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The first in the Darkness Series is nearing its final stop in the production process. Strictland Academy, the first in the series, is a collaborative effort between Bree and Carolyn Faulkner. It is definitely something new, different and a little forbidden. Here is a small taste of what is to come, as always check back for updates and snippets as we near the release. Before you get to far into your relaxing weekend (hopefully) make sure to stop by and see what’s happening at all the other authors participating on the Saturday Spankings Blog.

Strictland Academy

From Breanna Hayse:  Every day, authors of erotica receive emails asking for something different… Forbidden fruit, taboo, stories made up from hellish nightmares. Readers begging for characters like Vlad the Impaler, Pinhead, and Hannibal Lechter are flooding us with the challenge to step outside the box filled with teddy bears and bubble gum, and dive into something beyond the imagination.

We are reminded that darkness lurks inside the minds of all of us, and that many people, even the most gentle of souls, are fascinated with things of horror, are drawn to the forbidden, and delight in fear… When Carolyn Faulkner approached me with the challenge to meet her in this place, I balked. Did I have the courage to sail down this river with her? If I did not, how would I ever see what lay hidden in the recesses of my own imagination? So I met her challenge…

This book is not for the faint of heart, or for anyone looking for a warm fuzzy to cuddle up to next to a crackling fire. True to the title, The Darkness Series, this is the first installment that will allow thousands of reader fantasies to be put to pen and paper. It is not a tale of romance, rather that of survival. Does good always overcome evil? Only time will tell…..

In a harsh, nightmarish, dystopian future, beautiful, but rebellious young women are sentenced to an indefinite time to privately run ‘reform schools,’ staffed by those who likely do not have the young women’s best interests always at heart. Strictland Academy follows the harsh journey of these inmates, through both the pain and the forbidden pleasure. They face cruel matrons bent on teaching them to be ‘proper citizens’, embarrassing and oftentimes, painful medical exams, and the never-ending fear of being married off to a ‘worthy man.’ There only hope of escape comes in the form of a kind, but determined, psychiatrist, and the girls’ ability to survive.

**Publisher’s Note:  Strictland Academy is a severe erotic fantasy set in a harsh dystopian future.  It features explicit erotic elements, including medical play and prison punishment elements.  If severe punishment stories offend or disturb you, please do not read.


 Still unable to loosen the bonds, Molly concentrated on trying to stand.  She was able to rise to her knees just before the heavy door abruptly opened and permitted the entrance of three severely-dressed older women with high-collared, shapeless black dresses, black sensible shoes, and black hosiery.  Their hair was pulled up into tight buns, causing the skin of their faces to stretch.  They were followed by a pale, sickly looking gaunt man, also dressed in black, who tapped a small black leather-bound book continuously against his thigh.

Without one utterance, one of the women captured Molly’s wrists and forced them to the floor, while the second woman set about repeating the gesture to the girl’s ankles.  The oldest of the three, with steel-gray hair and black, narrow eyes, stood before Molly and elegantly produced a long, thick paddle from the folds of her dress.

The menacing instrument was silently displayed before Molly’s terror-stricken gaze.  Burned upon one side were large letters that read ‘OBEDIENCE’ while the other side was laden with deep, elaborately-carved sentences.


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  1. Oh wow, good luck with the series Bree, to be honest I cant read a lot of the darker stories so I might give this one a miss lol, but I love ur other books, its all about knowing our limits lol. But this is an amazing opportunity for u to explore so I wish u the best of luck and hope u and CF have a lot of fun writing them.

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