Subbies and Hammers


OK my lovelies, intriguing title, yes? Here is the deal, if someone hit you on the head with a hammer-no i am not suggesting that-but lets just say for argument’s sake someone hit you on the head with a hammer. And lets say that you knew if you changed a certain behavior, you would not get hit again. That would motivate you to change, correct? I mean, who wants to get hit in the head with a hammer? It hurts, and it is unpleasant. So you know you will get hit again, unless you change the behavior. So you change, seems reasonable to me.

Now lets substitute a paddle, or a strap, or even a hand, for Mr. Hammer. Now same deal. You know the spanking will hurt and be unpleasant, and you know that can be avoided by changing the behavior. Seems logical to expect that you would change, correct? I can see you all nodding your heads. Makes sense SJ. I hear what you are saying. Then something happens, and once again we are getting hit on the head with the hammer. Help us please!!!

My question for all of you is…why do you keep doing things to get hit with the hammer, when all you have to do is change a behavior? Now this is not my first rodeo, so I know there is logic and then there is subbie logic…But really? Help your fellow sisters. Don’t let them get hit on the head with a hammer. Just new mantra, shout it from the mountain tops. Behave! .So simple right? Yeah, I know. lol

Be good or else,


15 thoughts on “Subbies and Hammers

  1. This is a fun one, while I did a lot of things only once, because sometimes it just wasn’t worth it. Especially the dissapointment, not necessarily the spanking, you kind off forget the pain of a spanking (maybe that is the reason why it’s a surprise everytime!) . But there are some things I have been spanked for many times, But I also needed the spankings in a relationship to feel safe and cared for, and to remind me that I can’t get away with murder (or self-destructive behavior) also real submission gives me peaceful feeling inside, there is nothing quite like it. The feeling of setting things right is also nice. So in the end to many reasons to keep doing it, or things like it, I do like to be original…

    Unfortunately it has been almost a year, and I notice myself acting out, and just trying to get a rise out of some people, it’s really hard to resist! But then again I always was a brat 😉

      • Luckily and unfortunately, I don’t have a Dom 😀 / 🙁 Also never had a spanking so maybe one (or multiple) would adjust my attitude… But for now, I am stubborn (and always right) 😉

          • Lovely to hear that my Domlessness and my rarely touched bottom reflect in my attitude :’) Can’t wait for your next post, Sir John. I’m secretly hoping for something with… a lot of imagery.

  2. I think for me, the pleasure often outweighs the pain I know will follow. At least in the heat of the moment. That is until guilt sets in. Thats a game changer.

  3. Yes you would thimk that logic is correct but then after some time you forget about the pain and forget why and do it again. There is also the idea that maybe I just won’t get caught this time or I enjoyed it that much that the pain is worth the outcome. I guess this would be the case because I do not know personally but I do feel like I am constantly beating myself in the head with a hammer trying to deal with my 16 year old daughter.

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