Hello lovelies,

This heading is not about a subbie after a severe session, although some would say that’s appropriate. No, this is about another of Bree’s obsessions. She’s actually got me hooked now too…watching Survivor, more accurately marathons lol.

First, you must know that I have a rule in the Hayse house if I am watch something that I really want to see there is no talking. None. This does not just apply to Bree but any subbie that visits.

Now Bree loves to yell at the tv during Survivor. I hate him/her! They have to be voted off!! She just goes nuts. It’s one of those things I find very amusing and since I’m not really trying to hear the dialogue that much I just let her go.

For any future subbies that visit you will be allowed to do the same but it did give me a really good idea for a spanking game. See you knew I would bring this home didn’t you?

Next time I am going to have my paddle and for every wrong answer of who is voted off the subbie will get 10 bb swats. If we are watching a marathon, that could be a lot of spanks, lol.

I love being the Dom so if any of you ever visit beware…Survivor may be appropriate after 20 episodes or so.

Be good, or else…


16 thoughts on “Survivor

  1. Survivor is one of my Favorite shows!!! Since I usually have to record it (I work afternoons) the only ones watching with me are the cats. I am usually pretty quiet. Now turn on a Detroit Red Wings hockey game and I can make NO promises on being quiet. (Wonders what the Hayse household rules are on sporting events?). FYI, I don’t care WHO wins tomorrow as long as it is NOT that whiny a$$, crybaby, Rodney.

  2. I usually talk a lot during things, but I promise I won’t on the condition that I may sit on your lap and cuddle throughout the episode. Yup, that’s me. I’ll be quiet if I get affection! I love cuddles <3

  3. Umm I think I will pass. I always have comments. I am also a big action movie fan and I tend to act out an awesome fight scene too haha

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