Crazy Town. lol

So, thats about all thats happening around here. Hope you all are enjoying your spring and you don’t have a crazy slave driver making you clean.

Love, Nikki

The Dom Dynamic & Balance


scales of justice

Wow this sounds lofty…Well, not really. You see ladies, I was inspired today to write this. I just finished the rough draft of Blindfolded. OK no pouting, it is part of the perks of being married to the beautiful and amazing, Breanna Hayse, so get over it. OK,  this is an amazing book. Maybe her best yet, and as you know, that’s saying something. The female character and the male character dynamic is really so close to Bree and I…OK duh, he is called Master J, but that’s not the point. As I was reading, I was struck by just how important balance is, in a Dom, and how it is essential in a Dom/sub relationship. Hey some Dom’s do not want to admit it, but we all have the dark/light yin/yang female/male characteristics. Now this is the tricky part; go too far one way, and you will be an abusive jerk. Too far the other, and you will be too passive to ever get a sub to respect or obey you. A Dom needs to be an example for his sub. He must always protect and treasure her. In fact, I treat Bree like a queen every day. Go ahead, ask her, hopefully she will back me up or I will look really lame here.


Now does that mean she walks all over me? No. Does it mean she has no rules?   No. Does it mean I hold back if she is deserving of punishment? No, no, and no.  But the balance must be there. A Dom must be fair, and just, and as I said, he must set an example for his sub. If a Dom says no smoking, he cannot smoke. If he says no speeding, he cannot speed. At least this is how I operate. I would never punish Bree for an offense that I am also guilty of. Here’s the tough part again, balance.


How do you, as a Dom, command respect and obedience, without being overbearing, or worse, abusive?  But, also loving and kind enough to nurture  your relationship, without being too weak to command anything. Well it’s not easy, let me tell you. But I think it can be simplified in a way. As I said, I treat Bree like a treasure, which she is. I put all my energy into letting her know this, and feel it. But when she disobeys, it’s the same energy- but it turns to my darker side.


The commitment I have to Bree to be loving caring etc. is just as strong when I need to be strict, or even severe. Although truth be told, in the last 9 years maybe 5 times have I had to be severe. Bree is a very, very, good sub. But for her to feel secure and protected, and yes, loved, she needs to know I have both sides… Wait for it…right! Balance. Even when a punishment is difficult to administer, yes that happens even though I love getting Bree’s beautiful bb cherry red, there are times she needs more than just my hand. And once I decree she’s to be punished, I never back down. Unless she has a valid reason for her behavior, or maybe going through, or just emerging from a traumatic event. Come on, I am not a monster ladies.


Well you will see when you read blindfolded. Anyway, IMO, to make a true 24/7 D/s relationship work- which is what Bree and I have – the Dom must be balanced. Equally yin/yang, etc. If you are a subbie looking for a Dom, this is imperative for you. Never settle for less, it will not work. For those of you in happy relationships, you already know this. Well that’s all for now.


Be good, or else!



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