Hello lovelies,

I am sure you are all wondering, what STI is? Hang on, I’m going to explain.

It affects subbies of all kinds, newbies and experienced subs. Unfortunately, there is no cure. The treatment can put the affliction in remission but it’s only temporary and very painful.

The symptoms can appear out of nowhere and may include, wringing of hands, loss of eye contact, squirming and possible teary eyes. These are usually proceeded by a Dom’s questions like, “You got a ticket for going how fast?” or “Why did you disobey my orders?” or “Did you really call me that?”

As if in a trance the subbie repeats over and over to explain STI…STI…which means…Subbie Temporary Insanity.

This disease affects subbies worldwide. Doms have been working on a cure since the dawn of time, to no avail. It’s rumored, in the newly discovered dead sea scrolls, there is a short passage stating…“Adam said to Eve. ‘What were you thinking?’ Her answer? ‘STI’.

It’s not known if treatment was administered right away. We can only hope. So reach out to your subbie sisters. Spread the word about this terrible pathogen. We can find a cure together. Here’s to a brighter tomorrow.

Be good, or else…


9 thoughts on “STI

  1. So….this sti or Subbie Temporary Insanity a sub has, shouldn’t she be able to claim that in order to avoid the temporary and very painful treatment. I mean really all sub’s try to be good right and a lapse in judgement should be taken as such and when asked seeing how the sub is struggling to explain well of course her Dom should understand this condition and allow her to avoid the very temporary and very painful treatment. Cure found, the Dom just has to be understanding of her condition and not give out any painful treatment. I mean if she can’t explain then the reason is never known. There you go, your welcome Sir!

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