Will He Ever Stop?


Help? I mean, HELP!

Something clicked in John’s beady little brain that said, “Hmm, our top stairs bedroom faces an open field…no windows to the right and the bathroom hall and tub windows are closed to the right. That means, NO ONE can hear her scream!”

I can’t explain it any other way then to tell you that something’s turned to rainbow in the Land of Hayse. And that something is my bottom. Since I got the kitchen up and running, he seems to be more attentive. Yes, I get the usual cuddles, tickles and hair tugs (NO flowers yet…I am so disappointed. Do they even sell flowers up here). But more—

Maybe I am living with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Dom? Shhh, don’t tell him this-but OMG. Hear me out:

Teenage. As all of you know, John is 198 years old. That means that certain things slow down a bit and focus is upon more important things- like which Oreo is better…Regular or Lemon? Ladies, it is like living with a twenty-five year old…Will he ever stop? Gawd, I hope not!

Mutant. Speaking of NOT stopping, he’s also transformed. Yum. He has evolved into love machine that has no off button. Will he ever stop? He better not!

Ninja. I NEVER know where he is hiding. We have carpet throughout the house and I can’t hear him sneaking up on me. There is nowhere I am safe from his ninja-like approach to capture me unaware. Why would he do such a thing? Maybe because of his Teenage-Mutant half? Or maybe…

DOM. It never stops. I’m on the couch. He spanks. I’m in bed. He spanks. I’m walking out the front door. He spanks. I’m taking a bath. He spanks. No place is sacred in this house! Would you believe me, though, if I told you the one place I have not been spanked in is the torture room? I KNOW! I’ve been Ninjaed Teenage Mutanized there, but not Dommed…

Will he ever stop?

Luv you all,


Good to be a Dom


Hello lovelies,

So today I am talking to you about one of my favorite things in the world…You can guess this. You know me well enough by now…Ok fine I’ll tell you…Spanking of course, and the sight of a nice cherry red bb.

Now being a Dom I have the opportunity to indulge my, shall we say…needs or wants lol, often. Since I am married to a woman with a remarkably spankable bottom, it’s all good (for me).

You see, Bree is my sub so that means when I am in the mood to turn her bb cherry red she has no say in the matter. Now before I hear the “it’s not fair” chant ringing around the subbie universe let me clarify. When you accept a Dom, you give up your bottom 24/7, either for deserved punishment or for your Dom’s enjoyment. Hence my day yesterday.

I informed Bree she would be taking a break from writing at different times. She asked why but instead of telling her I thought I should show her. Bree is a squirmier, big time, and that’s ok as she tends to move a lot but in about 15 seconds she has no energy left and is easy to hold down, lol. I hand spanked her to a cherry red. She whined a bit and was owing a lot but like I said, good to be the Dom.

Sometimes she wants it, sometimes not but whenever I feel like spanking Bree’s bottom it’s always available. I spanked and paddled her 4 times yesterday and she really did not enjoy it but I did. Which is why?…say it with me now…It’s good to be the Dom.

Thank you, it certainly is! So remember when you commit to a D/s relationship your bb belongs to your Dom. He can spank, paddle or even cane it whenever he wants and when someone is as spankable as Bree that means a lot.

Hmmm I think I need to take a break, lol.

Be good, or else…


101 Reasons to Kill Your Dom…

Yeah, Peeps, it’s me! I want to say that life is GOOD. No drama anywhere, John is playing at lots of gigs and my girls and I are having a blast watching him, and I don’t have to deal with the politics of anything since I’m writing full time. You have no idea how wonderful that feels after so many years of BS everything.  I am truly SO happy and content with where things are going

The move is FINALLY over and I am back to work getting the words that keep rattling in my brains onto paper.  Before I go off on my rant, I want to say THANK YOU for all the patience, love and support you have given me during this transition. I also want to thank you for the tremendous success of Two Guardians for Little May!  I believe this has been the best ever and it is all due to you

We also have two MORE books (King Dom Comes and Liars and Tigers Are Bared- Oh My!) in editing right now, and a third almost ready for submission. So, yes, I’ve been a Busy Bree!

Now, with the updates and the 101 ways to kill your Dom.  Bluntly, I’ve been a royal b***h with this move. Communication has been hell for everyone.  I have one nerve left and it is packed somewhere in a box in the garage. Between him and I; him and the subs; the subs and me and my fans; well… watch the video… it tells all!

John busted his butt being a tool. Yeah, poor guy was a total pack mule. It did not take long for all this lifting, loading, unloading, etc. to get old, either. And then, with the help of some friends, he brought over the heavy stuff—sans assembly toolage.  Now, most of us put hardware back in a specific place or in a bag. Nope. Not these guys. They lost half the nuts, bolts, screws, etc. that I need to reassemble everything. Yes, you heard me. I guess, guitar players and keyboardists don’t do those things. Wanna drive me nuts? Lose my tools and the hardware. Grrrr.

On the up side, I’ve lost a ton of weight during the move itself (over 20 lbs!) not counting what I lost before- and am ready for swimsuit season. Oh wait, its October…Damn. The house is totally fab and the neighborhood awesome, quiet and immaculately clean; nice big FLAT sidewalks to take the border collies walking; shopping less than 5 minutes from here (verses the thirty minute drive to the gas station at the old place); pizza delivery; cell service and internet NON-SATELLITE…OMG, the list goes on and on.  No more living off the grid. But, that also brought up some issues about change and adjustment.

So, why would I want to hang the love of my life out the window in a fishnet, dangle him over a yard full of screaming children while playing a CD of Neil Diamond singing to Kenny G sax, and spray sugar water in his face to attract bees? Lemme tell you….

  1. Dom’s don’t like being bossed around. Shocker, right? We have CARPET here so, of course, I want to keep it clean. What part of ‘take your dirty shoes off before you come in the house’ is hard to hear, right?
  2. Speaking of hearing, there is an upstairs and the insulation is amazing. Also convenient when I need him to get off the computer and do some unpacking. I got him a walkie talkie—he won’t use it. I’m starting to hate the stairs for many reasons…
  3. Stairs are for walking to and from the second floor, NOT to pin me down and spank me because he feels like it. Nope….Hard pass
  4. Stairs are also a major nuisance when you have boxes of books and oversized furniture to take up. Oh wait, that’s why I have a Tool…uh, John. How can we tell him, though, that there is no whining in schlepping!
  5. Watching TV in the new living room is NOT considered a date. I don’t care if a pizza is ordered (already getting tired of it); and no, the neighbors cannot hear him spank me down there either. Seriously, dude…
  6. I put a sign on the community bathroom- turn off the light and keep the door open when not in use. I swear, I’m going to disconnect the light and take the handle off the door. AT least he closes the toilet seat- most of the time.
  7. We have a dishwasher now (yay!) Guess where the used dishes are still going? I bought paper plates because I started plotting murder and the knife drawer is waaaaay to close..
  8. My housewarming gift… a tool set. Yep. Okay, I do like my tools and being able to fix things, but come on…although, he DID bring me home an oreo cookie milkshake (that didn’t melt before he got here). Yay being on grid again!

Told you I was being a b***h!

Seriously, he’s a great guy and he has really pushed his ancient body to get this move done for us. As much as I’ve wanted to kill the poor thing, I also want to hug him (after a shower).  My besties (Lily and Isa) are coming to visit in three weeks to warm the house (and their bottoms).  We intend to not only drive him crazy, but also spoil him rotten.  Any ideas? Other than feeding him to the killer Chihuahua-pit bull mix puppy next door…





Hello lovelies,

This post will be informative and amusing, I think. As some of you may know we were informed we had to move. This happened at a time when Bree was out of town and had a week from hell so she took it really hard. I felt bad as I was not there to console her. After she got home and a few days went by we both began to get excited about a new place and a new adventure.

Now here’s a little vanilla ice cream on top of the chocolate I usually serve you. Guys do not care where they live. For me, as long as I have satellite or cable and the neighbors are quiet and not jerks I am fine. I could care less how big, what color the house is, how many rooms, how high the ceilings etc. Now Bree, on the other hand needs a lot it has to be the right size, color, backyard, kitchen, etc. so to paraphrase don Quixote to reach the unreachable house, this was our quest.


Well windmills aside we found it. Bree is really happy and it’s a cool house. Huge, over 3000 sq ft, so lots of rooms, really nice, and yes a perfect space for a punishment room. So, being a Dom I had to make this a…are you ready? Dom-icile. That’s gold, lol!!! To do this, each room had to be christened. I informed Bree she was to be spanked bb in every room when we went back for her to take pictures of the house. After an initial deer in the headlights look from her I informed her she would be taking down her pants and bending over. She reluctantly complied and tensed as her panties were taken down to her knees.

Here is a little info about her you may find amusing. Bree thinks that by doing an imitation of the tea cup ride at Disneyland she can avoid her spanks. By that I mean she starts turning slowly then faster and faster until she is moving in a circle! On this day she wore her hair in a long pony tail. Once a Dom says you are to be spanked he will make sure you are so he must get you in position and hold you there. Not as easy as it sounds because it must be done without tweaking your wrist, arm, neck etc..hence the pony tail. By taking that in my left hand and pulling gently forward Bree had to follow which took her down to her knees. From there it was easy to get her across my lap, as I was sitting, and hold her for her spanking.

All in all, maybe 100 spanks. Not punishment of course but she was fire red and the sound really echoed, so win-win for me. After I took her for a slurpee. See how nice I am?

Be good, or else…

I love being the Dom.


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