Wave to the Queen

Hello Lovelies,

No, this is not about Bree. She believes she’s the queen around here, but it’s about the real undisputed queen of the universe. Drum roll please…..Pricess!!!

Why do I call her the mega queen? Ok dig this, we have an above ground pool, not huge, but big enough. Bree gets in, then Diamond. Princess, however, looks at me as if to say, “Well, pick me up and put me in. I don’t jump.” Excuse me, your highness. Ok she’s  in, Bree’s floating, Diamond is swimming and Princess??? Oh she’s waiting, for what you may ask, I’ll let her tell you.

Hello humans, it’s me, Princess, the one and only. So get this, finally SJ remembers I don’t jump and puts me in the pool, took long enough. What’s with you humans anyway? But I digress, now I’m in and Bree is staring at me. I’m thinking, come on you’re the Mensa head, you can figure this out. Finally, she does and pulls my float, or throne, over to me. Now I can float and wave to my subjects swimming around…..and it’s hot, no drinks? It’s not easy owning humans. See what I mean?

Be  good or else

SJ and Princess

Borders, Peas, Remotes oh my!


Hello lovelies,

How is everyone? Things are beginning to level off here so I thought I would share a non D/s tidbit with you. Plenty of red bottom posts coming in the future.

You all know Bree is addicted to english peas, in fact I don’t buy her a few bags I get a case at a time lol. However she’s not the only female in this house who has that addiction, two more medium size black and white fluffy ones share the same need. Princess and Diamond are addicted to english peas, maybe more than Bree, and that’s saying something. Diamond will just eat the whole thing but Princess, being a princess wants the peas taken out of the pods!! They love those things and are all over Bree when she’s eating a bowl.

Since we’re on the topic of royalty let’s talk remotes. I handle the remote as Bree is well, how can I say this nicely? Technologically challenged? So the other day I was watching something and Princess was grumbling, kind of how a subbie does in the corner. I’m sure a lot of you know the sound. I go out of the room and I come back to see that Princess took the remote. She had changed the channel and was happily looking at the TV, no joke!!

I think she’s an alien. You see when Bree and I go somewhere we have to put on Disney for the borders to watch. No, I’m not making this up, if we don’t they will find something to destroy in the house. Borders are crazy smart, like scary smart.

I think I am going to hide my extra set of car keys better in future. Princess may decide to take Diamond for a joyride while Bree and I are out!

Be good, or else…


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