Stupid or Insane?


Yes thats right. As I lay here on my bed, eating a pickle and chocolate pudding, I am wondering… am I stupid or am I just insane? Not because of the pickle/pudding thing. Thats actually yummy. No this has to do with when stupid just grows, expands, blows up into full blown insanity.

So I guess your probably wondering what the heck (notice I did not curse) I am talking about. Well I will tell you. I managed to earn a book entry-50 hand, 25 with the OTK paddle and 15 with the school paddle due to calling Bre stupid and saying duck with an F in front of it and the D removed (twice). So yea, thats stupid right? Well thennnnnnn, a friend sent Bre and I easter baskets. Which Bre, in her usual fashion, took over and stole stuff out of my basket. And when I complained to Daddy, I was told to stop bickering.

Now, I guess considering the fact that we spent the better part of the day shopping for furniture, should have been enough of a warning to not tick him off. Because like most men, shopping is not as exciting as it is for us girls. But remember, I am either stupid or insane or by this point maybe both. In any case, I did keep pushing things because darnit, that bear was mine not hers and the giraffe is definitely mine. Yes folks, we are talking about stuffed animals here. And again, I realize that toys are probably pretty stupid to fight over but they were in my basket and she took them and Daddy just let her do it! Is that fair? I think not.

So, again, I complained to Daddy that its not fair-he said he would decide who gets what-which may or may not go in my favor. So what did it get me? A hand spanking 100 and 15 with the brush. Hmph. So not fair! My stuff gets stolen and I get spanked. Where is the justice?

Of course, I should have just kept my mouth shut and snuck in and stole them back from Bre. Kept Daddy out of it completely. But noooooo… Cause remember? I am insanely stupid. Or stupidly insane.


Now you know why I am laying on my tummy while writing this blog post. Eating a pickle and chocolate pudding.

Luv, Nikki

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10 thoughts on “Stupid or Insane?

  1. Well maybe insane for the pickle and chocolate pudding, that poor pudding didn’t do anything!

    Easter baskets are serious business. Was it a willing trade or a forced trade? Idk Nikki, maybe you just need to work on your ninja skills and get more stealthy then you can dish out secret vigilante justice and get your stuff back and NOT get spanked.

    • Lily, it was not a willing trade. And I did learn something. Don’t fight with her. Just go back later and steal my stuff back.

  2. Did not. Liar, liar pants on fire! Literally! HAHA.
    You forget, little sister, that the secret to My success is that I DON’T GET CAUGHT.
    And I like Wendy”s frosty and french fries too!!!!!!

  3. Do you dip the pickle in the pudding? I’ll have to try it. I like to get a chocolate frosty and french fries from Wendy’s. I think the salt with the sweet is what makes it good.

    Sorry you have to eat it on your tummy 🙁

    • Lisa, I do dip the pickle in the pudding. It is good. Sweet and salty and crunchy. Everything a snack should be! lol

      And Bree! You are such a liar. First of all, I do not stink. In fact, my perfume is Blvgari and it smells wonderful. Second, I did not take your chocolate. Third, you stuck the chop sticks up your nose first. And 4th you DARED me to jump on the bed!

      Love Nikki

  4. LOL! NOW.. the rest of the story….. i TRADED my Pooh bear for her brown Bear because I thought she would want Pooh BECAUSE I always call her that cuz she’s stinky. In addition…. she was already in trouble for jumping on the bed at the furniture store when we went couch shopping today, and for sticking chopsticks in her nose at the Japanese restaurant (which was really funny, btw). Plus, part of the fun of Easter baskets is stealing… did she mention she got all my chocolate?

  5. Aw, I am glad my blog post made you smile. Dont be a stranger. We Hayse sisters are usually good for a laugh or two.

    luv nikki

    • Was perfect timing neede a good laugh. I do similar things but her away with them 😉 sadly life is getting to busy so time to step away but hope to come around again once I’ve for myself settled. To many distractions and somehow my self discipline I used to have is failing me.

  6. Thank you so much I really neede a good laugh and your post made me smile. Have not been reading blogs but I guess I did not take myself of this list and it popped up in my email . Gave me a much needed smile. Hope despite you being on your tummy you had a great Easter. Thankfully I stole from my nephews and nieces baskets and no one rattled not that it would of mattered. Take care happy April 1.

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