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Hello lovelies,

The last post was kind of heavy so this week back to my usual. You all seem to like my stories about my D/s past so here’s one you may find amusing.

Back when cds were really big and had smaller holes…they were called records…I was doing a lot of in person sessions. For a while I was doing double sessions, in other words more than one subbie in a session. This was very enjoyable as I had two bb’s to spank, plus could watch the subbies spank each other. Hey we all have our thing, no hatin’ lol.

For this session I had two women come over. I told them each about the other and thought they would get along. Since each was due a punishment session it seemed a good idea to do it together.  Now as you know I care about my subbies and always want them to have the best experience. That does not mean they can sit down after a punishment but just that there is no big drama.

I had them come over, they met and all was good. I went to the market and told them both to behave, I’m sure you see where this may be going. Now these women both had sound spankings coming so why they would add to that I don’t know but as I always say…subbies be crazy.

When I got back I heard yelling and what sounded like a fight through my door. I go in and its a cat fight with yelling and pulling hair. I broke it up and asked them what in the world was going on. Of course, each one blamed the other one and they were yelling. I really felt bad because I set this up and now the whole evening was blown.

They could see I was upset about the way things turned out and then…wait for it…they started laughing! They had decided it would be funny to pretend to hate each other and get my reaction. They had a good laugh for about 30 seconds. What followed was a corner, lecture for both then sound bb hair brushings. Plus I made them spank each other. The one with the least red bottom got it from me. I had a great time, they, not so much from what I remember lol.

Of course, after this punishment came their book punishments. They were really sorry they pulled this prank as now, the book punishments were applied to very sore bb’s. Oh well, didn’t hurt me a bit lol. All was resolved later and I did have more sessions with the two of them but I could not help but think as they both were sniffling red bb’s in the corner…subbies be crazy.

Be good, or else…


34 thoughts on “Subbies be Crazy

  1. Just want to say Bree crushed it with her new book, best seller ever!!!! She so rocks .I see a major subspace session in her future love you sweetie your the best

  2. I don’t think I’m a subby, but got to admit that sounds like a lot of fun and I would probably be smiling while I stood in the corner. Not so much once the spanking started, but oh, well…….Did either one mention that you should chill?
    Great story.

  3. I get very jealous so I would never want a double session. Unless it’s someone like Miss Breanna, since she probably has a more spankable bottom and I would be somewhat safe 😉 <3

    Then again, I'm always a good girl. My book would be empty.

  4. Hi SJ,
    I have been following this blog for a long time, but never had the courage to reach out and say hi (you are kinda intimidating) But since I have been “hanging out” with Bree a bunch the last week and some other crazy gals I feel a little braver. So I just wanted to say I enjoy your posts, even the scary ones, and thanks for sharing your wife with all of us 🙂
    P.s. That is a pretty funny story and I have to agree with JoAnna that it sounds like fun 😉

    • hi Alyssa , i hope you keep commenting, i am really a nice guy ..well most of the time .Bree loves talking to all of you, it makes her happy and that makes me happy .I am glad my post was amusing to you , however, the girls at the time had nothing close to fun lol

      • Its the “Be good or else…” that gets me every time. 😉 I’m sure they were laughing when they came up with the plan to fool you, but you are probably right about afterwards…

  5. Ok so I just opened this latest blog by SJ which I received via email. It said breanna hayse romance email, so me being excited to see what the latest news was, opened the email up at Uni and what pops up, a spanking picture! My friend looked at me strangely, I turned bright red and didn’t know what to say, so I just said its funny what people send you these days, I quickly shut it down and she was like wait lets see it again lol.

    • Snigger! It happens to me all the time and I just raise my eyebrow and say- cool! That looks like fun. It either intrigues them or embarrasses- but either way, I’m off the hook for further discussion unless they invite it. That is how I got my entire beauty salon staff to read my stuff. Now, if you want to talk about an interesting discussion while getting your nails done…. LOL!

      • Lol Bree, All my friends see me as this really good sweet girl so when they hear me tell them I like a bit of kink or see the books I read they give me this weird double look like its the first time they’ve met me or something; either that or there’re like we knew there was another freaky side to you and there’re the ones that are like can we borrow your books, or what are you reading now cos I’m downloading it on kindle, that’s when I get to tell them all about your books.

        • LOL! Gotta love it, right? Well, tell them to get Moving A Little Heart and then they can see the FULLNESS of kink (and lotsa love) that should make their toes curl. LOVES! B

  6. *laughing* That is TOTALLY something I would pull if I were in there place, but I have the advantage of being irresistably cute, so my bottom wouldn’t have been so on fire. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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