Subbies are Definitely Crazy


Hello lovelies,

You all know I love you and the title was said with affection but my post will prove my theory, I’m sure of it. It’s a two part question for you all and the catalyst of this query was none other than your favorite author, fellow crazy and the love of my life Breanna Hayse.

I am sure you all have long hair, or most of you. Bree likes to wear hers in a ponytail. She looks cute so I am all for it but she knows that she’s very easy to control via the pony tail. I’m not saying I drag her around the house like a cave Dom but taking her upstairs and keeping her OTK by holding her ponytail is easy.  Now first question, when she knows she plans to act up and annoy me (as she did the other day) and she knows she will be taken upstairs and spanked, why does she put her hair in a ponytail?  Would you not wear it down or try and make it hard to grab a hold of?

Now for the subbie be really crazy portion of our program.

I took Bree upstairs by her ponytail. She grabs my hand and resisted…well she tried, not very successfully. I took her to the bedroom still holding her by the ponytail. She’s still trying to hold on to my hand as I put her OTK and hold her down. She’s a big time squirmier so I need to pin her pretty tight. I let go of her hair to position her more over my knee and start spanking. I notice she is still yelling and promising to be good etc. but she’s not moving much. That’s odd I thought and then I saw something that I had to laugh at…Bree still has ahold of her ponytail! I mean she’s begging to get up and holding her own self down at the same time!!!!!

Now if that is not the definition of subbies be crazy, I don’t know what is. Anyone out there have an explanation for this subbie phenomena?

I sure don’t but to tell you the truth I was laughing so hard I almost fell off the bed.

Be good, or else…


13 thoughts on “Subbies are Definitely Crazy

  1. wow !two mr. meanies on one page, pretty good lol I am not making fun , and just a fyi, I told bree I was going to post this . Its just an example of subbies be really crazy sometimes Alyssa

  2. She probably didn’t even realize you let go as the sting was still there It isn’t nice to hold are pony tail like that. It is NOT a handle as you Dom’s seem to think Poor Bree I bet she didn’t even do anything that bad Mr. Meanie I think you all took a class or something to learn how to be meanies.. But for some unknown reason we love you guys anyway so maybe that’s what makes us all crazy Yup that’s it With all Respect Sir

  3. Sir, I’ll bet if you asked Bree, she didn’t realize she was even doing it! She was in her subbie headspace. What is it (besides those Dom arms) that holds a subbie in place? If subbies be crazy, then what does that mean for the Doms that love to whale away on the subbie bottom. 2 sides of the same crazy coin! Without crazy subbie, where would poor Sir Sadist be?

  4. Sir I can only speak for myself but I am told to put in my “handle”. Which is just a hair clip when I twist my hair up lol. For me, I’m honestly a Brat (big B There)but when I get real bad it’s because I need stress relief and my tension is running high and I can’t control it on my own. I will explode. The act of having my hair held is a submissive position. A position of control for the Dom. For me it’s calming because I know he’s in control and I can let go no matter how much I fight. Does that make sense?

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